Yes indeed!
Little Tim·Hardaway didn’t care about howl,Turn your head to look at Xu Xuan。
Xu Xuan has been in the starting position since he came to the Knicks,And the status is almost unshakable!
Whether it is Sean·Larkin or Langston·Galloway,Or the one that only exists in the big list“Mysterious person”Pablo·Prigioni can’t shake Xu Xuan’s starting position!
Xu Xuan was worried about Calderon’s comeback,His starting position may be threatened,But then Calderon was“Passive skill”After the second injury,Basically confirmed the starting。
And now.
he’s gone,Who should be the first?
Calderon was injured,Pablo can’t handle it,Only from Sean·Larkin and Langston·Galloway chooses one of the two.
But thinking of these two people,Samuel was disgusted,Neither of these two seem to be good!
Shaun·Larkin has played so far14minute,Can only get3.7Minute、2.4Assist、1.9Backboard。
Langston·Galloway is better than him,But only7Minute、3.3Assist、2.0Backboard,Compared with Xu Xuan。
Samuel really doesn’t understand Phil·What exactly is in Jackson’s head,Looking at Xu Xuan in front of you,Samuel deeply thinks Indiana’s chips are really that attractive?