[Can walnut oil be heated?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[Can walnut oil be heated?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

People usually eat many types of oil, including walnut oil, which is a very precious edible oil. Walnut oil is known as oriental olive oil. Although it is more expensive, it is still loved by consumers.Walnut oil has very high nutritional value. For example, it contains precious fatty acids. Frequently eating walnut oil has a very good brain function. Everyone must learn the correct way to eat walnut oil. Can walnut oil be heated?
Can walnut oil be heated?
Walnut oil is made by extracting and refining walnut kernels. It has the effects of strengthening the body, moisturizing the skin, beauty and beauty, brain and brain, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and improving the function of the endocrine system. Therefore, walnuts are often eaten.Oil is good for human health.
How to eat walnut oil?
Can walnut oil be heated?
Can walnut oil be heated? Walnut oil can be heated for consumption.
The following is a summary of how to eat it: 1. Hot stir-fry cooking: You can mix and cook with other edible oils (such as conventionally used soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, etc.) in a ratio of 1: 4. Do not use high heat, temperatureControl below 160 degrees, that is, the oil is 80% hot; this is because walnut oil has more unsaturated fatty acids, generally above 90% (oleic acid 17.
05%; linoleic acid 63.
49%; linolenic acid 9.
47%), high temperature can easily cause nutritional fatty acids to lose their nutritional effects; 2, cold salads, such as cucumbers, mixed vegetables, pineapples, fruit salads, etc., pour walnut oil directly into the dishes and stir;The original flavor is rich, the characteristics are obvious, and the nutrition is rich; 3. Add it to the drink: For example, pour walnut oil directly into milk, yogurt, honey, and juice to drink with it to make the drink more nutritious;Product: Walnut oil is added to the prepared soup, noodles, fillings, stir-fried beef grains, and seasonings. The walnut has a unique fragrance and more diversified nutrition. 5. As a flavoring agent: Use walnut oil directly as tomato sauce.Flavoring agent, such as dipping when eating bread, walnut flavor is strong, rich nutrition.
Walnut oil is beneficial to children’s health. 1. Strengthening brain, nourishing the brain, increasing memory, and promoting the development of the brain and nervous system. The content of plant-based omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in walnut oil reaches more than 67%. It is an essential fatty acid for the human body.The human body cannot synthesize itself and must be ingested through food.
Alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid are precursors of brain gold DHA & ARA, the ratio is close to 1: 6, which is easily absorbed and can be converted into DHA and ARA respectively in infants; linolenic acid can affect the brain, retina, skin andThe healthy development of kidney function is very important.
At the same time, walnut oil is rich in phospholipids, which can increase cell activity and improve memory and intelligence. It is an important brain-enhancing element and a necessary nutrient for the development of infants’ nerve and visual functions.
Trace elements zinc, manganese and other key components of the pituitary gland.
(Plant-derived omega-3 fatty acids will not be converted to EPA.
) 2. Promote retinal development Walnut oil is rich in natural linolenic acid and vitamin A. These two nutrients are essential for the development of the retina.
Prevents night blindness and vision loss, helps to treat various eye diseases (vitamin A can promote the formation of photosensitive pigments in the eye).
3. Promote calcium absorption and help bone development. It is rich in natural vitamins A and D. It can promote calcium absorption and help bone and tooth growth.