Brazil lead the World Cup standings this year a long-range data behind the defending champion only

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 report: Beijing June 18 2:00 am Brazil against the Swiss team, with the goal Kudiniao Brazil opened the scoring, but then Zubair Swiss team will score big tie。Brazil Hanping Switzerland, but produced a series of interesting statistics。 [3] against Switzerland, Brazil completed 21-foot shot, the World Cup is the third most single-game shot game (Argentina 27, Germany 26), coincidentally, these three teams failed to win games。[7] In the last 7 games against European teams in the World Cup, the Brazilian team made only a victory。From the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals in France lost 1-0 start, Brazil's only win in the last World Cup game, they are 3 to 1 victory over Croatia in the opener, the remaining six games, two draws and four defeats Brazil。[9] before the game against Switzerland, Brazil has achieved his first World Cup battle 9 game winning streak, their once failed to win in the opener, or the World Cup in Argentina in mid-1978, when they draw with Sweden。[10] After the draw with Switzerland, Brazil, Europe has 10 teams had a record of appearances, which the German team became the only team to lose the team, the other nine European teams made a total of five wins, four draws results。[13] against Brazil, Switzerland Behrami became the key to get out of the whole game, Behrami ball 44 times, completed 41 times, including 13 times in the other half passes, all successful。[23] After the draw with Brazil, the Swiss team lost only one game in the last 23 games (lost to Portugal in October 2017), and achieved 16 wins, six draws and results。[37] With the arrow through the clouds Kudiniao, since 1966, Brazil in the World Cup has scored 37 long-range, this figure up to 11 more than second ball。

Internet service sink to the grassroots consumer spending more than it needs to upgrade the classification

  "China Statistical Yearbook" data show that low-income people accounted for 80% of the total population of our country, their 2016 per capita disposable income of 17,836 yuan。 This figure, yet not as good as 20% of the total income of high-income groups of the population in the mid-2006's (19,730 yuan)。
The income gap between different groups, also caused two very different spending habits。
For high-income people, their financial resources sufficient to support the purchase demand, they also logical to become a consumer upgrade of the target audience。 They are more willing to dig into their pockets to enhance the quality of life, "sea Amoy", "custom" such as a public service aimed at high-end consumer are all these people's pocketbook。
  When we desperately manufacture of various marketing gimmicks to make "golden master" when they pay, some people shift their attention to hundreds of millions of "grassroots" consumer。 Thus, we see the "fight a lot," the fame, see "Today's headlines" "Fun headline" "quickly" to be known as such a public rising "young town" cultural product of APP。 Behind these products, stood a large group – the gradual popularization of mobile Internet services today, they borrow from these products, find their own position in the wave of。   Today, the cost of acquiring traffic in a city high。
There are entrepreneurs said that in big cities to push a new APP, the basic cost of acquisition (CPA) in 100 yuan / bit up and down。 In the four-tier cities, some consumers though there is no strong purchasing power, but in the flow of scarce giants had to go to the next line, "arrests" Today, they have become natural "flow bonanza"。 Internet went "second half", the fierce competition to see the product, rather than rob high-end profits, flee overseas markets, it is better to turn around deep behind the broader land。
  Consumption upgrade is the trend, regardless of income, consumers should enjoy more high-quality products and services。
This is not only inevitable expectations, but also the commercial development of the people。
But look at the moment, we should pay attention to the concept of consumer grade, encourage businesses to combine their positioning, sinking to promote Internet services, activation and the release of more people's consumption potential, so that's convenient and efficient new technologies extend to every corner。

March 23 front-page contents of the four major securities newspaper summary of the essence of | the four major securities newspaper

  China Securities Journal open market operations interest rates up slightly Fed rate hike limited impact, experts say the Fed to raise interest rates have an impact on China's foreign exchange market, but has little direct impact on the stock market and bond market。 According to the current economic situation and the financial situation of supply and demand, the central bank monetary policy tone will continue, "not loose not tight" sound neutral, will not be significantly affected by the Fed's policy direction。   Show the effect of adjusting the Beijing property market volume and price decline over the past year, Beijing introduced more than 30 times the relevant control measures。 In this context, whether it is a new house or second-hand housing, whether ordinary residential or commercial buildings, whether it is six districts of the city or suburban area, volume and price fell to varying degrees。
    Industry insiders estimate that the four listed insurance firms profit growth will significantly exceed market expectations, venture capital investment rate of return will continue to maintain a steady increase is expected in 2018, venture capital configure the equity assets of value is still blue chips stocks dominated the White Horse investment will shrink slightly in Hong Kong。
In the overall configuration of the structure remains stable pattern of alternative investments is expected to increase the proportion of。   Shanghai Securities News since March, A shares time shares sector has maintained a high degree of activity, leading stocks out of the wave is amazing "Nine board" trend。 However, not all time shares are able to have strong performance, just a week ago, just refresh the fastest recovery of new shares break record since the normalization issue。
Between the strong and weak, reflecting the latest changes in the capital stock in the sector sub-shares ideas。
    March 22, the State Council issued "guidance on the promotion of global tourism development" (hereinafter "Opinion"), proposed to speed up the tourism supply-side structural reforms, efforts to promote the tourism industry shift from economy to economy tickets from extensive fine way to change inefficient and efficient way, from a closed to an open cycle tour from "travel +" changes to achieve the global development of tourism, the quality of the tourism supply, tourism management standardization, to maximize tourism benefits of the main objectives。   Securities Times Mobile Payment lose ground: ATM machine frustrated two-dimensional code scan code reader laugh industry believes that mobile payment menacing, will eliminate a number of industries, will drive the rise of a number of industries, such as the production of two-dimensional code scan code reader business is one of the beneficiaries。
  % Have been rare!Trust passage rates soared after the Spring Festival market participants referred to digital, if the asset side there is some defect, will further push up the trust channel rates。
"%?This channel% rate in the market is not the case。 "Stakeholders reflect。   This year the first batch of battery power or welcome the influx of capital to seize ten billion retirement recycling market Recently, the State 7 ministries jointly issued the "new energy automobile power battery recycling Interim Measures" to further promote the industry to build a recycling system。 Some analysts believe that, with the capital from various quarters to seize the layout, scale battery recycling is expected to seek collapsed in 2018, to form a new outlet in the next ten billion。
  Securities Daily crude oil futures market traders outside the countdown to introduce a comprehensive industry believes the move will improve China's pricing power in the global oil market, but also the expansion of China's external financial opening up an important measure。
  7 days a slight increase in the central bank reverse repo rate or the efficacy of "three birds with one stone" had been due for two consecutive days suspended reverse repurchase operations, the central bank yesterday symbolic restoration reverse repurchase operations and increase the successful rate, which aims to reflect market conditions delivered to the market open market operations to adjust the interest rate information。
Expected to follow reasonable liquidity will continue to show steady state, reverse repurchase may continue to be suspended。   RMB exchange rate yesterday rose 229 basis points short-term high probability of a smooth continuation analysts believe that yesterday's Bank of China implemented "following the rate hike," a move that will help maintain the recent US interest rate has narrowed the range, with the RMB exchange rate a supporting role。

Barclays: Federal Reserve next month will give up "quite some time" statements

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK Nov. 20 news, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday afternoon (EST) released the Federal Open in October Minutes market Committee (FOMC) meeting, the minutes show that the vast majority of FOMC members agreed that the third round of quantitative easing (QE3), and the progress of the US job market expressed satisfaction。However, some participants also worried that US inflation is likely to continue below the FOMC's target。It is because of this concern, the Federal Reserve statement on interest rates in October, is still committed to "quite some time" to maintain low interest rates。But Barclays (Barclays) expects the Fed to abandon the "considerable time," the forward guidance in the December meeting, as of next year to raise interest rates in preheated。  Barclays analysts pointed out that the minutes of the meeting on Wednesday to discuss interest rates than in October, slightly dovish statement a little, but the difference is not particularly large。  Barclays wrote in the report: "The Commission remains confident about the economic outlook, expected further improvement in the labor market, inflation will gradually rise in the coming years。Although the minutes mentioned further slowdown in global growth may pose a risk to the US economy, the Committee considers that the impact may be more limited。"With US interest rates near point, Barclays analysts believe that the main challenge now facing the Fed is how to effectively communicate with the market, based on economic data from the steering depending on the time of forward guidance and guidelines set, and will not cause excessive market fluctuation。  Barclays expects the Fed to abandon the "considerable time" is expressed in the December meeting, and the first rate hike in June 2015。(Shofu compilation)

aim!Hit the door!The ball into! Full Moon Scimitar PK Ji Yuan Men shot this session "Positioning Cup ball" too wonderful

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: Russia has gone through four World Cup race day, yesterday favorites Germany lost to Mexico, Brazil draw with Switzerland, could not be more upset。World Cup there is an interesting phenomenon, has ended in a total of 11 games produced 25 goals, which by positioning the ball directly to score 12 there, and many times the last minute decided the game in the game。Argentina and Peru, respectively, missed a penalty opportunity, but almost 50 percent of the positioning of the ball scoring rate can be described as alarming。Here we take a look at these 12 fantastic positioning the ball score。1, Russia Saudi Arabia 5-0, 95th minute free kick opportunity to the Russian frontier top of the key, Golovin right foot inside the arc the ball around the wall, close to the right side of the column to fly into the net nest。2, Uruguay, Egypt, 0-1, in the 89th minute, Carlos – Sanchez takes the free kick, headed home Jimenez, Uruguay lore!3, 0-1 Iran, the first 95 minutes, Haji Safi left foot at the left sideline kick before the games kick to the front point of Morocco off the bench Buhaduzi headed clearance under pressure from the Ta Leimi The results siege turned into shot, the ball struck the left column into the goal corner, 1-0 final lore Iran。4, Spain, Portugal, 3-3, opening game only 2 minutes, C Luo Nacho ball was tipped into the restricted area, the referee penalty;?Luo surgeon personally kick hit Portugal fortunate 1-0。5. Portugal 3-3 Spain, 54 minutes, David – Silva front kick picked spread to the right side of the goal, Busquets header ferry, Diego – Costa front of Qiangdian Tuishe score It is once again to tie 2 to 2。6, Portugal 3-3 Spain, 87 minutes, Pique down to the ground?Luo, C Luo direct free kick broke to level the score, C Luo hat-trick。7, France, Australia, 2-1, 54 minutes, Gerry Postman hand surgeon penalty kick, left foot shot succeeded, 1-0。8, France, Australia, 2-1, 60 minutes before the games kick to the right of Australia, muy hanging ball into the restricted area small, when Umm Titi Zhengding handball, the referee ordered a penalty kick, yedi ng operation knife kick hit more than 11, the two sides back to the same starting line。9, Nigeria Croatia 2-0, 32 minutes, Croatia opportunity to obtain the right corner, Modric takes the kick into the restricted area, Lei Biqi header ferry, restricted area Road, Man Zhu Qi header to keep up, the ball hit Nigeria player Yi Tebo who flew into the goal, Croatia lead。10, Croatia, Nigeria, 2-0, in the 69th minute, Nigeria player Nkunda Man Chu Keech both hands and hold it down, get a penalty chance in Croatia, Modric takes the kick, his right foot hit the bottom left corner score。11, Costa Rica 0-1 in Serbia, 56 minutes, Serbia obtain direct free kick on the right side of the box once before, Kolarov direct free kick, the ball directly fly to score the door right upper dead。12, Brazil 1-1 Switzerland, 50 minutes, Sacchi right corner sent to the center of the box, Zubair small shakes center of the box broke, Switzerland equalizer。

"Oolong and lose points," Who is more unforgivable: the two sinners Macy list

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: Oolong and loss point who is more unforgivable) night with everyone watching, chatting Huan, there is beauty posed a question, suddenly boasted veteran fans and so I stuck collective。If a player seventy-eight scored an own goal, he can not when the World Cup top scorer?But along this brain-hole wide open ideas to advance, you will find the current top three scorer, not the people down there are two。4 penalty goals, beat?Luo leader, broke twice Oolong, then followed after them。This penalty Jun said: Well, all of that Lai Meixi and Peru who, either they kicked lost two, I had to break away from?Luo Lian taillights could not see。Men do halfway to bomb you dare to imagine, one day, they reached the national football World Cup, scored the first goal on the face of the history of Chinese football, a golden opportunity to get the first minute, but striker someone kick the point aircraft hit the ball yet?Ah, that Peru who is so smashing things to do。The Peru and Africa famous star, named Cueva。Danish first half of the game with his penalty shot went straight to the stands roared away。Men do not cry easily, but this man is so sad that the referee just blew the halftime whistle, he had tears rushing down。Peru teammates quickly go around comforting and heartening, but ultimately Peru 0: 1 defeat, Cueva tears, could not help but once again welling。Speaking of tears on the World Cup, the first thing a lot of people, would be the United States after the 1994 World Cup, Baggio kicked a penalty in the final shootout, Italy lost to Brazil, Nalv lonely ponytail。Kick a penalty of loss of feeling, how?Baggio once recalled: Even after all these years, he still has nightmares, if you have the opportunity to delete the memory of life, they will choose to erase it forever。Consider themselves better than the idiot killed often walk by the river, how can I not wet shoes?Morocco is not a person in Buhaduzi own goal, Nigeria player Ai Tebo, followed by Croatia and also in the game, scored the first World Cup history 43 Own。He publicly apologized after the game: "I'm sorry 35 million people of the team, the fans and Morocco。I'm an idiot!"Buhaduzi consciousness high, kept the people shocked, not that own goal Well, as to what?Who can say where it may, Zhibuding correct attitude of confession, but to protect him。The history of football darkest scene takes place during the World Cup in mid-1994。Colombian defender Egyptian Sike Ba scored an own goal, leading the team lost to the United States, the group stage out。Ten days later, his body in 6 rounds, fell into the pool of blood outside his home bar。Allegedly, Escobar was killed, not the rumors offended gambling group, but because of a dispute – the face of ridicule drug lords scolded the fans, Escobar even dare to defend themselves Haizui。Two sinner you let go of who phase Bi Kuiwa, Buhaduzi, Macy's "nerve" seems to be a lot thicker。Throw penalty kick Messi, generous after the game, he said: the team did not win, I take full responsibility。Then, there is no then the?Apologize it, I burst into tears? Who but Messi has emboldened it。After all, he was experienced in the last 7 times penalty have lost four, more important is the strength of Argentina's lingering, then he has the chance to atone。Cueva, Buhaduzi were difficult, the team they are located, are only a few years into the World Cup, once the mistakes, most likely had no opportunity even to correct。Precisely because of this, just let the World Cup underdog players, the reaction in this case, more often than teams players to be excited too。So, come to China to participate when the national football World Cup in 2002, a penalty kick two did not enter Oolong, safe on home really is lucky enough。At that time, although they are no less ridicule, but many years later, I discovered that the original national team, was actually strongest in the history of national football, but when we did not know to cherish。A own goal is scored, one is not able to scored the other goal, oolong and loss point, which one is more sinful unforgivable?Or, when we praise the star, and then how to blow not matter, when they criticize, but the Care, how much to give them leave a way?

Woman to conquer a man's skills so that he can not do without you

Woman to conquer a man's skill which we all know the beginning of two people together is probably because they like each other, but if you want to live a long time, then you have to adapt to each other and running。So get along in the process, appropriate to add some skills, will undoubtedly make more in love with each other。The following night on the net for everyone to bring a woman to conquer a man's skill, let him do without you!Woman to conquer a man's skill most people know what love is, and nothing more is favorite people day and night, sexual gratification。
Then happily hand in hand into the marriage, and marriage is the best place for love。
However, when asked what marriage is, I believe there are a thousand thousand answers。
In fact, marriage is what the problem is really very simple, Liang Zi: sleep!Why this is why basic necessities of life, which is most important in life is the top priority of the four events。
The food and clothing line in these three areas, whether you live alone or with their loved ones, basically no qualitative change。The only qualitative change occurs is sleep。Previously, you're a man sleeping in the bed, a pillow seat Guzhen, is a large cap。Cold have their own warm bed, hot, nobody care about you。
Also had to be a nightmare entangled himself Qiqiaiyi pretend not to be afraid, exactly like a hero。
But suddenly around one more person, you find that everything becomes different。Every night, you will be in order and he or she had a dream of ecstasy or night and brains。Even without the material conditions as a foil luxurious romantic night, but the private sector, "the wife and kids white picket fence," saying in the "white picket fence" these three words, it is enough to explain the importance of sleep in marriage。Then frankly what, in fact, sex in marriage really played a pivotal role。
So, marriage is two people sleep such a simple thing。
The so-called night the couple hundred days grace, when it comes to marriage do have the responsibility to pay men and women, even if in the future Laoyanfenfei, remembered once Hibiscus tent warm days of Spring Night, has little to no memorable。Even without expression said to have been forgotten, but no one can guarantee during sex with new people and old people do not take it contrasts。
This idea, which is not deliberately, entirely unconscious behavior, but also do not like the new user-friendly due to Yanjiu。Woman to conquer a man's skill Fortunately some of the women, after the men had intimate relations with, we wholeheartedly want this man to live a。As in the past, I was able to completely erase the traces from the heart。
But not men, or why so many guys are always wavering between the mistress and the wife had been reluctant to abandon the wife had to marry mistress Kuhou years or three milk four milk it so well, even if the three children who defeated wife had won a large milk birthright, but also occupy a man's body, and then her enchanting, have a skill, it is impossible to erase from his first wife wife had a man's heart。If the hit importune, day in something right in front of men say ill wife, ending on a word: roll!Child abuse and wife men are less sensible, except for those cowardly men may live through it, for any other one will let you roll was even worse but did not dignity。

For more than 1600 yuan bank to recover depositors: Did not you say from the cabinet shall not be responsible for it | depositors | not saying | Bank

  Prompt formalities at the bank counter, often visible "money face to face point clear, the cabinet shall not be responsible from" like。   Recently, Ms. Qin Zhejiang Cixi a bank teller 22,400 yuan, 24,000 yuan bank gave Miss Qin。
Later, Miss Xiang Qin bank to beg for an extra 1,600 yuan, Ms. Qin was rejected。   Net bank transfer to "unjust enrichment" as an excuse to Ms. Qin court。
Ms. Qin has insisted on this, Bank of depositors money "from the cabinet shall not be responsible," she "from the cabinet shall not be responsible."。
A similar error, the two sides really are not responsible for it?  How "from the cabinet shall not be responsible for" reality "Well done, the bank can not be double standards, say 'is not responsible,' Why ask people for money?"This reflects the comments of friends some people's attitude。   "In fact, now many banks have not mentioned this statement, but in some towns and other places do have this card tips。
"A bank staff told reporters。
  "Earlier Our intention is to remind the customer leaving the checkout money, but we think that statement may seem a bit overbearing。
"Reporters asked whether such a declaration is unilateral provisions of banks in order to avoid responsibility made, the staff said 'not convenient to answer'。   She said that in the counter actual work process, overcharged depositors' money called "long money", undercharged called "short money", "can not offset length, even if the day two strokes out of the question, Curry money The total number of no problem, still have to clear a pen。 "It is understood that since found a short paragraph, the parties confirmed that although depositors collection takes a long time and sometimes difficult, but because they belong to very serious errors in business processes, the bank will do everything possible to fulfill this obligation。   "We really work appeared mistakes, we should take responsibility。 However, depositors can understand about our work, people are not err too, have been pinched money not yet, we are very distressed, only through legal means。
"Reporters asked if the long section of the case, whether the rights of depositors from the cabinet can not。 Staff said, "as long as possible to obtain surveillance or use documents to prove the money to do less, we will certainly return in the actual operation of。 If therefore the complaint, staff bonuses will be affected throughout the year, the Internet, said the bank refused to return the money, basically misunderstanding and misinformation。 "" For the banks, only the account level or uneven difference, whether long paragraph short paragraph as long as the accounts do not add up, we are the same headache。 "Staff says。
  According to a statement of what?  Although the operation will be done in time, but the banks really have the right to declare "from the cabinet shall not be responsible for" it, the reporter consulted experts。   It is understood that, "People's Republic of China Contract Law" Article 69, paragraph 2: Standard terms are a party for repeated use drawn up in advance, and did not consult with each other at the time of conclusion of the contract terms。   "Because between banks and their customers in order to provide a service for the content of the agreement, which provisions 'from the cabinet shall not be responsible', belonging to the terms of the format established by the bank unilaterally。 "Beijing Ocean Law Firm represents Sunhu。
  SUN Hu also stressed that according to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 39 of the Contract Law of China, the party supplying the standard terms shall follow the principle of fairness define the rights and obligations between the parties, and take reasonable way to draw attention to the other party are excluded or limited Terms of responsibility, as well, and shall explain the terms in accordance with the requirements of the other。 And "shall not be responsible for" this "simple and crude," the statement clearly does not comply with this regulation。
  "There is a similar statement appears to be more common in life。
"Tianjin Binhai New Area People's Court official told reporters。   " 'Final interpretation' was originally a legal concept covering a wide range of content, but it is often used to evade any responsibility for the business。 And 'away from the cabinet shall not be responsible' Similarly, these statements are to develop the terms of improper party for its own sake unilaterally announced。 "It is understood that under the provisions of contract law, businesses 'final interpretation' clause does not exempt it shall bear legal liability。
  After the error occurs how to deal with if I met this kind of thing, I should be how to maintain the legitimate rights and interests?More money or not really does not responsible?This is a topic of concern to many people。
  "Keep documents require retrieval of surveillance video, this is the most direct and effective means。
"Tianjin Binhai New Area People's Court trial prison court vice president, said Li Ruikai。
  "The situation of the bank less money to appear, depositors need not worry, you can request to view representations to monitor the banks, the banks shall provide assistance。 And if the situation appears more than get the money, we must also actively cooperate with the bank, promptly return the excess。 Doing so may face legal responsibility to recover。
"There is no legal basis to obtain improper benefits, causing losses to others, the illegal profits shall be returned to the people affected by the loss of。
  Likai Rui told reporters: "rights needs in the right way, the face of omissions bank depositors should also maintain your sanity。
Ms. Qin to the news' from the cabinet shall not be responsible 'refused to return the money, and sometimes mood swings can also understand this joke, but the actual loss caused by the banks still refuse to return, is real' was inappropriate Lee ', that is a violation。
"Original title: bank more than 1600 yuan want to reclaim, depositors: You do not say 'shall not be responsible from the cabinet' it?。

White needle of a variety of common hazards harm Know

Common hazards whitening whitening needle which has always been more concerned about the topic is, and surely we all know some of it, which is undoubtedly one of the white needle now the most rapid and effective。
But the fact is there are a lot of white needles harm, the following night network come to you talk about common hazards of white needles, a variety of hazards to look at how much you know!White needle body will harm you have white needles need to be injected into the bloodstream, if the injection needle whitening without the health and safety inspection departments in the use of the most basic security has not。
Even if some kind of white needle can have a whitening effect, but such a role than physical safety is concerned, it will be very minimal。
In addition, if the white needle may contain steroid hormones, long-term use can also cause dermatitis hormone-dependent and hormone production, causing irreparable harm to health。White needle heart and brain damage due to the system of white needle injecting intravenous injection, is white needle drug delivery directly to the heart and brain circulatory system, for physical damage is extremely large, and therefore does not appeal to female beauty whitening by injection needles way white skin。White needle injection common hazard prone to infection white needle of a lot of people from abroad like to come back with a white needle injection, usually choose to go private spaces whitening injection needle, so easy to produce because of poor equipment disinfection infection。Long-term whitening injection needle will be detrimental to health It is understood that the white needle guarantee period of up to one year, if improperly after injection whitening care needle, needle whitening effect will be greatly reduced, so I want long-term whitening, it is necessary for a long time injection, injection and long white needle in the body makes the liver, kidneys suffer damage and is not recommended to use whitening whitening needle mode。

Chinese beauty staged "White Nights Pupil" lock theft suspects BMW

October 12 electric Recently, the Sydney Chinese beauty Lu (a pseudonym) has just moved into a new home only a week, he suffered a burglary, burglary horrors, worth tens of thousands of Australian dollars (about $ 100 yuan) BMW and designer handbags are swept wash a space。 Because, according to reports today in Sydney, realized that home into a thief Lucy first time the police。 In addition to car theft, the gel also stole three designer bags and some cash, the total value of the loss of tens of thousands of Australian dollars。
In addition, the bag bank card, driver's license and health insurance card, also stolen all together。
Because there is no progress in the police, and yet their own cameras installed inside the building, exposed and friends decided to find its comprehensive monitoring picture can be seen, the man initially hovering near Lu home, drive away later BMW, and return on suspicion of second degree site, stole handbags。
Day morning, he stayed for three hours at least around the scene。
According to Lucy recalls, stolen BMW car with a set of house keys, "the thief might be found after car theft door key, and then back again before burglary。
"According to reports, the new building this building just settlement, there is no installation of cameras, mostly Chinese new arrival。
Lucy Chinese want to live here can sound the alarm, raise awareness。 (Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Case Review: at 2:12 on September 30 suspects were driving a Toyota four-wheel came, parked in the open door of the alley; Source: Today Australia APP2: 13am suspects get off into the dew the door of the alley; source: today Australia APP2: 13-2: 51am suspects have been wandering in a residential area near the suspected Capitol; source: today Australia APP source: today Australia APP2: 37amLucy driving home, the suspect entered activities range; source: today Australia APP source: today Australia APP2: 51am suspects to return to their car; source: today Australia APP2: 53am suspects drive away; source: today Australia APP3: 3:00 aM suspects people walk back garage where Lucy BMW; source: today Australia APP3: 11amLucy BMW looks to be pulled out of the garage; source: today Australia APP source: today Australia APP5: 10.00-16.00 suspects again appear on the screen, she was photographed holding a black handbag quickly ran out of the alley。 Source: Today Australia APP Source: Today Australia APP Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。