Excellent letter Institute report released in February: 80 for the first time accounted for less than five percent of consumption

  Before March 21, excellent letter Research Institute released the "excellent letter in February 2018 Consumer Reports Used Car"。 Overall, the Chinese New Year holiday did not reduce the heat market, used car showing a more active consumer trends。
2017 first emerged in the consumer groups, the purchase terms of the characteristics of the region, in February of this year show a more in-depth, younger and consumption upgrade irreversible sinking。
  80 for the first time let the terms "half" After 90 users accounting for nearly three consumer groups, car users share declined 80% to% year on year, for the first time let the "half"; and the proportion of car users 90 showed the opposite trend, compared with the same period rose by mid-2017% to%, refrain。
  For now, after 80 second-hand cars are still the main consumer groups。
But with the car needs into the community after 90 show, coupled with the rise of the popularity of car consumption and consumer finance, and highly cost-effective used car is a good car is undoubtedly the ideal choice。 It is foreseeable that 90 will gradually become the main consumer groups used car, the proportion of consumption will maintain stable growth。

Kobe Bryant 30 points to take the opener giant lake Human sluggish Celtics 0-1

  Ticker on June 4, NBA2010年总决赛开打, the Lakers beat the Celtics 102-89 at home to to 1-0。
  The Lakers begin a journey of revenge。
– Kobe Bryant scored 30 points, seven rebounds and six assists。
Paul – Gasol 23 points and 14 rebounds, including eight offensive rebounds, Ron – Ron Artest hit three-pointers, had 15 points, Andrew – Andrew Bynum 10 points and six rebounds。
  Celtics over 2008 old and a two year old。 – Paul Pierce had 24 points and nine rebounds, Kevin – Kevin Garnett 16 points, Rajon – Rondo 13 points and eight assists and six rebounds – Ray Allen 12 points。 Celtics 10 three-pointers the audience vote in only 1。   Two teams in NBA history prestigious finals as routine, their championship trophy and reach half of the total number of NBA。 Historically, when the two teams meet the finals, the Celtics prevail, which is 12 times the two teams first met in the finals。
Is the second time in three years met, in 2008, the Lakers lost to the Celtics。
  Lakers revenge fight with determination。 Scene hair?Shirt is illustrative: Celtics starting five players' names have been hit cross, and the bottom is "revenge" word。
  The game only played 27 seconds, Pierce and Artest twisted into a ball in the basket, after almost two hands together, drink referee was open, each eat a technical foul in mind。 This set the tone of the whole match。
After the first section of Rush, the referee blew total of 18 fouls, the two sides free throws 20 times, including 12 times the Celtics。   Bryant shortly after the opening eat two fouls, but the first section still had 8 points。
Lakers quickly gain an advantage, but after nearly five minutes, not shooting, until the end of this section Farmar and Brown each hit a ball, the Lakers leading 26-21。 Bynum and Pau Gasol continues to basket succeeded, the Lakers inside edge filling。
  Fisher also the first section to eat two fouls, the Lakers sent a second four off the bench at the start。 Celtics once the gap to 1 point, but Pierce missed a ball, missed the chance to equalize。
Garnett mediocre, playing in the second half after the first shooting。
Artest scored five points immediately after his two-thirds vote, Fisher steals succeeded, Artest fast-break layup, leading the Lakers to 44-35。 Rondo hit a record buzzer great difficulty, but the Celtics still the first half to 41-50 behind。   The scene is very hot, in the first half the referee sent a total of 28 fouls, the two sides a total of 27 free throws。 The Lakers have four people in the first half scored 7 points or more, while the highest 10 points Londo Celtics, Kevin Garnett and Ray – Allen both the first two of 14 shots in only 5。
  A third 3 minutes 19 seconds. – Ray Allen dunk, Boston will lead into 62-71。 Since then however, the Celtics suddenly misfiring, this section could not shooting。
The Lakers took the opportunity to massive attack, after Artest thirds vote, they play 13-2, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 84-64。
First three quarters, the Lakers hit rate%。
  Celtic wave 10-1 to start the fourth quarter, still in the game 8 minutes and 40 seconds to recover as the score 74-85。 Even calm Phil Jackson – sit still, and called timeout。
After the pause, Farmar sudden strong layup, then Garnett shot, Gasol turned hook score, the Lakers once again achieved 15-point advantage。   Celtics offensive problems again, in 3 minutes and 50 seconds not shooting, free throws alone to contend with the Lakers。
Competition also 5 minutes 07 seconds, Pierce was shot again, the Celtics still 80-93 behind。
  Although the Celtics fought back, but failed to narrow the gap to single digits。 Pointer with 1 minute 47 seconds, Artest hit third, the Lakers lead to 99-84, Boston opener doomed。
(Angkor)    。

Rebranding, high-grade CRB force in mid-2017 net profit by 86.8%

  According to the report, in mid-2017 China Resources Snow beer sales for the million KL, YoY%, outperforming the industry average beer market share to further improve。 According to national statistics, according to the data, in mid-2017, the national beer output for the million KL, this calculation, China Resources Snow beer market share has increased to about%。   China Resources Breweries CEO Hou Xiaohai said: "The mid-2017, Chinese beer product structure gradually changing, high-grade beer sales become the main force to promote the industry revenue growth。 The Group in mid-2017 around 'quality growth, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development' three management themes, implementation of reorganization, re-branding, production optimization, lean sales, channel alteration, change operations etc.。
Through the implementation of rebranding initiatives to enhance the high-end beer sales, and by deepening the channel-building initiatives in order to enhance the competitiveness of channels, the Group continued to achieve double beer sales and sales price growth, market share also been enhanced。 "。

Taipei mayoral election polls Chang Hsien-yao network into a dark horse victory Ko Wen-je 4 times

  Taipei mayoral election polls Chang Hsien-yao network into a dark horse victory Ko Wen-je 4 times more than China Taiwan Network March 22 hearing, according to Taiwan "in the electronic" reported that the Taipei mayoral election held in the media the latest exit polls in their own network platform as of yesterday, the Chinese New year just came to stand for election for Taipei mayor's former MAC Vice chairman Chang Hsien-yao to 110,253 votes in the highest ranks, significantly ahead of the incumbent mayor Ko Wen-je 89641 votes。
  Reported that, "BBC News" network launched the Taipei mayoral election vote early, PTT users will be posted as of yesterday's data, Chang Hsien-yao KMT won 110,253 votes to win, vote%; ranked second is from 1994 after the beginning of every year to participate in the KMT Taipei mayor four times the party primaries garnered qualifying Ting Shou-chung, winning 90,079 votes,%; seeking re-election Ko Wen-je only 20,612 votes,%; Pasuya Yao won only 160 votes,%。
  For the sake of balance, otherwise users posted by the end of 2017, "FTV" political talk shows telephone poll "2018 Taipei mayor who wanted to vote?"Pasuya Yao to support the highest%, followed by the Democratic Progressive Party members high Jiayu%, Ko Wen-je won%% Jiangwan An Kuomintang bottom。 Users believe that regardless of blue-green polls, Ko Wen-je are significantly behind, he walked directly acid were pain (election "President") Well。
(China Taiwan Network Juanzi)。

Japan to attend the anti-phase transfer of the return of US troops in Okinawa governor refused to participate in the ceremony owner

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Mary] According to Japan's Kyodo News reported that Japanese Defense Minister Onodera Five Code December 25 morning visit to Okinawa kunigami, attended the United States in December last year the northern part of the return of US military training ground about 4000 hectares of land handover ceremony to the landowner。
It reported that the US Futenma Air Station (located in Ginowan City) moved to Nago City wild side of the ancient center of the controversy Ginowan mayoral election be held before February next year, a move intended to show Onodera efforts burden gesture。 The same day, Okinawa Prefecture Takeshi Onaga received an invitation to attend the ceremony, but the official refused to。
  Onodera emphasized in his speech: will reduce the burden on Okinawa bases to make maximum efforts。
About US aircraft accident occurred, said he would urge the US to take into account the security level, the impact on the local control of minimum。
  Local mayor attended the ceremony。 Opposition to the relocation of Futenma Air Station to the wild side of the ancient county governor Takeshi Onaga absent。
Last year, the government held in Nago City, the return of the ceremony, he also did not attend, but attended the US aircraft accident protest rally held in the city of。
  The return of more than half the land area of the northern part of the training ground, the Japanese government has conducted a survey on water quality, etc.。
By return, the US military in Japan dedicated facilities in Okinawa's share declined from about 74% to about 70%。
Local is asking the return of the land included in the national park and World Natural Heritage。

The study found: some people hear "the sound of frying bacon" can help sleep

  NERVOUS yuan in 2016, has also published article said that for a long time, continuing to listen to the sound environment sound, the sound of water, rain, wind and other nature, even to himself sound, the sound of chewing lettuce, have a calm mood effect, thus lengthening the depth of sleep people。
  And these voices if they are seen as people calm voice, could evolve into a sound sleep, can effectively drown outside noise, so people can reasonably be fried bacon sound as a "non-threatening" voice, ChrisBrantner said at this point to help explain sleep is reasonable, credibility will improve。   He further explained that for certain people, really through the sound of frying bacon and exciting "autonomous feeling Meridian reaction" (autonomoussensorymeridianresponse, referred ASMR), fried meat other sounds emitted will have the same effect。
  But he has to remind, depending on each person's level of response to sounds, but by a sustained impact and pops really make some people feel more gentle, insomnia would be improved。

Nursing scalp spa to enjoy your body and mind

Step 1 except that belly of the thumb with the four fingers gently press the center line bisecting the printed hair, a little bit to the right and left pressing, do 2-3。 Step 2 with a finger belly gently press the entire scalp。 Start hairline and slowly to the head and back of the head。 Repeat 6 times。
Step 3 do comb with fingers through hair, about 10 times, the paste evenly onto the scalp and hair。
Step 4 belly two thumb pressing on both sides of the temple, along the hairline, pressed against the head, each move about 2 cm。 Step 5 finger tapping the entire head, scalp relax。
Step 6 Scalp Spa nursing palm close to the top of the ear position against the temple, grip the head, pulling the scalp gently knead a circular motion, do 3-4 times。 The heel of the palm part point force, to hang up his eyes, doing so also helps enhance facial contours。 Step 7 with the palm of the rear head portion and the head front stroke, is placed on the front of fortune, followed by the lower half on the back of the head of the palm recess。 Like hands grip the head, squeeze 3-4 this。
Finally, if the back of the hand and then draw a circle by Tuirou on the neck, the effect will be even better。
Step eight hair grasping a bundle pulling up, down slowly, gently scalp restore natural state。
For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

China Grandpa "amazing" life-world slide 30 floors 90 seconds to escape

November 28 electricity in recent years, domestic security and frequent accidents, life and property safety of the residents of causing serious damage。
According to Ministry of Public Security Fire Department statistics, in 2015, the national fire occurrence million cases were caused 1742 deaths and property damage over hundreds of millions。
November 18, 2017, Beijing Daxing District town Xihongmen new village major fire accidents, 19 people were killed, 8 injured。
Grief, we can help to find a high-level artifact escape, comes from an old man's hand, let's take a look: high-rise escape and rescue problem is recognized worldwide, who lives in high-rise Zhoumiao Rong also have to worry about, thinking about how to solve this problem。 Eventually he took two years to invent a high-rise fast escape slide。
By the design of the slope of the ramp bend curved groove, can escape to maintain the speed of the glide rhythm。 30-story high-rise, about 90 seconds to reach the ground safety。 At present this innovative invention won the national patent, but also to the international patent application PCT。
It has two straight curved grooves are installed in the fire corridor。 Without using the air suspension on the curved grooves, straight grooves are hung on the wall。
Slides in case of fire does not require a power start Oh!It is to rely on a mechanical linkage resulting domino effect, bending groove will automatically drop straight groove integral with。 Slide by the slope of the curved grooves, oblique, curved design, escape can keep the speed of the glide rhythm。
Each layer of taxi time is about three seconds, 30-story high-rise will be able to arrive safely at 90 seconds。
Also on the slide it is also equipped with special emergency lighting systems and sprinkler system, very powerful oh!At present this innovative invention won the national patent, but also to the international patent application PCT。
China uncle really "amazing" world!(People's Daily micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

US stocks close attention to trends tonight

Old music [Wagner] shown in Figure 1, the Shanghai Composite Index rebounded weak, what chance did not give a blue-chip today, the banking sector continues to receive the green, but downside momentum began to decay。
Today, the Shanghai index is not innovation lows, rebounded candle bit before half-point cut entity Yinxian, the general strength。
Let's look at the GEM index 2, GEM received an average of five days to ride the line Yang, a contrast with the Shanghai index will be more clear, the Shanghai index hit the highest point of no five days moving average。
And there is also formed a GEM a?Line combination, a female two male clip。
And the last four trading days there is no obvious overall center of gravity down。
Of course, even if there is an important low, there will be an iterative process of compaction。
Even not completely rule here is still down relay。 Step by step, not a conclusion, to form the habit of thinking of confirmation, but should not always give a definition market。
[Old] Yue said shares shown in Figure 1, from feeling the disk subtle changes were observed tracking changes in the disk, the disk draw some basic inferences based on the fact that, at the same time, this line of reasoning but also on their own from time to time to maintain vigilance in order to timely correction。
The purpose of this is out of the self-centered way of thinking, there is no absolute, only to deal with。
In this time of the fall, I carefully from subtle changes in the small board felt the opportunity and possibility, step by step, careful to verify this change in the disk。
So I would not go to the blue-chip hold together for warmth, but also proactively find the super rebound opportunities of small and medium-invasive。 In this wave down, adhere to strong stock selection [five], timely transfer positions convertible, timely response to changes in the disk, and finally resolve this wave more violent fall。 2, today's intraday rebound from the point of view, mainly small and medium-creating opportunity for the representatives of the oversold bounce。 Blue Chip at least so far have not given decent rebound opportunities。 3, today gives wisdom agriculture 6th consecutive daily limit。
This is a benchmark oversold, but also a touchstone self-examination of the suspension, the company can focus on tonight's announcement, to see whether the information appears suspended, if only stocks was suspended, then, for the oversold low price the rebound in stocks will have a significant psychological impact。 Also affect the overall tempo of the current rebound and run。
Only stocks I have repeatedly talked about, not to chase, but the significance of multiple, look at stocks as a benchmark。
4, the operation, in the course of the initiative to lighten up a rebound。
This is unchanged。 Open a new can, but the overall position to do subtraction。
If the latter continues to rebound, there are positions that, if the end of the rebound and then down, then down a long position, as well as the opportunity to participate again。
5, pay close attention to the trend of US stocks tonight。 The following is the daily chart of the current US stocks: Dow is above the daily on the latest figures。 If this position and then pull out the giant Yin, then you run down to the range of the stock market crash type, it will have an extremely negative impact on the global stock markets。
If the stocks in this position of the disk to live, at least temporarily or two can be a situation。 The probability of this position if the sun, it will increase to stabilize。
Similarly, the need to verify step by step。
Here is the most can not afford now and then a big line。

The nutritional value of peas snow peas know what you teach

What are the peas snow peas can be said to be a very common dish, I believe many people have eaten this dish, because it is very nutritious, the nutritional value of peas which have together and go and see small series!The nutritional value of peas snow peas which have a high nutritional value, which not only have a certain effect, and its therapeutic effect is very powerful, not only can the spleen and stomach, Tom Lee stool, but also can prevent cancer carcinogenic, beauty, can even use on governance, enhance immunity。
Life, we must take advantage of the nutritional value of good snow peas, and use it to enhance。
Rich in leaves and sugar pea pods in the Netherlands?And enzymes which can degrade in vivo nitrosamines, nitrosamines can be decomposed, has anti-cancer effects。
Peas and vegetables in general different from, the acid contained in the locking branches of a tree, and the gibberellin plant lectins and other substances having antibacterial anti-inflammatory, enhanced metabolic function。 Contains abundant in peas and sugar pea dietary fiber can prevent constipation, have a role in bowel。