She also lifted his eyes in the backview,I don’t care about my own words.,Straightforward,“But in fact,Their people are,And it’s already too late.,If what happens?,Can’t do it for me,Still the same as the year,I am still a person。”
Toned,Extremely looking for summer,“In fact,Dahua Entertainment must get rid of internal problems as soon as possible,I understand,White family also understands,Many people understand,And I and white home,There must be one side or out of the way,I don’t show now.,White is getting better sooner or later,This is an inevitable fact。”
I heard the second night.,Summer brows slightly,Touch a cigarette,Summit。
http://www.ctigaojie.cnBut now it is fine.。”
The second night is suddenly smile,“Since coming to Hong Kong,Is my relying on the mountain,If I don’t take the opportunity to do something?,It’s too sorry.……That identity,Don’t mind。”
“Of course not。”
Summer is not hesitant,Laugh,“I am here,What do you want to do?,Collapse,I am going。”
Sound is not high,Have a sound。
There is a confident and arrogant。
The second night’s eyes become gentle,A few nearly overflow water。
“But let’s talk about it first.,I don’t understand business。”Summer is seen in someone,I immediately clenched the fist,“I can help,Only fists are going to talk.。”
“This is enough。”
Flashing a cold light in the second night,“White family is the black family,If you can kick out the bureau,It is best to,If you can’t,Forced them to motivate rats……”
Not finished,Both eyes look forward to the front。
The door of the villa is slowly opened,Four bodyguards waved far away,Moderate can enter。
After entering,Under the leader of the bodyguard,I am soaked in front of a villa.。
“Second Miss,Inside。”
One of the suits have respectful。
Second night point,Take a step forward。
Summer is followed behind,Blinking to make a manor villa area……The dark pile of the villa can’t hit him.,In addition, there is a team that is constantly patrolling bodyguard.。
The security system is good。
Summer gives a pertinent evaluation。
Certainty,This is only。
If he wants to do something?,These people can’t stop him。
“Haha,The second lady is driving,Far-off,Fork for forgiveness……”
Just went to the door of the lobby,A cool laugh is far away from,Flush。
White family welcomed,I am looking at the second night.。
Summer standing next to,Ignore。
“Mr. Bai。”
The second night is also filled with a smile,“This is disturbed so late,Take the liberty。”
“Not taking the liberty,Not taking the liberty at all,Please,Inside。”
Several people are false,Successfully walk into the living room。
Sub-owner landing,Someone on tea。
“Mr. Bai,I am not worthy of three treasures this time.。”
No guest set in the second night,Open the door to see the mountain。
Subsequently, the light eyebrows were white.,“If you want to say fewer than you said.?”