Zhou Ye I saw this subtle atmosphere is a bit awkward.,Breaking the awkward atmosphere:“Director Zhao,Do you have anything??”

Xu Ruo Bing,Zhao Guan does not dare to。
Ying Ye,That as director,He won’t be so in the mouth.,Tangible:“Nothing, can I come over??”
Xu Ruo Bing and Zhou Niwu are speechless,I don’t know what to say.。
“The corridor quarrel is the patient you set,Let’s go see it.。”Zhao Guanzhen turned to the next sentence to http://www.fun525.cn disappear before the door。
“Patients in our group,I didn’t listen to it.?”Zhou Ye lived a confusion。
No wonder he feels a little familiar。
Xu Ruobei got up and took the dust on himself.,Stepping toward the door:“Let it go,Director Director has spoken,Let’s deal with it.。”
With the source of the sound,Zhou Ye suddenly had some pictures in his mind.:“Is this sound of the seventeen bed patient Ji Xiun?,I remember this voice。”
Ji Xiun speaks less,Speak sounds very characteristic,A majestic Wei Wu,Compare his husband,Make moreana little,I didn’t pay attention in the ward.。
Now compare the sound of this quarrel,Dictionary is。
At this moment, the quarter is more fierce.,The sound is getting bigger and bigger,Make Xu Ruozi suddenly said:“Really noisy,Young people know that they are tossing。”
NS462chapter Hospitalized http://www.hebzgrs.cn small wind wave
Zhou Yewu’s expression is bitter,Xu Ruo is a bit impatient。
Xu Ruobing teaches students,But want him to face the patient,Talk to warm sound,That’s hard。
The sound is gradually clear,Until nearly within easy reach,I finally saw the sound of the sound of the sound.。
Like Zhou Niwu expects,It is also true that Ji Xiun and her husband。
Ward corridor。
Ji Xiun’s husband’s face is full,The opposite season show still has a word:“I don’t want to treat it.,I want to go back to work.,We don’t go back to work,Who cares about Xiaobao at home??Who gives him money reading?”
“My mom will take care of it.,As for money, you don’t have to worry,My company’s quarterly prize is going to send it.,I have money.。”Ji Xiun’s husband is still hard。
How much does the quarter award??Do you have a thirst??
Ji http://www.emworks.cn Xiun still does not dispel the thought to stop treatment,Opened counterpart:“How can you?,And your mother takes care of me again.,Xiaobao last time to give you a mother,Then I will sick my hand and foot.。”
Zhou Yewu and Xu Ruo Side,This family has a difficult experience.,But let’s talk about it.,In fact, I still can’t get a topic.,money。
Xu Ruo Bing Sound:“Poor husband and wife,Xiao Wu,Go to persuade them.。”
Obvious,Teacher Xu is not good at communication.,So I handed this opportunity to Wenye.。
Zhou Ye used his face,He really didn’t think that Xu Lao was so confident.!
He is in his heart:“Wow,I don’t dare.,This woman is so fierce。”
But finally,Zhou Ye is still on。
Who is called your own mentor? You can’t let the teacher go to work.
Sad reminder workman。
Zhou Ye drums the courage to separate two people.:“What’s going on?,Noisy,What should I do if I influence other patients??”
Ji Xiuchun couple saw Zhou Yelai,Tone this converges。
Zhou Yewei pulled two people to the corner of the corner of the stairs:“Say,What’s going on?。”
He is very calm,In fact, I have been afraid of inner heart.,I am afraid that two noisy ardates, etc., and pool fish.。
Although Zhou Ye is not,But he is not stupid,Who is willing to have no reason because of the contradiction of people and then tired of themselves?。
Ji Xiuchun directly, I saw the mountain.:“I want to go home!”
go home
How can this go home??
Treatment is only one day,Let you walk,Not a meal bowl??
But these words can’t be clear,Otherwise, the atmosphere has become a sword.,Zhou Niwu is very euphemistic:“Do you know the consequences of going home? I see my heart rate and blood pressure on my heart and blood pressure.,at this time,You choose to go home,Is it a bit dangerous?。”