“and so,Do you think these are homemade Sanwu products,I can’t make compensation if you fell?”Baby Ou really wants to roll his eyes,“This is the reason you broke my things the most?You are against me?What happened to me.”

She hasn’t done anything!!
sometimes,Your existence,Makes me unhappy。
In the hearts of many girls,Are flashing this thought。I know it’s wrong to think so,Can attract all the opposite sex or even the same sex,Almost the baby Ou who attracted everyone’s attention,Also really gathered jealousy and hatred beyond imagination。
And just because I know,Baby Ou didn’t do anything,On the contrary, she is a very gentle girl,and so,So that more and more negative emotions,Pile up more and more,When compressed to a critical point。Suddenly a chance,Broke out。But they are all smart kids,And sane,Will not target Ou Bao itself,and so,Her stuff,Became the best vent tool and target。
“These freshmen,They just haven’t successfully completed the transition from minor to adult。before,They may be the focus of the crowd,Is the object of envy and jealousy,They enjoy a lot of sought after,Cherish,And love。But at the university,At first glance, everyone’s level,In a new environment,The original favorite of heaven and everyone,Have become the background,Want to be the focus again,Only in university,Grow old,Work harder。”
When the teacher sent baby Ou to the car,Said so。
“But only you,You are anywhere,Any time,And how many people again,You are the one who can shine。The stars shine,The darker the night。The teacher hopes you can not care about this,Keep shining,Emit a more dazzling light.Those children who don’t understand because of their lack of ability,They just went astray temporarily,Took a detour。I think,They will come out,If you can’t get out.Then need more stars,Come to shine the night,And the dark mind.”
If things stop here,Baby Ou can still drink the chicken soup from the teacher。
She doesn’t talk about compensation,Don’t apologize,The only reason to leave,Because Ou Baobao felt,She and these girls,can not say it clearly。Everyone thinks completely different。She really doesn’t want to understand them,Can’t understand。
envy, jealousy, hate,This is human nature。Baby Ou can understand。but,What she can’t understand is,All adults,Already in college,But I still can’t take responsibility for my life,It’s just such an inexplicable quarrel,fight,Make a mess,That kind of people,Baby Ou really doesn’t want to get along with them,Don’t want to talk to them。Maybe she is too precocious,These girls are like this,Is the real youth, cuteness and innocence.
Then she would rather mature earlier。
Good military training,How nice,How interesting,Can go to target,The opportunity for you to touch weapons in the army,How rare。Baby Ou is really looking forward to it。But these innocent and lovely girls,I told her to leave。
She really can’t stay anymore。
Don’t talk about malicious or malicious,Baby Ou is annoying。For this confused malice,Even I’m really angry and hate the malice I don’t understand.,Baby Ou refused to take it。She has no reason to be responsible for their lives。All malicious,Is she the Virgin?
An angry baby Ou,I thought that after class,Never meet these girls again,At least classmates,Should be better。Barely drink the chicken soup,Continue to look forward to a good university life~~~
but,quickly,She hasn’t swallowed the chicken soup completely,She vomited it out。