[Can you drink honey water with gastritis]_Gastritis

[Can you drink honey water with gastritis]_Gastritis

For gastritis patients, special attention needs to be paid to the diet, because if they are not careful, they will cause further deterioration of gastritis. Generally, gastritis patients will have a certain understanding before trying a certain food. Many people do not know whether they haveYou can drink honey water, of course the answer is yes, but in fact, the stomachic effect of honey is not obvious. Friends in need can try other stomachic foods.

First, the analysis of the condition can only say that chronic gastritis can drink honey water. However, the effect of using honey water to nourish the stomach is not so great. It cannot be used as a specific medicine. It is just a common method of diet.
If you have chronic gastritis, you must first maintain a good lifestyle and a good mood. You must also have a regular diet, proper physical exercise, and symptomatic treatment.

Condition analysis: Hello, gastritis can drink honey, but drinking honey water on an empty stomach can easily increase acidity in the body. Over time, it will cause gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

Second, the guidance can be drunk, but honey is sweeter, and some people can’t stand the stomach. It is recommended to choose Gynostemma pentaphyllum, which is light in taste and rich in theophylline, which can effectively neutralize stomach acid.

For those who can drink honey, don’t worry, taking potassium citrate capsules, Xiangsha Yangwei Pills, and domperidone can help.

Condition analysis: According to the description, chronic gastritis can eat honey, which has the effect of intestinal heat-clearing and heat-reducing. It is recommended to describe clearly that you have those symptoms that are not now. Patients who are sick should avoid spicy, cold, oily and dry food.Nutritional soup or gruel and fresh vegetables and fruits, followed by three meals, to avoid staying up late, it is recommended to timely spleen and stomach medicine based on your current symptoms and signs.

Patients with gastritis can drink honey water, pay attention to the daily diet light, easy to digest, regular diet, avoid overeating, avoid cold, cold, spicy and irritating food, pay attention to diet hygiene, eat less pickled, smoked food.

Patients with gastritis can drink honey water. It is recommended to drink it 1 to 2 hours after a meal.

Usually pay attention to the diet is light and easy to digest, should not eat spicy and stimulating food, eat regularly, to avoid overeating.

You can drink. The usual diet should be light and nutritious. Avoid spicy, greasy, and stiff foods.