Later, there was a worldwide to her.。

A generation of surprises,This fall。
“Changsheng door is limited to rules,Unable to shoot,And the gods of the gods and Tianluo will not be a,But they secretly drive,Verno,That war lasted for three years.,Finally, you will really be your mother’s truly siege in the large rift.。”
Wonderful face is full of worship,“It is said that the last battle,It is true heavens and earth discoloration,The bones are piled up as mountains,Blood water,I don’t know how many super masters have been named by your mother.,Even if she is exhausted,No one dares to separate with her alone,That battle makes the world of the world to be breeze and jealous。”
Summer is silent。
Continuous silence。
He has already heard of the event that the final battle is related.。
But I heard every time,Will make him give birth to a heart painful pain。
Take a strong force to resist the world,Easy to say,Who knows what is the fierce?。
“My master has,If your mother is not so hard,There are many opportunities to live.,But she didn’t,But I chose the dead battle.。”
Good sound sigh,“If she is still alive now,I am afraid that I can do it.,Become a true barrier with a self。”
Summer is still silent。
He thinks more。
If you are kind, you can believe,But not necessarily all。
Is Changsheng Gate just bystand??
No wonder him think more,It’s too much to have experienced too many people and dark.。
Changshengmen and the world,Less people know less,But it has been self-sufficient for the last barrier of the Chinese ancient civil devout……Really there is no selfishness?
Just then looked quietly in Xia Jiu.?
Then record this time?
Summer can’t be left and right about others,I will not judge others with my own morality.……But he has to think more。
Just like some people,Zhang mouth closes standing on the high point of moral system。
What do I think?。
Who is a representative? Who is condemned……Who is special code to use your representative?!At least,Summer is not good for long-lived giving gates。
The last barrier in the ancient Chinese?
No longer,Is there anything that is there??
He didn’t show his thoughts.,Before waiting。
“You said before,Changshengmen have a lot of rules,And the position of the door,In addition to the main transmission of the door,Can also be obtained in the situation of challenges,Slap and Gano find you,It should be this purpose,Right??”
Significant sound lightly,“should be,In addition to this reason I can’t think of other reasons。”
“But according to what you said,Once become the longevity door door,Can’t participate in the world disputes,And it is very likely that you will die in the Changsheng Gate.。”
Summer is almost instantly seeing essence,“So what do they figure??
Just like the five law enforcers,Seem high on,In fact, there is no freedom.,People who have encountered those with peace of mind,People with big wild hearts like shaking,Do you think he will stay at the longevity?。”
Good sound will be sent out,Whisper,“I also thought about these,So very uneasy,They may have some secrets that meets the dirt,Want to get from it,One more thing,Behind the door……They can also comply with the rules。”
What!Summer stunned。