[How to eat purple yam]_ making method _ Daquan

[How to eat purple yam]_ making method _ Daquan

Purple yam is also a species in yam. The flesh of purple yam is purple, which is a kind of yam. It is named because its flesh is purple. This yam is rich in anthocyanins and has a better nourishing effect. Many peopleWill call it “Purple Ginseng”.

So what are the specific effects of this dark purple yam new variety?

How should it be consumed?


The efficacy of purple yam1, promote metabolism and delay aging. Purple yam contains a large amount of protein and some natural polysaccharides. It also contains starch, amino acids and active enzymes, which are beneficial to the human body. It can meet the normal metabolism of the human body.Different nutritional requirements can promote body metabolism and reduce the generation of free radicals in the human body. Regular consumption can also delay aging and stay young.

2, kidney and impotence, purple yam can nourish kidney and impotence, it can not only improve kidney function, but also promote blood circulation, it has a good preventive effect on human kidney failure and kidney deficiency and male sexual decline and impotence and premature ejaculation.Usually eat more purple yam to nourish the skin, the binary and mucoproteins it contains can directly affect human skin, can relieve dry and rough skin, and make people’s skin tender and smooth.


How to eat purple yam?

1. Steamed purple yam can usually be eaten with steam. After you buy fresh purple yam, you can wash it with water, cut it into segments of finger length, and then steam it in a steamer.In a small bowl, remove the skin of the steamed purple yam and eat the sugar directly.

2, porridge drink purple yam porridge drink is also one of its common ways of eating, usually when using it to cook porridge, you can peel it and cut into pieces, and then prepare the appropriate amount of rice, wolfberry and lily, separate themWash it with water, put it directly in the pot, and add the prepared Zishan to replace it. Finally, put a sufficient amount of water, boil over high heat, and slowly boil the porridge with low fire. Add an appropriate amount of sugar before seasoningcan.


Consumption of purple yam Purple yam has various benefits to the human body, but there are some taboos when it is usually consumed. Purple yam cannot be eaten with Gan Sui or it will be poisoned. In addition, it can be eaten with alkaline drugs. Otherwise, it willLet the purple yam’s nutritional content be lost.