Su Yiman is also smiling and trembling,She kept talking:“It is you!It’s really you, President Xia“A face of disbelief,Which fruit vendor in the past,Today’s group boss,No one will believe it。

The two shook hands,Sat down excitedly,The man who came with Su Yiman,Rushed to ask without losing the opportunity:“Director Su,Is Xia always your classmate??No wonder what expressions you two had just now,There must be a story“
“Ha ha!“Su Yiman smiled from ear to ear,I also responded indiscriminately。
“Did i say,Director Su has mixed well at such a young age,It turns out that her classmates are all group bosses,Hey!Or high-quality raw cowhide“Su Yiman’s colleague did this flattery,Really dumbfounding。
But Su Yiman is also a smart man,She didn’t expose it on the spot,Said Xia Jian was a fruit vendor,And Xia Jian is also vague,Everybody meet,No one wants to be unhappy。
Everyone chatted for a while,Jin Yimei changed the topic:“Director Su,Since you know Mr. Xia like this,This loan must be given to us as soon as possible“
“Easy to say,Your entrepreneurial group is eligible for lending,But a little bit,I want to chat with you Mr. Xia alone“Su Yiman smiled and said。
Have to chat alone,what’s the topic?Xia Jian couldn’t help but start to get confused。
First0066chapter robbery
In the office of the entrepreneurial group boss,Su Yiman’s smile,She tasted the coffee Xia Jian asked Wang Linte to bring her,Asking Xia Jian with a smile:“President Xia,Is it scary to change your identity?,I still have an illusion,I always think you sell fruit at the gate of our community,To experience life deliberately,The actual identity is the boss of the startup group”
“Is not,Was a fruit seller”Xia Jian answered honestly。
Su Yiman raised his head slightly,I looked at Xia Jian for a while,Asked softly:“Then why did you become the boss of entrepreneurship again,What’s going on in the middle,I am very interested,Can you tell me”
This woman,How to become a policeman,But Xia Jian liked the atmosphere of talking to Su Yiman,He thought it was a kind of enjoyment that he didn’t understand。
“Xiao Xiao,Friends with me,She was injured,Let me temporarily act for her,of course,Xiao Xiao and I became friends,After I sold fruit”Although Xia Jian is very simple,But the ins and outs of things,It’s still clear。
“Ok”Su Yiman nodded,Go on:“Even friends,No two brushes,Such a big group,You can play around”