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Jiangxi can climb mountains you ever been hiking it must be noted that matters

Jiangxi can climb mountains you ever been to a lot of people like to climb it, there are many famous tourist destination in Jiangxi, Guifeng, Mountain, Lushan, etc. If you like hiking then you have not been to Jiangxi these mountains today will not regret it small Code gave the major share under mountains of Jiangxi Province!First, Jiangxi can climb mountains you ever been right 1.Lingquan Temple Jinggangshan Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province, located in the southwest, is located at the junction of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces Luoxiao middle ancient Chenzhou, Hunan and Jiangxi at the turn of the abdomen of a thousand miles Luo Xiao said。 Hailed as the first mountain in Jiangxi。
Jinggangshan is not only abundant historical connotations, but also a good ecological environment and beautiful natural scenery。
There are 11 scenic spots, 76 spots, more than 460 features of the landscape。 Jinggangshan on Earth have so far saved the best times of more than 7000 hectares of virgin forest in the same latitude, has been hailed as the only subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest worldwide United Nations Environment Organization, the forest coverage rate reached 86 percent, the air quality is much exceeded the national standards for a class。 2.Lushan Temple were owned by big temple, Xixian Temple, opened the first Temple, Yuantong Temple Lushan, located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, Poyang Lake Basin, Lushan District of Jiujiang City territory, bordering Poyang Lake, south of the Yangtze Xiongzhi。 Lushan to male, strange, dangerous, show famous, known as Kuang Qixiu heaven reputation。
Qingfeng show Luan towering tall and straight, spray snow Minglei of Silver Spring waterfalls, fast-changing sea of clouds wonders, Chun Kit Kat show of landscape architecture, to show endless charm of Lushan。 Lushan especially Sheng Xia Ruchun cool climate for foreign tourists longing, is renowned scenic spots and summer resorts。
3.Wugongshan Shek Kwu Temple martial arts mountain, the highest peak in Jiangxi Province, Pingxiang City, South East。 Wugongshan Gan River system water Yuan, Mi water, filtered water, water Wo and Xiangjiang River, Lu water watershed。
On the north side of the water Yuan, Lu Valley Water Valley is broken, low and watershed, along the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway through。 Rich coal deposits on both sides of the mountain to Pingxiang, the most famous Anyuan coal mine。
Peaks King show, different patterns, Elevation 1,000 meters above the hills there are dozens。
Distinctive natural scenery, high mountains, dense forests, streams all over, but there are many religious monuments, with waterfalls, alpine meadows, ancient altar Jinding group for the three superb view。 4.Mountains in three Qing Mountains in Shangrao City in Jiangxi Yushan, Dexing counties, at (City) at。 Hill has three peaks, named Yu Jing, Yuhua, Yu Xu, such as three-ching (ie Yuqing, supernatant, Taiqing) sat out their summit, named。
Due to long-term changes in topography, forming a unique Mountains in Qifeng rocks, rapids, waterfalls, canyons and other majestic landscape Youyun。
At Buyun bridge from climbing up to the door three days Kiyofuku, the total construction of temples, pavilions, stone, stone, gate, bridges, etc. are more than 200 buildings throughout the Taoist mountain, its size and momentum, with Qingcheng Mountain, Wudang Mountain , the designation of comparable。
Therefore, the Taoist Mountains in open-air museum said。 Fives.Lung Fu Shan Yun Feng Lung Fu Shan Temple is located in Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, the national AAAA level scenic spots。 China is the birthplace of Taoism, national key scenic spots。 Formerly known as Jinshan Yun Lung Fu Shan, is a single show Jiangnan Silk Mountain。 Here peaks stretching dozens of years, due to Xiangshan (should Tianshan) a pulse westbound。 Ranked first Taoist mountains, known as Taoism first wonderland。 Taoist pilgrimage tourism industry was hailed as the first tour and travel。
Jiangxi mountains you can climb it been 6.Cuiweifeng Cuiweifeng Qinglian Temple scenic area is located in southeastern Jiangxi province, northeast of Ganzhou, Nanjing County town northwest suburbs kilometers。 Cuiweifeng scenic Gu Cheng Jin Jing Mountain, nuns Zhang Liying to pass good at this practice of Venus is named。 The main landscape golden thread hanging gourd, Watertown, beautiful lake, cave loach baskets, pyramids, exploring water turtles, tortoises Ridge brain, Taiping hole, Bristol virtual palace, Ching Lin Temple。
Cuiweifeng spring Longyan extremely clear green, unique quality for tea, specially Ganxiang, when the nickel flat on the water surface without sinking, so that the visitors and interest, away; herein, such as injection spring seasons throughout the year inexhaustible。
7.South Guifeng Guifeng Temple is located in Yiyang County, Shangrao City in Jiangxi Province, the world geological park, a World Heritage nomination, the national AAAA level scenic spots, national forest parks, national patriotism education bases, because it is not no mountain tortoise , no stone is not turtle, and the whole area is like a gigantic head giant tortoise named。 Guifeng Guifeng Jiang dilute the known world reputation。 Guifeng scenic, picturesque peaks, it is a magical tourist destination。
Guifeng odd lofty ideals of peerless three odd, that's unrivaled in the world turtle kuh odd, odd cave shrines of perfect for each other and the Immortal Fame。

40 min 12 plate 10 co 7WOW!James Wong coach for the layout of the secret tactics

  Game winning streak is not terrible, because the lack of so and so embarrassed Lu health reasons temporarily leave the details of the first day of the Knights draft Lu left jab twice, the first day he would like Carrefour comeback, love him in 47 days after the injury, the team grass Carrefour finally came back with a three-point step on the line of officially declared the return of long-lost track of Carrefour, just did not feel estranged third of the long distance, the league how many big men can do it?  Carrefour did not come back today how hard to fight ah performance can be very paddle 25 minutes 9 3-point shot went 4, scored 18 points, four assists and seven rebounds Carrefour's position in Knight's no alternative, after the game Carrefour issued a document "very pleased to once again fight side by side with my brother on the court!Back from injury really long time。 No easy task to get a win after a long road trip。 Prepare for the next game。
"Carrefour return, the most fun than the old Jim on a bull fight, really, fans can not imagine Hood hurt, hurt Korver, Nance hurt, Carrefour hurt, TT hurt, even Tai Lunlu are hurt, even James can win。
Union can do only James, and only the Bulls。
。 。   Today, James finally two more helpers this effect is immediate ah Carrefour not only opened the space for James on the perimeter can also open up a road across the buckle of the extrusion space in the paint again to James and Kevin Love this combination a name it!  Black and white Shuangsha?Wang fried combination?Zhan Pot combination?  James performance today is like a powder keg, a little on the bombing Carrefour was the first to ignite the powder keg of people, followed by the Knights coach does not know the new coach to James arranged a secret tactics Well, not guessing the main ring , anyway, it is no secret that today's singles James James audience played 40 minutes, shot 29 times, scored 40 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists this is the career of James 5th 40 + triple-double of the season to do a third potential energy no prize quiz players, who are the other two?  Cavaliers coach Drew regarded as an interim coach in the mudslides, he said he liked James treated unfairly by the referee after angry so James will not only put pressure on the referee, but also to strengthen the attack strength, played phenomenal performance… …Nima!To put pressure on the referee, protect the rights of parties from the players receive fair and equitable treatment, this is not a fundamental obligation coaches do?The pressure is seen as unfair power, if that is not a qualified coach?  Xizhan create calendar's first 60+ three pairs can be described not only rely on their own strength, but also rely on the referee willing to chance。 Dong Zhan today's 40+ entirely on their own strength, and the referee refused to give the opportunity to。
To be honest, called James, treatment is heaven on earth……LeBron – there will not be killed whistle – James today is really a little angry labeled as such, did not blow the whistle does not black, change for most people, it is estimated Raymond James put his referee ejected fairly restrained, but no symptoms of pain itching, evasive even said "WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!"Oh referee Hello Bang Bang!  To be honest, when the main loop to see James kept WOW really worried when the next second he was going to dance the last I heard next door bitch yesterday thumbs up over a million?  I ask, you do not want to give praise, the name of the following figures!    。

Italy friendlies to prepare for training

Italy preparing for training friendly HTTP: /// sports / 2_img / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 // in at 09:00 on March 22 local time on March 21, 2018, in Florence, Italy, 2018 friendly football match prospective, Italy preparing for training。 2807290 Italy preparing for training friendly HTTP: /// sports / 2_img / DFIC / 4a47938e / 114 / w1024h690 / 20180322 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 114 / w1024h690 / 20180322 //: ///? / Sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 114 / w1024h690 / 20180322 // in at 09:00 on March 22 local time on March 21, 2018, in Florence, Italy, 2018 friendly football match prospective, Italy preparing for training。 2807291 Italy preparing for training friendly HTTP: /// sports / 2_img / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 //: ///? / Sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 // in at 09:00 on March 22 local time on March 21, 2018, in Florence, Italy, 2018 friendly football match prospective, Italy preparing for training。 2807292 Italy preparing for training friendly HTTP: /// sports / 2_img / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 //: ///? / Sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 // in at 09:00 on March 22 local time on March 21, 2018, in Florence, Italy, 2018 friendly football match prospective, Italy preparing for training。
2807293 Italy preparing for training friendly HTTP: /// sports / 2_img / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 //: ///? / Sports / 2_ori / DFIC / 4a47938e / 105 / w1024h681 / 20180322 // in at 09:00 on March 22 local time on March 21, 2018, in Florence, Italy, 2018 friendly football match prospective, Italy preparing for training。 2807294。

This 4 as foods do not eat breakfast (1)

  Although there are three meals a day, but a lot of people because of subjective or objective reasons and can not do, usually, breakfast is the most commonly overlooked。
There are a lot of people do not like to eat breakfast, eat breakfast feel better spent time sleep a little longer; still others, though eating breakfast, but the breakfast was free, just to fill out the stomach。In fact, the role of breakfast not fill the stomach, nor is it anything can be used as a breakfast。
If not eat breakfast, long-term can cause gastrointestinal diseases, thereby affecting their health。
The following are often treated as breakfast, it is not suitable for four kinds of food for breakfast。
  First, the overnight meals。  Leftovers for a long time on hold, will produce nitrite (a carcinogen), increases the risk of causing cancer, eating foods high nitrite content harmful to human health hazards。Therefore, it is best not to replace breakfast with leftover food, the remaining other foods for breakfast。  Second, roadside breakfast。
  A lot of people in order to adapt to the fast pace of work and life, often just buy something for breakfast in the street, walking, eating。In fact, doing so is not correct, roadside bought health breakfast and can not be guaranteed, plus launched the road you come to my vehicle and dust in the air, really it can be said to eat dust in breathing the。  Third, snacks for breakfast。  A lot of people at any time in order to replenish their energy, their desks will have some snacks, usually working when hungry, eat biscuits, chocolate and other snacks to hold for some time。
But with snacks serve as breakfast, really wrong。Most of us eat snacks are belong to the lack of water, not the water after a night for the morning in a semi-dehydrated state of the body, the snack is not conducive to our body's digestion and absorption。
Plus snacks, while providing heat, but does not provide all the nutrients we need, with breakfast snacks easily lead to nutritional deficiencies, leading to physical decline, increasing the likelihood of illness。
  Fourth, add milk fritters。  Breakfast milk fritters of people like to eat significantly more than the people who choose milk and eggs, although the majority opinion at the time did not agree, but also on the health of truth often lies in the hands of a few。
Add milk fritters eat actually not good for our health。Fritters in the production process that needs to be fried at high temperatures, which leads to one of the nutrients are destroyed, but also produce carcinogenic substances。
And fritters are high-calorie, high-fat food in the morning to eat too greasy, not conducive to the gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients。
  Eat breakfast to meet three principles: First, breakfast diet must be balanced, comprehensive nutrition; two, breakfast must be able to provide enough energy for our body; Third, the breakfast also vitamin supplements。  Half an hour before breakfast we should drink plenty of water, about 500 ml of warm water can be, not as a foreigner can learn directly turbid water, can easily lead to diarrhea。
Our body after a night of sleep, consume a lot of water and nutrients, wake up the body is in a dry state。If only the morning routine of eating breakfast and before not to drink water, not only can not alleviate the water shortage, but also makes blood lipids。

US media: Chinese people are still being brought to Africa changes create new opportunities

Chinese workers and workers assemble trucks with Kenya in Nairobi factory AVIC International。
(United States, "Wall Street Journal" website) Reference News Network December 3 US media reported that Chinese medium-sized manufacturers seeking low-cost afraid of difficulties and obstacles, across the sea to the mainland and set up factories in Africa, to African countries has brought tremendous The change。
According to the US "Wall Street Journal" website reported on November 27, 2014, a medium-sized Chinese pharmaceutical companies began to study the feasibility of setting up factories in Ethiopia, the same year, which is 20 times the size of Western companies are also exploring this GlaxoSmithKline the possibility of things。 Two years later, do a number of feasibility studies GlaxoSmithKline decided to postpone investment in Ethiopia, on the grounds that the limited size of the market in the country, the low level of income。
At the same time, the new plant Humanwell Pharmaceutical Group has broken ground in Ethiopia。 It reported that now, more and more Chinese companies are attracted to the African market。 A large-scale research project McKinsey report gives new data: Chinese enterprises in Africa are currently more than 10,000, while 10 years ago, only 2500。 Promote this "hot investment in Africa" is a group of moderate scale Chinese companies, which on the one hand should be large enough, and must have the ability to go abroad, on the other hand but also small enough to offer to developing countries in Africa still considerable growth opportunities。
UNCTAD data show that Chinese enterprises in the past 10 years a total investment of $ 34 billion in Africa, hiring local staff of up to millions of people in Africa。
Surprisingly, the McKinsey study reports that, in 90 percent of Chinese companies in Africa are private, rather than state-owned enterprises。
The proportion of these African private sector employees up to 92%, the proportion of African manager level employees 47%。 In contrast, the proportion of employees in Africa Chinese state-owned enterprises was 81%, the proportion of African manager-level employees 35%。 All 52 African countries to establish diplomatic relations with China have won investment from China, with the highest amount of investment five investment destinations are the Democratic Republic of South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Zambia and Congo。 It reported that 30 years ago, China's gross domestic product (GDP) is also lower than many African countries。 Now, as the second largest economy in the world, China has trained a large number of experienced entrepreneurs know how to invest in developing countries。 McKinsey research report pointed out that the Chinese enterprises in Africa are mainly concentrated in the manufacturing sector, manufacturing companies accounted for nearly a third of the African continent of Chinese enterprises。 Founder of these enterprises are mostly from out of the experience in foreign-owned factories in China, and often from the most basic work to start, and then step by step in China built his own factory。
Wenzhou Sun Jian (sound) no schooling after primary school, began working in foreign-owned factories from the age of 13, he had fought in several leather processing plants, and finally opened his own factory。
The end of the first decade of the 21st century, China's domestic labor costs annual growth rate of more than 10%, Sun Jian of factory margin squeeze, he examined several overseas destinations, the final selection of Nigeria。
In 2011, he built up a large tile factory in Nigeria, the employment scale has now reached 1,100, 40% higher profit margins than domestic。
Reported that, in addition to economic interests, Chinese manufacturers have rushed to Africa, there are other reasons。
When asked in a frequent power outages, inadequate infrastructure of countries to establish whether the technology-oriented factories that when the task is arduous, people Fook Pharmaceutical Group Tang Yuzhong, head of Ethiopia (sound) talking about her own experiences as a child。
He said: "The place where we live a few decades ago did not even have a decent roof, is spread some grass, no electricity and no water。
In that case the plant can, why can not Ethiopia?"It reported that the process has not been easy to break into the African market。
Not long ago, Zambia and other African countries experienced an economic downturn, many investors backing out, some entrepreneurs have also left, but in any case, Chinese entrepreneurs gave the African continent has brought enormous changes。
European and American countries, labor-intensive manufacturing companies have been running low, they need not start the industrialization of developing countries, and historically, the industrialization of developing countries to achieve overall economic growth in the most reliable way。
The next opportunity for developing countries, may still seek help Chinese entrepreneurs, the development of market economy。
Editor: Fei Fan。

Sydney Northern Line, inside the West Line rail overhaul more Chinese communities affected

Source: Overseas Sydney today net electricity from January 8th of January 8 this week, due to a massive overhaul of railway, living in the inner west of Sydney's North Shore and Chinese friends or to spend more time on commuting。 Local transport ministers AndrewConstance remind you to properly arrange travel plans according to their own work。
It is reported that Sydney's inner west of downtown and light rail passengers need to adjust the passage of time this week, because the bus trips will replace rail trips between the central and DulwichHill until January 15 recovery。 Because of Hornsby's trains will be replaced, the North Shore commuter train may be subject to more severe impact。
Maintenance work may also affect bus schedules between Gordon and the city。 Northern Line maintenance work are carried out, the site between Epping and Hornsby will be affected。
Most lines will return to normal next week, during the day and no longer carry out maintenance work, the remaining repair work will be carried out in late January night, it will not affect most of the passengers。
(Sydney today)。

Ma Ying-jeou talk about the DPP: I do not care about myself but was worried about Taiwan

Ma Ying-jeou made a hat "Women's Department" of the Kuomintang regressed to advertise。
(Source: Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper") Ke Zhien said she was particularly Ma Ying-jeou to visit in the afternoon, the main purpose is to express the gratitude of his hat done for the KMT, "Ministry of Women"?Propaganda, driven by panic buying。
Just warm weather, especially sending him two short-sleeved T-shirt, also hope that through his high popularity, a new?Buying a new shirt。
  Talks on a number of topics, from before to Hualien Travel, Tourism plight, energy issues, fraudsters sent, to encourage the birth of the Democratic Progressive Party's evaluation, Ma eloquent, digital master familiar, in a relaxed and humorous talk , but also showing his concern for Taiwan's status quo。
  Ke Zhien pointed out that Ma step down over the trailing foot, we remain confident in the future of the Kuomintang。
Ke Zhien said that while relying on cap?KMT can not save, but it represents an effort "from the heart, again," the change, Ma Ying-jeou to Sun Yat-sen's words, "to aspire to do great things, we do not aspire to a high official," to be encouraged, and "What is the big event?One thing is to do a good job from start to finish, so successful, is a major event. "。 (China Taiwan Network game Yin Nan)。

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan media spoke highly of Xi Jinping's five-point proposal on Taiwan

  CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping met with China on the 4th KMT delegation led by Chairman Chu, and the future construction of the two sides put forward five proposals on the fate of the community together to create a cross-strait relations on。
5 ,, published in major newspapers this attention, positive evaluation。   Taiwan's major newspaper the same day in the headlines reported Xi Jinping met with Chu and outcomes of the meeting。
"China Times" published an article that Xi Jinping to "gather different assimilation" crack Taiwan think negative attitude as long as the status quo would be the end of。 The two parties must have the courage to face cross-strait political differences can not be merely seeking common ground, but should strive to gather assimilation, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation we work together to dry, the two sides build a community of destiny。
  "Wang reported that" published an article that, the KMT has indeed reached this interactive consolidate and heritage of cross-strait relations and the deepening and development of two major goals。
Through this forum space and "Zhu Xi will", the two sides reaffirmed to consolidate the "1992 consensus" and indicate its willingness to want to pass down, do not let any person or political party has a right to blur。   "United Daily News" published an article that the two sides exchanged views on cross-strait relations, the future development of cross-strait relations is of great significance。
"Zhu Xi will" once again confirmed the basis of the "1992 consensus" for the development of cross-strait relations, mutual trust between the two parties and thereby strengthen again。
The article said that the future of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation will focus on enhancing the "three in Hitodo 'interests, and to encourage young people to participate in cross-strait exchanges and。
  Hong Kong, Macao editorial in many newspapers, members of the article, certainly, "Zhu Xi will be" significant。 Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" editorial pointed out, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward five-point proposal for the new cross-strait relations, is quite rich, pragmatic。
General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to adhere to the "1992 consensus" and oppose the political basis of "Taiwan independence", hit the key to the current situation in Taiwan。 Taiwan no matter which political party is in power, we can not engage in "Taiwan independence", otherwise it will be difficult to achieve peaceful cross-strait relations development。 Chu responded Chairman also emphasized the will to maintain the "1992 consensus" is the common political basis of Communist parties, which makes the relationship is expected to continue to push forward on a sound basis。
  Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" published an article entitled "Xi Jinping five-point proposal specifies the relationship between the direction of the two sides," the editorial said that since 2005, "Hu-Lien meeting," the 10-year period, the development of cross-strait relations journey has not been easy, it has encountered criticism, obstruct, twists and turns, each They are not likely to go far further。 "Zhu Xi will" send a clear signal to all sectors of the two sides and the international community: any difficulties and obstacles can shake the mainland adhere to the "1992 consensus" promote cross-strait relations continue to develop the determination and the will。
  "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" published a commentator's article, he said Xi Jinping put forward a five-point proposal to further consolidate the common political basis for the deepening of the "1992 consensus" on the correct path of peaceful development of cross-strait relations have been extremely important to reconfirm the front page , highlighting the depth of cross-strait integration of interests, expand cross-strait exchanges between the people especially the young people's attention。
  "Macao Daily News" published an article entitled "Poly assimilation break through the bottleneck of cross-strait relations," the editorial。 The editorial pointed out that this year marks the tenth anniversary of "Hu-Lien meeting" and "peaceful development of cross-strait common vision" Published。
Most of the year's "five vision" has achieved significant results, people on both sides to become the biggest beneficiary。
The editorial stressed that the KMT must firmly push forward cross-strait relations, cross-strait relations develop breakthrough "bottleneck"。 (Reporter He Zili Li Huiying Zhang Jing Liu Chang) Editor: Wang Yue。

Wearing the wrong bra will make your chest injuries!Female friends to pay attention

  The breast is one of the oldest women start aging parts, and most require meticulous care, but some of us everyday habits, but it can make the chest very hurt。
  6 woman lifestyle wearing the wrong bra 1 chest hurts a lot of women like to have a bra lace, beware trigger allergies, breastfeeding women should beware of obstacles and lactation。
Off sleep bra should avoid breast has been oppressed; and should be wearing a sports bra during exercise, so as to avoid or tissue damage。 Tight bra and coat also affect blood circulation, blood stasis caused by breast swelling and pain。   2 Some people like to use improper cleaning spray nozzle breasts, beware of the impact of water flow caused by improper burden on the chest。
Do not flush with ligament DC two shoulder area, the location probably ligaments such as the location of lingerie straps, it plays a role in pulling the chest ligament, protect the ligaments can prevent and delay the sagging。 Rinse the chest from the bottom up with the nozzle, so that the chest can play a strong lifting effect。   3 action rude breasts very fragile, after being violently impact, internal soft tissue bruise easily, or cause internal hyperplasia, severe internal rupture of small blood vessels, forming cysts and even hematoma。 Therefore, the treatment of the breast to be gentle, to avoid external compression, less action to do with his arms, the arms will also hold a serious compression of both breasts, so deformed under strong pressure force。
  4 sedentary lot of working women, premenstrual and menstrual period often severe pain, which is due to sedentary plus the lack of normal movement, resulting in blood circulation disorders。
The lack of blood is the main cause of aging breasts, when you breathe more shallow, blood circulation slows down gradually, breasts and the lack of a sense of inflated sense of expansion, gradually droop。 When there is desk work, often squeezed breast edge of the table, the health hazards of female breast great。
  5 tummy to tummy to sleep sleep very hurt women's health, for breast, it can lead to depression or sag。
Sleeping position is best left to sleep, may underlay a pillow in the breast, in order to obtain sufficient support。   6 improper diet blindly diet, eat sweets, smoking, drinking, eating habits are hurt breasts。
Dieting can disrupt the endocrine to affect breast development。

Sex between men and women in how to get the greatest satisfaction?

Some say sex sex, to have sexual love, sex can get greater satisfaction with the relationship between the two men's relationship, good sex can improve relations both men and women, without good sex relationships will make two thin ice , then how to make both men and women are better met in the sex it?Men should learn a woman sexually suggestive men are more direct, sexual desire comes, it wants to direct the。
And women are more subtle, most women even with demand, it will not say so, more will be implicit method。
If men do not understand women often get angry。
If your woman for no reason throw beat beat eggs inside bones, we should not think that she is dissatisfied with the desire。If you read the woman's hint, but just then a man tired, not force, but must not hurt a woman's self-esteem。
Women rarely take the initiative again, men do not appreciate it, it is easy to make a woman feel unattractive。
In fact, women need sex, it does not have to complete sexual intercourse, even if no sexual intercourse, gentle hug, kiss, love, then rain, so that women will be met。
Woman sexual needs that say it is a woman born subtle, especially in terms of sex。The traditional wisdom is that men be sexually active is normal if a woman is too active is probably an indecent performance。With the development of society, sex is becoming less obscure topic。Gender equality, men have needs, women have the same needs, men can take the initiative, we can say, why women can not?!Editor's Choice:。