Bad black habits for fitness

Bad black habits for fitness

First, the appearance is very good.

  On holidays, I immediately put on fitness and leisure clothes, as if I did not put on clothes from the inside out to the thief new thief bright, spotless fitness casual clothes, socks, shoes, I am sorry the word fitness and leisure.

  Second, I can’t feel the North.

  Before the weekend, the whole body’s cells will enter a state of full mobilization. After a while, I will go to a computer chat room to meet netizens. Then I will open the mobile phone to send a text message.

But where do you go to work out and what to do?

There is not even a spectrum in my heart.

  Third, whim.

  This type of fitness and leisure people is exactly the opposite of those who cannot touch the North. The former loses fitness and leisure itself because it is too well-prepared, but because it doesn’t take fitness and leisure seriously.

The sun is almost noon on Saturday and Sunday, and is still stretching in bed.

  Fourth, start to follow suit.

  When the bungee fashion is over, the trend of popular self-help fitness and leisure has passed, and the fashion of lying in the pottery looking for pottery-inspired inspiration is no longer fashionable.Where is the fitness and leisure place?

  Five, spend a lot of money.

  There are people who spend money to buy happiness. These people often have weekends, dance halls, saunas, hotels, wherever they can spend money, they have fitness and leisure figures.

A lot of money is spent from spring to winter.

  Six, foolish and happy.

  When modern people talk about fitness and leisure, they must pay attention to individualization and humanization, but I do n’t know if the words humanity and personality are too difficult to understand and grasp. There are such a group of people.It would seem that you would not be happy without engraving the phrase “to come here”.

  Seven, rest without rest.

  Some people are working out, but the phone rang before they finished the exercise. After picking up the phone, they went back to the treadmill, and then someone looked for it.

  Eight, laziness.

  This kind of person mainly thinks of walking, the blood pressure soars immediately, and the heart immediately bursts out when he sees sweat.