After choosing, Lin Yan came to a high-end restaurant,Face silence,He doesn’t pay for one month’s salary,In the designated box, Lin Yan gently pushed open the door,More than a dozen men and women in the house are drinking and blowing music,When Lin Yan walked in, everyone looked at him with mocking expressions.。

“You came,Find a chair by yourself,Throw things aside!”The woman with the birthday crown in the middle pointed to the seat next to it。
Woman wearing green blouse,Long hair spreading around the waist,I don’t know who gave her a watch in my hand,Looks like that is also very expensive。
Lin Yan was shocked,With a wry smile, he put things in the corner,And the others started cheering again。
At this moment, a man walked to Lin Yan and patted him on the shoulder with a sneer.:“brothers,I heard you are Ya’er’s boyfriend,Where are you now?!”
“Hello there,I now…Be a security guard in the community!”
“Hahahaha!”Everyone in the room laughed crazy,Everyone looked at him with mocking eyes。
“Shame!”Ya’er looked at him angrily,The anger in my heart is already up,This is embarrassing him in front of so many friends。
“Yaer!”Lin Yan hurriedly said。
And the man beside him grabbed him and laughed:“Kid,No, let me find you a class,You work as a security guard in the community,Can’t come to my big company as a security guard?,What do you think of the doubled salary!”
Lin Yan clenched his fists,Looking angrily at the man beside him,If it wasn’t for Ya’er to be there, she would have beaten him today。
“Yoha,I tell you, kid,Leave her early,Don’t say i didn’t warn you,She can’t be supported by you。”
“Just get out of it if nothing happens,That’s my business, it’s not your turn to interrupt,Leave my sight before I do it!”Lin Yan said coldly。
The man showed a hideous expression on his face,Took it back slowly,Become a gentleman again。
“Since my brother doesn’t like him,I don’t dare to be boring,Ya’er, I’m leaving now,The people here welcome me!”The man sighed and went out。
“Shao Wang, don’t go,what happened,Lin Yan apologizes to Shao Wang quickly!”Ya’er shouted angrily。
Lin Yan frowned,I was trembling with anger,What did I do wrong? My girlfriend turned to outsiders。