He directly chose his senior,Xie Qirui who is also a lecturer。

Xie Qirui has been very talented since enrolling,In recent years, papers have been published in various domestic and foreign journals。
Since he enrolled in school until now,Have participated at least6Laboratories,And all have achieved success,Many professors admire him。
It stands to reason that such a person,I definitely don’t want to succumb to others,At least he should be a deputy under a professor。
But he was one of the first people to find Jin Lixuan。
Encountered such a big leak,Jin Lixuan naturally won’t let it go,Fixed him directly。
After choosing Xie Qirui,Jin Lixuan feels at ease。
With such a veteran,Bai Wushuang and Shen Huan lack even a little experience,There won’t be any problems。
Next is to take a look,What are the two of them,Can you overwhelm everyone?!
This is the key to the success and failure of a laboratory!
First1050chapter Xu Xihe