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One man!Eight rockets into contention nightmare Odds: In her turn, the Clippers

  Beijing on March 16 8:00 am, Rockets home once again usher in a effort to fight into the top eight teams, the Los Angeles Clippers。
Last game, a rocket hit the western war Spurs from seventh tenth。
This war, the odds continue to rocket big priority, the Clippers faced the same fate and Spurs。
[] [] [] On Tuesday, the Rockets 109-93 victory over the Spurs at home, leading to a direct rival from the West fell to seventh tenth。
Western eight contention intense situation is evident。 Currently, the western fourth to tenth west, a difference of only three wins, the slightest mistake, ranking will be a big adjustment。
  Friday rockets continue to be based at home, against the Clippers currently ranked seventh in West。
Like to keep up with a rocket out of the home advantage continues odds, wins compensation pay as low as about 1, reached double-digit handicap。 A reference to the war victory over the Spurs, the Clippers this field and probably the odds are against us。   After this battle, the Rockets will face the pelican, and the opponent is the same as before and hard efforts to keep eight。
These eight teams in contention this time rockets have hit, really unlucky。
Today's rocket hard-edged, no match for the strong。
In the team sprint period, the rocket was formed in the western man guards the pass trend。 I am afraid that those who crack the West, only Wan Fu Mo open。 (Pan Feng)。

4 sites do not autumn cold, exposure to cold will be more healthy people (1)

  4 sites do not cold autumn, it will be cold people more healthy 1., Abdominal cold cause stomach discomfort, abdominal cold great harm to women。
2.Foot, where a collection of the body's meridians, "cold feet are cold body。3.Neck, where cold, cold can lead to down, up can cause neck vasoconstriction。4.Shoulders, shoulder joint and surrounding tissue is relatively fragile, easily injured。
Now how many of you there?  Three Prevention strapless sleep: will fall off, there are heat, many people still accustomed to air conditioning, open air even sleep, it is very easy to make cold shoulder。
Therefore, we must pay attention to covering the shoulder while sleeping。Particular attention to the elderly shoulder warm and avoid air conditioning or fan blowing straight neck portion。In addition, you can wear a shawl morning and evening travel, not only beautiful, but also play a role in protecting the shoulder。  Bag too heavy: Women suffer more than men, which is less than the male and female muscle strength, strain and strain more relevant。
Many young women like cosmetics, wallet, documents and even laptops all put into a large bag carried by hand。
Once the backpack is too heavy, in order to maintain balance, people can not help but tilt to the other side, shoulder muscles has been in a state of tension, leading to muscle spasm, causing shoulder pain。
  In the same position for a long time: This is a common problem of white-collar workers。
It is easy to make the neck, shoulder, back portion excessive muscle spasms, neck and shoulder pain and induce even。

Food health products claim to prevent, treat disease, not to buy (1)

  State Drug Administration food Reminder: food, health food advertising and promotion, who alleges disease prevention, treatment function, should be not to buy。
Health food advertising does not state that "This product can not replace drugs", should be not to buy。In case of problems, you can call 12331 to report complaints。
  How to face generally on the market can be divided into general health food, health drugs, health care cosmetics, health supplies, etc.。
   Health food nature food, such as tea, wine, bee products, drinks, soups, juice, herbs, etc., with color, smell, shape, quality requirements, generally no requirement on the dose; health drugs have nutritional, food sex natural medicines nature, should be used with treatment, there dosage requirements of the current key word with the drug batches; cosmetic care cosmetic nature, not only a small local modification, and there transdermal absorption, the effect of external effect, such as health care perfume , cream, mouthwash; nature has health supplies of daily necessities, such as exercise, massage, magnetic water, health sachets, clothes, shoes, blankets, and other pad。As we continue to enhance health awareness, health food market has unprecedented hot up。
Hot market, the quality of various products is uneven。
Next, teach you how to choose the right health food formal。
  Precautions include the following six aspects: 1.Propaganda, prohibited the use of medical terminology, or easy to be confused with the term drugs, prohibit publicity efficacy。
  2.The role of propaganda is prohibited improve and enhance sexual function。
  3.Shall be accompanied by a clear sky-blue uniform on health food advertising signs, which signs of health food in newspaper print ads, which shall not be less than 1 cm in diameter。
  4.Health administrative departments above the county level after sampling unqualified health food, will suspend its advertising in the area, after the original sampling departments or higher authorities once again checks pass, may continue to publish。  Fives.Print ads must be based on the business sector approval of content publishing, you are not allowed to modify, add advertising content must indicate the approval number of prints。
  6.It must be marked to identify health food and health food approval number [Wei Jian fresh word (years) No. XXX] or [country food key word G (year) XXXXX] on health food products。

Blocking vascular disease Health!Clear the blood vessels to use these five strokes (1)

  More and more younger, protect our blood vessels is particularly important。
Many diseases but also because more and more narrow and blood vessels induced, therefore, we should always clear our blood vessels, blood vessels clean up garbage。  Blocking vascular disease born of our blood flow throughout the body, it is transported by blood vessels, in particular arteries。
The inner wall of the artery of soft, flexible, so that the blood flows smoothly。  Once blocked blood vessels, the most common is atherosclerosis (arterial wall thickening, hardening, loss of elasticity), hardening of the arteries, blood flow slows down after stenosis, heart, brain, kidneys and limbs inevitably be affected。  Protect blood vessels, improve diet through a blood vessel with five strokes 1 First, eat less oil, such as fatty meat, grilled fried foods, pork, beef and mutton, etc., cooking oil should also pay attention, try to eat vegetable oil。  Secondly, less salt, and on the basis of more potassium can eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as garlic, hawthorn, persimmon, watermelon, jujube, bean sprouts, melon, etc.。  In addition, eat starchy foods, eat less sugar, fructose and sugary foods, reduce calorie intake。Principles do not drink tea, quit alcohol limit, remember that "small meals" of。  Finally, eat vinegar, appetizer Lee vessels。Modern medicine, vinegar can help digestion, enhance liver function, promote metabolism; also can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of。  2 positive, adequate exercise adhere to moderate exercise, not only can increase fat consumption, to reduce the deposition of cholesterol, reduce blood fat, accelerate blood circulation and prevent blood stasis, very good for the health of blood vessels。Jogging, walking, calisthenics, tai chi and other aerobic exercise is a good choice。  3 away from alcohol and tobacco An international study shows that smoking on young myocardial infarction "contribution rate" is the first, long-term smoking can damage the vascular endothelium, leading to the formation of atherosclerosis and thrombosis。
  Excessive drinking is to promote sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, can cause an increase in myocardial oxygen consumption, coronary vasospasm, myocardial infarction resulting。
  Similarly, passive smoking will hurt the blood vessels, even greater damage。
  4 enough sleep can make blood vessels relax during sleep, the body detox and night time, and only enough sleep can better clear the body of toxins garbage out, protect blood vessels being blocked calm toxins。
  Over five Drinking water can reduce blood viscosity, speed up the body's metabolism, clean toxins out of blood vessels inside the garbage, make blood vessels more healthy, and more so every day to drink water, especially office workers。

Autumn White, 5 recipes easily go eat yellow

Fall how whitening?Hot summer is over, then you know how to solicit questions do summer tan?Followed by their network with the view at night。
The so-called a white cover 100 ugly, women want to scrub your face, if long with a variety of speckled, dark complexion sallow, whether you wear more beautiful clothes, beautiful hair to do more, the overall look will not very beautiful!Today, the night teach you how to network through detoxification freckle!Season season, how to save a stain summer sun?First of all, do not rush。Drying out the stain, not a day formed a dilute or eliminate the need to process the fastest 28 days, a complete menstrual cycles。
In this period, the skin secretion of hormones with periodic accomplished stain loose excretion, desalination, this repair process。
Secondly, more sleep!Sleep well, in order to ensure adequate skin repair process, otherwise, the more skin to exposure to sunlight, air conditioning, pollution, environment。In addition, adequate sleep is the body organs common to recuperate process, after all, it is only part of the body face large environmental performance。
In addition, during the repair of sunburn, do not rush to replace or supplement a variety of skin care products。
After all, the skin produces familiar and comfortable with the process requires at least 21 days memory cycle of skin care products, skin care products, make frequent replacement of the skin is always in a state of anxiety or a sudden add a variety of skin care products in the skin overwhelmed state, these not conducive to better skin repair。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

Ten rule of law in Spring to your health

What are the rules after entering the spring, the weather began to pick up gradually, the climate has become moist up。This time recovery of all things, but at the same time, also began to breed bacteria, so it is very easy to get sick of。The law then how health network to bring it the following night for everyone in Spring in the spring, the top ten rules for your health!Spring health law rule a focus on the top ten – Yang Yang Spring is nature temperatures rise, gradually exuberant yang, this time focusing on health should conform to seasonal changes in Yang Yang。We want according to human germinal yang in the spring characteristics, so that an informed choice reinforcing and clean up the diet, such as selection of warm food can be tonic。Reinforcing the diet suitable for normal and infirm people, such as buckwheat, Coix seed, soy milk, green beans and walnuts etc ,,。Ching diet refers to a feeding cool side of the food boiled diet, such as pears, lotus root, shepherd's purse, lilies and other。Rule two – those in Spring laws and yin deficiency patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer disease who are usually at the onset of spring, so the diet therapy can be used。Honey and steam cooked before meals on an empty stomach 100 ml per day, divided into 3 doses; or with 250 ml, 50 g boil transferred to honey, Baiji 6 g, mix thoroughly after drinking。These are nourishing yin and Yiwei efficacy。
Yin deficiency constitution, optional rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus porridge, vegetables mud and other foods, do not eat big sweet big greasy, fried greasy, cold rough food。
Rule Three – keep the brain。

The doctor gave the list of food: 4 5 do not eat eat!Vascular forever 20 years old (1)

  If there is abnormal blood vessel performance, it is not conducive to the blood circulation system, often a great deal of burden on the body。
We can understand some of the vessels of the conservation methods, including diet, etc., master of the vessel beneficial and harmful food and then let the blood vessel by way of a healthier diet。  Vascular What good food?  Apple: rich in nutrients and vitamins, polysaccharides acid helps break down excess body fat, promote smooth blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis。
  Kelp: Kelp is rich in fucose polysaccharide, promote digestion and absorption of fat, prevent blood clots, greatly reduce the accumulation of cholesterol and lipoproteins in the body, so as to effectively control atherosclerosis。  May be rich in polyphenols, a substance that allows the body's resistance is greatly increased, but also to reduce carcinogenesis: tea。
Further, tea can clear the stomach, enhanced activity of red blood cells and blood vessel elasticity, blood vessels in the garbage removal, prevention of atherosclerosis。
  Onion: containing prostaglandin A, can promote vasodilation and reduce blood viscosity, reduce thrombi in a blood vessel, the blood vessel to relieve stress。And onions contain rich diallyl disulfide, these substances can enhance the activity of fibrinolysis achieve better lipolytic and protein。
  What are harmful to blood vessels food?  Pig intestine: pig intestine heat is relatively high, if excessive consumption of human body, may cause arterial atherosclerosis, very suitable for high cholesterol, obesity and other groups。  Fat: fat mostly saturated fatty acids, more easily lead to increased body weight, narrowing of blood vessels, the pressure increases, be more symptoms of atherosclerosis, are not conducive to control blood pressure and lipids。
And often will stimulate the body's heart, the emergence of a variety of cardiovascular diseases。  Shrimp: shrimp have more sodium ions, can cause sodium and water retention, into the blood vessels easily lead to blood vessel blockage symptoms tend to form burden on the heart, blood vessel at a disadvantage。
But also may lead to changes in blood pressure, high blood pressure symptoms appear。
  Cuttlefish: cuttlefish relatively high cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis, the emergence of high cholesterol, high cholesterol and so the symptoms more easily than normal。
  Chicken liver: a relatively rich chicken liver cholesterol, if the intake of too much, easily lead to cardiovascular lipid imbalance of state, as well as long-term eating can cause atherosclerosis。
Is not conducive to control blood pressure vessels, the symptoms tend to get worse hypercholesterolemia, liver disease and coronary heart disease。
  When the above content is presented on vascular good food and harmful food, everyone in the face of cardiovascular symptoms, should promptly through the regulation of diet, understand the common food taboos, through diet and nutritional approach, let the body vascular health and more。

World Cup Outright favorite "Golden Samba 'debut

  Brazilian home jersey still use the traditional bright yellow, green collar。 On the 27th of this month in a friendly match against Germany, this body uniforms will debut track; while the visiting team jersey also uses the traditional blue, will debut in the arena 23 friendly match with the Russian team。
  The choice of clothing is home to yellow, the last 20 years the brightest yellow, was named "Golden Samba", inspired by the 20th century, mid-70s。 The home uniforms with shorts is still blue, white socks。   And there are waves Obscure, and the star of printing on the blue road uniforms。
Design idea is to commemorate the first world champions Brazil won the World Cup in Sweden in mid-1958, away jersey with white shorts and blue socks。   In addition, since the Brazilian team headed star Neymar out injured, he used to wear the number 10 shirt belonging Fred。
Augusto wear No. 8, No. 9 put Jesus, and Paulinho Kudiniao shirt number are 11 and 15。

How often ill massage Click here to good health

How often ill massage I believe we all know that massage is a method very good health, many people are aware of some simple massage techniques, massage also has a lot of diseases effectiveness of health care。
Xiao Bian below to tell us something about how often sick, then massage, body here often Ay!How often ill massage for office workers, daily sedentary, more or less symptoms of low back pain, there are people always will feel particularly tired, a lot of people think that this is because they do not exercise, coupled with the age growth has led, in fact, this is an internal body came warning that tells you the internal organs was too weak。
So what about aftercare internal organs, acupuncture is critical, it is a panacea for our body, the various parts of our body has a human health point of focus, then, if you massage these places, it will enhance the characteristics, immunity and you can make your body more healthy, oh!About acupuncture point massage, many people may find the exact point, then, today, this article will introduce important health points on our body, so you can prepare to find, and often massage health care, to ensure good health, longevity is not sick, following Xiaobian a look at it!Hoku Hoku also known as "tiger's mouth"。
Hundreds of acupuncture points in the body, the treatment of the most extensive range of Hoku, has a therapeutic effect in the body, described as magical wand is simply a cure-all panacea hole, a carry large medicine chest。 Hoku go through the large intestine, the main row of dross, can treat constipation。
Meanwhile, Hoku also can play a role in pain, such as toothache, stomach pain, etc., can also play the role of beauty, large intestine is very busy blood meridian, can help enhance the body yang or remove the excess anger。 Is the patron saint of the large intestine through the lung and large intestine, Hoku is the head, the main point of choice for the face of the disease, can prevent cerebral vascular disease。 Hoku simple selection method: the thumb, index finger together and acupoints or thumb muscle at the highest point, open the index finger, thumb joint stripes on the tiger's mouth the other hand, the pressure of the thumb under the acupoints。

Taiwan businessmen walking Gangster Love: Gou do not take the elevator to climb five floors of office

  Taiwan businessmen walking Gangster Love: Gou do not take the elevator Luo Zhi airport when the stadium first China Taiwan Network March 15 hearing, according to Taiwan's "ETTV cloud" reported that Hon Hai Yong Ling Foundation and United Group Millennium Love Fund We will work to promote the "convenience store can health check", and to establish their own health big data。 Also chairman of two groups for the first time on the same stage, talk to your fitness Piebu each well and。   Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou said, more than a year ago he had turned off the elevator Hon Hai headquarters in Tucheng, "the only down, not on the" least of his office all day to climb five floors, is also used to go home stairs。 It began more than a month to go one step exercise day, sometimes not enough time was meeting with people, take one step altogether meet together, talk things over after the finish, just take a month to lose weight will be successful, lost three kg, currently has his pants "can stretch into a fist."。
  United Group chairman Luo Zhi first said that he did not like Guo Dong so industrious and systematic in their health record data。
Because are busy, the former by plane, at the airport, took a few steps around a lot every day。 (China Taiwan Network Juanzi)。