Brother Nongmei stepped forward to cover,Go straight into the walker’s heart after covering!

Holiday didn’t get the ball!
Thick eyebrows jumping in the air,Hold the basketball and dunk directly with one hand!
So bloody on the first attack!
Thick eyebrows can’t be flexible,It was too late when West wanted to stop,People have vacated,And that height,West can’t reach it!
Hibbert takes the baseline ball,Hill advances to the left。
Evans focused his energy on defense,He rarely takes this seriously,Today is an exception!
“The Pacers’ first attack is given to Xu Xuan”
“This young man doesn’t seem to let them down”
“Whenever the team can’t find the end point,The ball will pass to his hands”
The ball went around in the hands of Hibbert and West on the inside,Give it to Xu Xuan。
Pelicans inside Asik’s defense is pretty good,Hibbert didn’t find any chances after he liked it twice。
Xu Xuan protects the ball outside,Staring at Evans before him。
“how to spell?Is it shooting or breaking?”
Evans has an idea,But dare not act rashly。