Baby heatstroke cooling method

Baby heatstroke cooling method

Newborns, infants and young children have poor temperature regulation and cooling functions, especially for those newborns, parents must do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling.

  Too many parents have misunderstandings about heatstroke prevention for newborns and infants.

For example, some parents are worried about their baby catching a cold, and they also need to wrap the baby with cotton in summer.

In fact, the package of the newborn should be comfortable, not too thick, and the baby’s hands and feet should not be cold or hot as the standard.

Other parents like to shave their babies in order to avoid cripples.

In fact, it’s easy for the baby’s scalp to be completely exposed to the sun, which can easily damage the hair follicles.

Therefore, it is sufficient to cut the baby’s hair short in summer, without shaving.

  Baby’s heatstroke prevention method: First, you can cool down by taking a bath or swimming.

Nowadays, there are professional baby swimming pools in many places, allowing your baby to swim a few times, which is safe and cool.

  The second is the moderate use of air conditioners or fans.

Turn on the bedroom air conditioner before your baby goes to bed, and turn it off when your baby goes to bed.

However, parents must not direct the wind direction of the air conditioner or fan to the baby. The indoor temperature should preferably be maintained at about 26 ° C. To prevent drying, parents can also place a basin of cold water in the house.

  If you find that your baby is sweating, your body temperature is rising, your face is red, and your skin is hot and dry, parents should quickly move the baby to a cool and ventilated place, unbutton their clothes, wipe the baby’s body with a wet towel, or fill with cold waterPut the baby on the pillow.

After the baby’s temperature drops, these measures should be removed to avoid overcorrection.