How to raise kidneys when I am over 30?


In fact, it is very simple, the conditioning method is here.

How to raise kidneys when I am over 30?
In fact, it is very simple, the conditioning method is here.

Is it difficult to raise kidneys?

No, not only is it not difficult, it is also very simple.

Since we talked about raising kidneys, we must know that the kidneys don’t like what we do. Just like a person has his own preferences, the kidneys also have their own preferences.

What is the function of the kidney? The kidney is an important organ in our body.

Its main function is to promote the growth and reproduction of our body.

Deposit, seal the essence of the human body.

This is the most important physiological function of the kidney.

That is to say, our kidneys can store the essence of the internal organs.

Therefore, we often hear people say that the kidney is a congenital one.

Then the essence of the kidneys is the innate essence of our parents.

Because they are from their parents, they are used a little less.

First of all, when people are young, they consume the essence of the day after tomorrow.

Congenital essence is used only when staying up late, or when the age is old.

When we often spend the day and night depleting the congenital essence because of bad habits, we will find that the body aging will be very fast.

I think friends who stay up all night will definitely have a deep understanding.

After telling you about the main functions of the kidney, let me talk about it briefly.

What does the kidney like?

Hate what.

Because the kidney is dirty, the main job of the kidney is to metabolize the body fluid.

If the function of the kidney is abnormal, it will make our body fluids unable to metabolize.

Our body will have edema, sipping, frequent urination, incontinence, and long urine.

Because the kidney is the main water, the kidneys do not like dryness very much, because dryness will damage the body’s body fluid and make the kidney essence wear out.

Chinese medicine also said that the kidney is afraid of it.

We will also find in life that when a person is scared, there will be incontinence.

This is because of insufficient kidney gas.

So in order to protect our kidneys, we must pay attention not to let our body be scared.

What is the simplest way to raise kidney?


Tonic: We Chinese people talk about the food for the people. They can definitely make up for food supplements. In general, the kidneys like black food.

Like the black cockroaches we see every day, black rice, black sesame seeds, black beans and kidneys are very good.

So the easiest way to maintain your health is to eat these kidney-raising foods.


Change bad habits.

We often hear about staying up late on the TV show and hurting the kidneys, because staying up late consumes the innate essence of our body.

It is difficult for congenital essence to make up for the nutrition in the food of the day after tomorrow.

Once we are young, we will use up the innate essence, then when we are old, the end will be very miserable.Therefore, for your own health, you must go to bed early and get up early, don’t stay up late.

This is the best maintenance for the kidney!


Nourishing the kidney does not necessarily require taking medicine. It can also achieve the effect of nourishing the kidney through massage and physiotherapy on specific acupuncture points of the human body.

For example, we are at the Shenque point, the life door moxibustion.

It takes only a short time and we can feel a lot of energy coming into our bodies.


Actively participate in physical exercise, and more participation in physical exercise can promote the body’s blood circulation and metabolism.

It also has a good promoting effect on nourishing the kidney, because after exercise, our body’s blood will be smoother, and the metabolism will be better, which will reduce the burden on our kidneys.

When our kidneys don’t have these excessive burdens, they use limited energy to promote our growth and reproduction, so many intractable diseases are solved.


Another point is that in order to protect our kidneys, we must remember that the diet should be lighter.

Raising is a very important thing for each of us.

Whether you are a young person or an old person, you should take this problem seriously and love your kidney!

In fact, small changes in daily life can make our kidneys healthier. The key is whether you have done these little things.