Some people quickly picked up their phones to take pictures,Show off。

Shen Ruoxi is under the guidance of the waiter,Came to the lobby of the Platinum Hotel,Her arrival,Just for the whole hall center,Countless guests stopped,Look at Shen Ruoxi。
“Wow!Wakayu,Welcome to Platinum Hotel,You are so beautiful tonight,It’s more beautiful than a fairy。”
Well-dressed Ouyang,I’ve been waiting for Shen Ruoxi early in the morning,He saw the beautiful Shen Ruoxi,Hearty,A pair of thief eyes swept back and forth on Shen Ruoxi,I can’t wait to see through the evening dress on Shen Ruoxi,A glimpse of the scenery inside。
“President Ou,What a prize。I also want to thank you for your hospitality,I hope we can cooperate better in the future。”
“Haha,I am very sure of that。”
Ouyang came to Shen Ruoxi,Holding up Shen Ruoxi’s jade hand,Took a drunk,Going to kiss。
Don’t know why,At this time, Shen Ruoxi,A figure suddenly flashed in my heart,She shrank her hands subconsciously,Leaving Ouyang with a surprised look。
“Gu……President Ou,You see I have stood for so long,is not it……”Shen Ruoxi quickly changed the topic。
“Damn,Look at me。this way please。”A trace of anger flashed across Ouyang’s face,Then pat on the forehead,Apologetic,He reached out,I want to hold Shen Ruoxi’s thin waist。
Shen Ruoxi is Wei Wei’s side,Smiling and talking to Ouyang:“President Ou,After you。”
“Humph,I told you to pretend,Wait i see how you pretend!I’ll eat you tonight。”
Two consecutive times,Shen Ruoxi dodges him,Makes him very upset,Who is he Ouyang?,Ouyang, the heir of the famous Ou Clan Group,How many beautiful women outside,As long as he winks,Will hug,And this Shen Ruoxi is ignorant,Makes him feel particularly upset,But now he will definitely not show it,The good show is yet to come。
Ouyang pretended to smile generously,Walked ahead。
“Kotaka。”Ouyang walks ahead,Showed a look at the bodyguard on the side。
The bodyguard named Xiao Gao knows,Lower your head and say to Ouyang:“President Ou,do not worry,We all did as you ordered,That thing will be put in the middle。”
“Yep,Don’t let anyone disturb me tonight。”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Ou,You have a hundred hearts for my skill。Even a fly tonight,I won’t let it in。”
This is Xiao Gao’s bodyguard,Be a mercenary,Skillful,Ouyang trusts him very much,After Ouyang listened to Xiao Gao’s guarantee,There was an imperceptible smile in the corner of the mouth。