Falling point of youth

About youth, we are always losing, however, because of loss, because of missing, because of injury, we know more about cherishing – inscribing at the intersection of youth, the youth in those memories comes to an end for a while and finally becomes a permanent freeze. Everyone has his own youth falling point, and everyone will eventually find his own home. In the course of youth journey after journey, facing many scenery and many mistakes, what mood will we use to compose the melody of youth.     Someone said,’ when I look up at the sky, I am not looking for anything, but should be lonely.” once I was a lonely child. when I was alone, I liked to stand up against the window, tilt my head, and face the sky quietly, then there was no dialogue, no scene, and no sense of sadness.. At that time, at the age of 18, I expressed my joys and sorrows with the most real attitude. However, youth is easy to die, the years are easy to grow old, the vicissitudes of life are long, the waters are deep, life is like a dream, people are not yesterday, standing at the crossroads of life, suddenly understand. In this world, there are always some people you can’t get close to, there are always some things you can’t accomplish, and there are always some places you can’t reach, so why not hold on, youth has no destined misfortune, only the persistence of death does not let go, I warned myself over and over again, in the dream, the smile is as beautiful as flowers and pure as flowers..     Many vows, the enemy cannot resist time, many childishness, also become more and more childishness with the flow of time, but I didn’t blame myself, because that I was just a simple child, so today, I forgave the mistake that once was made by that lonely child.. The journey of youth, after all, is full of thorns and many temptations. Those plots are weird and changeable. A child can’t escape the ignorant rush, can he? And I’m just the lost child, looking for a place to live in tired dreams.     Many people have left their marks in my life, and I have never forgotten them. I once compared myself to the rose in May, which is free and easy and charming in dyeing, like the rose in the world, so I gave myself a beautiful name – the rose in the waves.. Because I think I should be like an unfolding red rose at the age of 18, full of fragrance, pursuing beauty and growing pains.. However, along the way, the roses in my heart never bloomed as scheduled in the most beautiful season. I also complained deeply about my bigotry, so that on the way of growing up, I always tripped up countless times and missed the scenery of the season after season, but the miss of the scenery of youth eventually became a thing of the past, and the lost scenery was doomed to never be found again..     Through qingyun, I looked at the distance gently. many people will leave traces of pain in the waters of time, or the memory will chase the vague direction, softly singing and softly singing.? Years of passing water, as beautiful as flowers and beautiful as soon as possible, the train of youth has passed one stop after another and finally turned into a point, condensed in the pen and ink, and the curve of the palm has finally opened up a beautiful radian and opened in the air. It is a youth, full of countless joys and sorrows, bearing many young dreams, and finally broken and teary – eyed.. About youth, about the play, I always played it too lifelike. Our so-called firmness is just a kind of camouflage after our predecessors. Love, just understand how fragile and painful you are, just begin to know how to protect yourself, be silly, just understand timely persistence and abandonment, and no way back just understand that there is no need to be so persistent..     Missing is a very mysterious thing, like a shadow, silently haunting the bottom of my heart, leafing through page after page. The story written yesterday suddenly and infinitely missed the once warm side of the youth, the once true friendship, the original dream was so beautiful, the best friend caressed my mottled heart in countless nights.. The years receded, but those original stories, those real years, were still stored in my heart. I missed them so much, but I was afraid to mention them..     In quiet time, I like to turn on the computer and listen again and again to Sun Yanzi’s participation in meeting the bill. The feeling is subtle, clean lyrics, warm pictures, slow melody and quiet voice can always warm my heart.. Perhaps, to me, this is also a kind of moving, love a person, love for a long time, but it is only an ignorant rush, in the flood of youth, with the injury of displacement, but also because of this misfortune, let me know more about life and how to cherish it..     The annual ring-like past illustrates a person’s growth, and at last, in the gorgeous interpretation of his youth, he understood the truth: ” Although he has not walked many roads, walked many bridges, seen many clouds and drank many kinds of wine, he can deeply love such a person and love each other after years of passing water.”.     In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t meet at the beginning. What matters is the last chance: life and death, son – to – son talk, holding hands, and son – to – son marriage. The pace of youth is like flowing clouds and water, but it can not be grasped. Let it pass by and cherish it now is enough.

Dyed with acacia, provoked a life of carefree sorrow

Look at the time, dust-laden memories of the bottom of my heart, swirling in my memory, settling wounds hidden in my heart, but knowing it. Accustomed to walking in the text, I borrowed a plain note and strung all my thoughts together. Then, I piled up one text after another in the flat and level places.. Wen: The fence fell and the love met and separated. The beauty of the flower on the other side of the river brightened the pale time and locked a wandering heart for thousands of years while sleeping and laughing.. From then on, happy with your happiness, worried with your troubles, with the mournful beauty of missing, dancing lightly in the skirt, knowing that there is no future, but still dancing on the words alone, hoping to spin out the most beautiful dance, and become your deep thinking in your heart!     However, miss always lingers on such a night, traveling through tang style, passing through Song Yu, accompanied by a green light, repeating over and over again, remembering the little bit by bit about you, and telling the thoughts and cares one after another.! There is a gap in happiness that cannot be bridged. It can’t reach the end and can’t touch the real temperature bit by bit.. Fear, one day, no matter how to cherish, will not pull back a happy distance. From then on, it will be silence, and the world will no longer remember to ask each other again. Later, I will be left alone in this world of mortals with all the vicissitudes of life.!     That day, Na Yue, that year, this life. Memories are strung together, hiding behind time and counting the days we have passed. Shaohua is far away, willfulness is no longer, we are all gradually calm and mature. In the prime of the year, we did and treasured it. Spring and summer, autumn and winter, life is like a grand performance. When it comes to the end, people will always be scattered. The desolate time will not take away all our memories, and I believe I will accompany you through every wisp of time when you need it. You laugh, if you dream of floating, what we walked together outside Qian Shan is called forever.     The hourglass of time precipitates the past that cannot escape, and the hands of memory always pick up those beautiful sorrows. The wings of youth cut through the memory of pain; Yesterday’s tears stirred up ripples in my heart. When time has passed, when things are different, when feelings become tired, when the world is full of black, when experiences are said to be doomed, when life makes me regret. Entanglement is an endless reality that I cannot control and look at.     We are like two straight lines, but after crossing, we are gradually moving away. I think my feelings for you have long been disconsolate, but whenever I touch them, I miss them like lines without interruption.. It has been a few years since the song was finished with tears and fingers.. Looking back at a long distance, once close at hand, now the end of the world.     I look back at the deep feeling and weak water in my eyes, and the time in my imagination is warm like water, caressing your earnest thoughts and airing every sentence in the sun.. Like a long and long dream, between the ups and downs, your hair is on the line.. If the water calls gently, the distance will be wrapped lightly and the mind will never be broken.. In the eyes of the pro – lai, there are 3,000 years of acacia like water pouring into the world of mortals at this time, graceful and restrained, nimble, gentle and gentle, and light smile … Ah, through the beauty of the Japanese, a little bit of rendering, surging, like tide … shy; Standing at the end of May, listening to the purples of a flower, collecting it in the eyes of the wind and frost, and then going to the end of the world. It turns out that no matter how noisy the guests are, they will be alone in the end.. Looking back blankly, there are thousands of feelings, which has become a stranger to the world of mortals. Keep at the window of the fine carved window, pious hold a paper of gorgeous function words, not language, not hurt, straight stop spring grass flow rate.     This kind of infatuation, but always hurt, the third firework only got love for a lifetime, and how much affection did I have to give in exchange for true love. Wish to have one heart and one heart, and keep the white head together.     A song of Qing Dynasty, sung by strangers all over the world, has not yet been returned. A sleeve full of fragrance cannot smell back where the flowers bloom and fall. A cup of turbid wine, drink not finished laughing to start voice gradually disappear. A cavity away from hate, grief not past lives wounds of love.     The person who loves chi must have a dying heart, and this heart is fragile. May I write the words of the beautiful and snowy moon, and never touch the love that hurts my muscles and bones again. A person, a heart, wait all his life. A person, a city, love dearly all his life. A person travels, takes a strange road, looks at a strange scenery and listens to a strange song until one day you meet a person who loves each other and finally understands that all searching has a process. Once upon a time in the end of the world, now only at hand.     Miss locked me up. I’ve spent my whole life reading, coming like flying flowers and scattering like smoke..     Heart eyes, spare the lovesickness a wisp of sorrow.


Strange and strange, I, who always claimed to have a strong sense of direction, once I entered this city and arrived in this community, I turned to it and couldn’t distinguish the southeast from the northwest.. Nor is it true that there is no direction, but the direction I feel is different from the real direction. This difference is not the first time. This was the case at the end of last year in Qinhuangdao, Shijiazhuang. My east is always south, my west is always north, and the whole is 90 degrees out of place.. Unexpectedly, this situation continued to Chengdu. At first, the feeling was consistent with the direction, such as going out of the railway station, driving south, then west, then no north, south, west, east. If you go back to the city by bus, you will come back in the same direction. Can’t understand where the problem is. In the past, I lived in the countryside and never set the wrong direction.. In the city and countryside, the sense of direction suddenly changed, and the twist did not come back, causing trouble and irritation..     If you want to say what direction has to do with life, you can’t find out what. Into the room, south north south north don’t delay eating, sleeping and watching TV on the Internet. However, this difference in direction and feeling is constantly stirred in my mind. once I look outside the window, I will change direction – what south should be east, and the sun should rise from the east and fall from the west, so I correct it one by one: the wind is coming from the south, the rain is beating from the north, neon is built from the east, and the road is from the north to the south … the main consequence of the wrong direction is the awkward knot in my heart: why, even the direction is unclear? How, feeling suddenly lost on time? In turn, I doubt whether my other feelings, other thoughts and functions of language are still present, accurate and as sensitive as ever.. ” North” can’t be found. Can you still know South? I know I’m going to lose north and south after all, but now I can’t find the direction intermittently and feel suddenly lost.. It’s like saying that life and death are impermanent and one should be able to take care of them. If there is a judgment that you will leave tomorrow, one will never be so calm again..     The problem now is that from a rational point of view, I can find the direction. As soon as I go out, I will try my best to convert. Well, the south should be the west, and the gate should be opened to the west. The east should be south, and I went north and back to the south. In fact, I am still nervous under the appearance that nothing has happened, because my mind is extremely stubborn in sticking to what it thinks is the north and south, and does not cover up the ” illusion” that I used to have because of the good results I converted every day.. The trouble is that others can adjust quickly after the illusion is corrected, but I can’t do it. Last time in Qinhuangdao, Shijiazhuang, his companion said he also turned and turned 180 degrees, but after identification, he soon adjusted back and no longer misplaced. On the face of it, the shift of my mild symptoms did not change the original view from beginning to end.. How can one not worry if one is wrong and cannot be adjusted?!     Now, one of the reasons I can find is that I am stubborn in thinking. This is a problem that has been recognized by everyone for many years and also exists in introspection.. Once, because of my stubbornness, I offended leaders. At home, because of my persistence, I was often ridiculed’ criticized’ by comrades.. At work, my colleagues know this characteristic of me, and they are not willing to discuss with me’ flexibility’ on some major issues of principle. Of course, they will certainly talk about my rigidity behind them.. Although I have learned in recent years that some things are not what a person can insist on, I still insist on expressing something when I meet some individuals who specialize, just as rationality and sensibility cannot be unified in front of the direction.. Stubborn or persistent, I have as many advantages and disadvantages as I have.. The advantage is that more and more people trust and understand my consistent words and deeds. I am not abandoned because I stick to one idea and one belief, because my stubbornness is only for the benefit of most people, and my persistence is only a watch on the basis of tradition. My persistence has little gain in learning and writing: I often write my thoughts and feelings, enriching and enriching my spiritual world, and also getting many good friends with common interests and aspirations..     If you still want to find the reason, it is my adaptability. Perhaps, in my nature, I have more experience and brand of northwest village life. Only in the cool breeze and bright moon in the countryside can I find the exact stars in my life. All these changes are in the changing space of the city. Also, today’s cities are infinitely enlarged, roads are infinitely extended, buildings are identical, scenic spots have similar services, and there are few differences.. The navigation map printed in my mind or in my mind is still a few years ago in the countryside and in the earth. How can I adapt to such rapid changes?. People and things have their objects of adaptation. Facts have proved that my indications are in the land, not in the streets of the city. My ” north” must surely come back from my hometown.     If there are any objective reasons, it is that the roads in these places are not the’ positive’ roads that have existed through the ages. Such as the Forbidden City Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi ‘an, which is just south and just north, it is difficult to get lost. However, there is no sense of heaven in other places. Their roads follow the shape of the landform and are connected by waterways. The south is also east, west and south, and north and west. Nature is not the direction of the north and south in the sense of the map.. Neither – what is not the direction of east Africa and west nor – what has never seen a sign here indicating southeast and northwest ( I understand, this is because it cannot be indicated ) can only rely on natural induction. Now I only complain about myself. I don’t have a magnet in my head. I quickly indicate the direction in every place..     Now I have only one choice: I know my sense of direction is wrong, and I know that things like ” north” can’t be found on the way forward. I can’t use my first feeling to confirm everything I see at present.. Therefore, adjust your thoughts, adjust your emotions, and adjust the uncomfortable feeling of being immersed in the illusion all day long.. Reality always teaches people mercilessly, knows oneself, knows the world, recognizes direction, and never stops.    July 23, 2013

Corruption cases 30 years ago

Thirty years ago, my brother graduated from a senior technical school and was assigned to work as a material worker in a mechanic factory. As a material man, there is no shortage of anything in the family, and a big tile house will be built in three years. This sentence is no longer valid in my brother’s home. After getting married, my brother will pick up a small kitchen, ranging from timber, bricks and tiles to cement to a nail, all of which will be purchased from outside.. For this reason, everyone in the unit called brother fool. Which parents can tolerate outsiders insulting their son in public? Besides, the son is right. Is it stupid not to take advantage of the public?? Father flew into a rage, pointing to the man’s nose, and said, ” Since Pangu’s creation, there have been several people who have taken bribes and embezzled money and extorted grease from the people.? Not without retribution, the time has not come. What my father said was a prophecy. Thirty years later, my brother had already been transferred to work thousands of miles away from home. One day, several public security bureau members came to verify one thing, and investigated the discrepancy in his brother’s library of materials in detail. His brother’s factory director was exposed to corruption, planting something on his brother, and his brother took out a small notebook from which he had been discharging materials. It was clear and clear that the factory director’s rumor of framing his brother was not self – defeating, and even public security bureau investigators admired his brother..     Brother is really not simple. He can’t learn any technology from the materials staff. Later, the children of ordinary families will be the means to earn a living. He will take the initiative to study maintenance and distribution in the workshop … Ah, in a few years, he will become a famous technical authority in the local area. Now he is already a famous technical director in the machinery industry.. Brother Fool, what a fool?

Childhood fun 17 stealing fruit

On Sept. 3, 1983, our whole village children were gathered by a group of 17th and 8th graders. They decided to commit the crime collectively – stealing fruit from the orchard in Xinglongquan village, on the southeast side of Xinglongquan 2nd team and on the northwest side of Xinglongquan dam.. The so-called unruly into the badlands, we are hungry and greedy. After five years, this is the second time that our children in Dulezui have been collectively thieves since the last time they stole melons.. Because at that time, I was thinking about eating delicious fruit in the orchard. I sometimes miss the fruit when I go to take a bath during the day. It is very long for me to swim.. Where are you concerned about what self-cultivation and moral character? It was just that the fruit was too small to be delicious. But we know that there are many delicious apples, 123 apples, pears, hawthorns, fruit wine and so on.. This orchard is as tempting to our children as the heavenly queen’s flat peach garden. Or that sentence: the people regard food as the sky. So once someone starts singing and gives a shout to our arms, we immediately gather and support countless people.. This time, the newly-born child, Li Dabao, is determined to lead us to a bigger career to overcome the shame of the previous five-team melon – stealing fiasco.. He announced that he had committed a mass crime at 6: 30 p.m. on the night of September 5, when he would strike the clock of the production team and whoever did not go would be a coward in East Asia..     Good things don’t go out, bad things spread far and wide. There is no windtight wall. When we pass two or three stories about fruit stealing, we should call the children of Xinglong Spring Five to know. When they hear that they are going to the orchard to steal fruit, they are also grinding their fists and rubbing their hands and are eager to try it.. As a result, we were in cahoots with each other. That night, when the children in the village arrived together under the big elm trees at the east end of the village after dinner, there were as many as 40 dark fruit – stealing teams.. Even the two sons of the five teams of Li Guofu went with us. When we saw that they had also gone, we couldn’t hold back the joy.! This is a good thing! Even the fruit-watching children steal fruit. It’s really funny!     It’s about half an hour’s walk from our chariot to the orchard. It was dark when I left one day. It was full of dark clouds. The wind is chilly. But no one wants to be a coward in East Asia. These four words were so good at that time that no one wanted to be a coward in East Asia. At that time, only the production team in Quantun had a 14 – inch black-and-white TV set, which was playing Huo Yuanjia and Chen Zhen’s chivalrous actions.. Affected by their heroic image, children play together every day in a’ ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha’ battle. Who doesn’t want to be a big hero? Who is willing to be a cowardly and incompetent East Asian coward? I now think that if there were any more opium wars or Japanese invasion of China, there would be some men in northeast China who dared to meet with foreign devils on the battlefield.! Along the way, although we were cold and scared, we were all held down by the sense of honor of collective crime.     By the time we reached the orchard secretly at about seven o’clock, it was already raining. The whole night was dark and opaque. During the night, we jumped over the yard fence, the smaller ones climbed down the empty space, and everyone felt the fruit trees they were stealing along the previous memory.. Everyone quickly picked fruit in their own pockets. At this time also can’t consider what to imagine to steal what fruit! Is the strength of the pick! Pick it! The in the mind is both excited and nervous. I was eleven years old at that time, and my courage was quite large. I thought I could not say anything like that five years ago. Not only did I return empty – handed, but I also fell several times before.. I want to be a hero. I must not be a coward in East Asia. When picking fruit in my pocket, I thought I must be calm and quick with my hands and eyes. But all the worries were futile. Li Guofu and the other orchard watchers probably never expected us to steal fruit on such a dark night.. At this time, the rain has kept falling, and the more it falls, the greater it will be.. Gradually it turned into light rain. I knew it would have to rain heavily in a few minutes, so I picked it quickly.After more than 10 minutes, I feel I can’t steal any more. Other older children may also realize this. Just as I was going out of the hole, they also ran out in succession. I got out of the fence and scattered my feet and ran home. Then listen to everyone’s whistle rang. This is the signal of the wind tight pull shout. This is a timid child who cried out with nervousness and fear: ” Wait for me, wait for me.”! ‘ The shrill cries were so frightening in the dark night that I was too scared to look back and only wanted to run with the older children.. At this moment, the two adults were heard shouting angrily at the back: ” Fuck you, little brats, where are you going and where are you going?”! I told you to steal. I told you to steal! I killed you.! We were even more afraid of hearing the angry words we’ve seen, running all the way, and we don’t know how many fruits have been lost.! But all I remember is that I have a left arm that is tightly pressed against the mouth of the bag. Finally ran to the door, nervous heart plop plop, heart 1 vigorously quiver. The brain blood upwelling, for a while and a half will also calm down. Although I was narrowly missed and returned home victorious, I was still a little nervous and scared after all. After secretly resting outside the house for nearly 10 minutes, he hid the fruits of victory in a wooden pile in the yard and entered the house.     The next day, my heart was still tense. I was afraid that the fruit-watching adults would catch people at school. I was always very uneasy. I was scared and never went out of class, but no one came to catch us at all.. Later, after much inquiry, I realized that the two boys caught were Li Guofu’s two sons. Everyone said, this is really funny! I don’t know what it would be like for Li Guofu, the old guy, to seize his son and steal fruit.! Later we asked the boys how they were caught? The two boys said they didn’t go so fast because they weren’t afraid of being caught.. As a result, he was kicked by his father, and only when he heard them shout at him did he know it was them. They said his father was angry! Originally wanted to catch two typical cases, who knew he had caught his son! Also how to catch others! It’s really tortoise drilling the kitchen pit, suffocating and annoyed! After listening to this, we also can’t hold back the joy!     Children, when you see my article, you will cherish today’s happy life? I have never seen a big apple before I was twelve years old, not to mention eating it! What about you?? Maybe when I was twelve years old, big apples were not rare to eat!

Blue mountain freehand brushwork ( 2 )

The ancient city of laneway was bathed in a midday sun, like an old man with a candle in his last years.. Walking along the flagstone road paved with granite and turning the winding alleys, I suddenly felt that the history of the ancient city was so deep and so distant.. The polished stone slabs are polished by the steps of history. Perhaps the ancient city of Blue Mountain looks so shabby and not climate-friendly compared with the well-preserved ancient cities of Lijiang and Pingyao, but I dare say that the ancient city lanes of Blue Mountain still have local characteristics. Sadly, the ancient city of Lanshan has been largely replaced by modern buildings. Even the tunnels still preserved are few and may continue to be destroyed..     On both sides of the roadway are old houses with unique shapes. The blue bricks to the top and the cocked eaves of the helmet show the exquisite architecture of southern Hunan. This is my first visit to southern Hunan, which has the name of Hunan’s back garden. I found that the buildings in southern Hunan are more exquisite and artistic than our buildings in northern Hunan.. These ancient residential buildings are so exquisitely carved and unique. Each family is all wooden doors with extremely exquisite doorframes, with two small doors and windows on the top and two wooden symbols engraved with various patterns on the horizontal bar below the doors and windows, like two large eyes staring at the front. I think whether it is used as a decoration or to ward off evil spirits, it has its unique architectural style..     Blue Mountain has a long history. The ancient emperor Shun Di passed through Blue Mountain and entered Ningyuan, where he died. He left many relics and beautiful legends in Blue Mountain.. The Shun River, which has been flowing for thousands of years, has shed many generations of laughter and sorrow on Blue Mountain, but it has not shed the respect and nostalgia for this ancestor of the Chinese nation.. Lanshan was also one of the earliest places where the county system was established. It was renamed Lanshan after five years of emperor gaozu, Nanping, and the first year of Emperor Xuanzong’s Tianbao ( AD 742 ). The vicissitudes of history of more than 2,000 years have accumulated a profound culture in southern Hunan, which has made this important town of southern Hunan with rich national culture and beautiful natural scenery relied on by dynasties since ancient times..     The ancient city is no longer in the past, but the past prosperity and glory can be surmised from the ancient roadways built by the shining square stones and rounded pebbles.. Blue Mountain is simple in folkway. No matter which family home you go to, you will always see bright smiling faces, and the host gives up his seat to pour tea, which is very warm.. We followed Tang Haoming and Jiang Xuegong, leaders of the provincial writers association, and pushed open the door of a family in the ancient city lane.. A middle-aged woman is adding firewood and cooking fire to the kitchen. She saw us come in and smiled and got up to say hello to us. As I approached the kitchen, a strong smell of vegetables came to my nostrils, stimulating my taste nerves. Without the consent of the host, I involuntarily uncovered the wooden lid. Wow, my god, it’s full of delicious food. the smell makes me drool. I’m busy sniffing with my nose.. Secretary Jiang xuegong asked, what guests do you have at home today? Made so many delicious things. The old man smiled and said, My daughters are coming back to make my birthday. Then let’s go to your house for lunch and give you a birthday wish, shall we? The old man repeatedly said yes, yes, yes!     Go down the steps and stay by a well. Lanshan County Federation of Cultural Unions said that this well is very old. Professor Yang, who was once president of Hunan University, lived in the house opposite to it when he was a child and grew up eating the water from this well.. I looked around the old well and saw ripples in the clear and faint water waves. I deeply understood the truth of ” one side keeps the other side”.     Yao township song song car climbed over the dustpan mountain at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, passing through mountain paths like yellow ribbons, and finally haze cleared away the fog and the outline of the mountain became clear in front of eyes.. I held my head out of the window and vaguely saw the red flag waving in the distant valley. I thought, maybe there is Yaoxiang where a bonfire party will be held tonight..     Car slowly forward, about 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, we arrived at Huiyuan township government. On the way, listening to the comrades of the Blue Mountain County Federation of Culture and Sports, Huiyuan Township is a Yao township, with more than 60 percent of the population of 2800.. I have been to Linxiang Longjiao Mountain, which is called Qianjiadong of Yao Nationality. It was once an ancient Yao village inhabited by Yao ancestors.. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Yao people migrated one after another, leaving only the village walls and stone houses built to prevent outsiders from invading.. Therefore, I was delighted to hear that a bonfire party was going to be held in Yaoxiang. But what I never expected was that when we first stepped into the land of Yaoxiang, the scene of welcoming was so grand and warm.. The small township government is full of dark crowds. I have estimated that more than 1,000 people have arrived and many others are rushing here. This is a village of only 2,000 people.! There are people everywhere on the hillside and on the edge of the field. Men blow suona and knock drum music. Girls wear bright and beautiful Yao costumes for festivals. Happiness and joy are written on everyone’s face.. Huiyuan Township is boiling up! We stepped out of the car and took advantage of the busy scene, each picked up his camera and camera and took pictures of the happy moments.. A local Yao girl told us that she had never seen such a lively scene in her twenties!     Strange to say, when I rode to Huiyuan in the afternoon, it was drizzling in Mao Mao. I was worried about the success of the bonfire party tonight.. But after arriving at Huiyuan, the sky suddenly brightened, and the western sky emitted plumes of setting sun, which dyed the mountains and mountains of Huiyuan colorful, and the red sunset glow set off the beautiful costumes of Yao girls, even more gorgeous and dazzling..     Huiyuan township government is located in a low-lying area surrounded by mountains on all sides. In front of the township government is a rice field, beside which a small river spouts and makes a rhythmic sound. The bright and smooth pebbles exposed in the riverbed seem to be telling the vicissitudes of life in Yaoxiang for thousands of years. A small arch bridge connects the two sides of the river. On the mountain across the river, several tall and vigorous Yang Shucheng lined up like a guard guarding Yao Township.. The sunset glow in the evening shines on Yao township, forming a wonderful Yao township amorous feelings picture. it is really beautiful and makes people think endlessly..    A dinner with the characteristics of Yaoxiang has made everyone enjoy the original taste that they can’t eat in the city.. Without a few drinks of strong rice wine, people are somewhat tipsy. The sweet glutinous rice dumplings, barbecued taro, steamed pumpkin, and all kinds of wild vegetables that can’t be named are not delicious food, but they taste so sweet and refreshing, and their appetite has greatly increased..     The evening bonfire party was held in a paddy field in front of Huiyuan township government. The party has not yet started, and people are flocking around the rice fields, jostling with each other.. Along the road are torches made of bamboo branches, which are half a mile long. The torches shine brightly on the mountain, and several bonfires burned with dry branches burn brightly in the fields and the flames soar into the sky.. The evening party began with the singing of the two singers participating in the Good Day Regulations. Yao singer Yao Song, who won the gold medal in the national minority competition, and Yao folk inspiration and folk artist’s performance pushed the party to a climax .

Bathe with a holy light

During my four years of wandering in Tianhe Fishing Day, I experienced too much, my mind gradually matured, calm – inscribing and sending a message to Miss Hugh to write this text. I just finished reading the draft of the Hundred Poems Bill and saw myself mixed up in a group of square houses, feeling really fumigated and happy … Ah, I wouldn’t have entered Tianhe literature without a chance encounter on the Internet. If I hadn’t met Miss Hugh, I might not have stayed in the poetry garden for so long.     I always remember the first’ conversation’ with Miss Hugh. At that time, I just entered Tianhe. Teacher Ashu added my QQ and verified that the information was not available. The age indicator was beyond my age, so I refused absolutely. Hugh added me several times, but I didn’t accept it. At that time, I felt surprised and frightened . Ah, when I knew the fame of Ah Xiu, I had already entered the Tianhe group and met Fei Xiu there. When we talked, I only knew Ah Xiu by accident. I immediately sent a message to him and apologized with trepidation..     This meeting was postponed until now, and he became the oldest one in my circle of friends.. Since then, I have started to write poems on the website, one by one, and I am more and more fond of the clever songs of Moses because I have seen more and more happiness in writing poems.. At the same time, the hands who practiced writing frequently also began to try other styles. During the four-year journey, my writing changed from simple to complex, from short to long. In this palace of literature, I enjoyed myself, beautiful and noble!     Without any formal education on poetry, what I wrote was completely disorganized, just like to stick long and short sentences together or separate them from each other.. Today, I also don’t know how to become a poet, let alone the so-called dogma. I’m just an untransformed child, wearing bright clothes and bathing in the sun … ah, because of my silence, I don’t know much about Tianhe people, and most of them only know their names and don’t know their looks.. When I first entered the Tianhe River, Miss Hugh once accused me of not speaking in groups voluntarily, but I was a quiet person and did not know how to talk to others. I was still diving for a long time..     Ashu seems to have been in poor health all the time. He came and went in a hurry for every conversation. Therefore, I have formed a habit of asking’ How is the teacher doing?’ every time, I will get an answer I don’t want to get. I always hope that he can definitely say to me,’ I’m fine, no disease, no pain’ .’ in Tianhe Diaori Net, I stayed for four years, from the days when I was a stupid student to the bitter experience of work, from the clean world to the gray loss of the forest.. Growth has changed my self-hatred and self – pity, but not my pure soul. Time, peeling off my childish eyes, but peeling off my quiet singing. In the road of poetry, I bathed in the holy light of Tianhe and walked all the way!

At first it was cold and warm

Happy days are always short, and the Spring Festival has gone away with the reluctant farewell of relatives and friends….   Recently, the weather was so cold and hot that I sneezed even more….   Open the calendar, today is the 18th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. I thought I would calm down after the Spring Festival. In the starry night, tell the life experience in detail…   Over the years, I have seen, heard, loved, hated, cried and laughed. All the ups and downs in my life are accumulated in the memory of winter..   The memory of winter, the beautiful scenery of spring and some past events were disorganized and crowded in my mind, making me lose my interest in graffiti. Or in a person’s sky accustomed to, even if open QQ, also just staring at those unfamiliar and familiar shiny head, rarely take the initiative to look for a person to say hello, let alone chat. Accustomed to waiting, accustomed to looking forward to, accustomed to a person silently listening to his favorite songs, who also ignored the time…   What happened to me?? What’s the matter??! I wanted to read and write quietly, but I couldn’t calm down! Is it a fool of reality, or is it the pursuit of perfection?!   Wandering alone and unknowingly coming out of doors. Walking slowly, I saw vaguely the ornament of nameless flowers in the mountains, with too many envious eyes in my eyes….   I can’t wait to move on, but it’s very difficult. Sometimes I was stunned for no reason, but I didn’t seem to forget anything. I didn’t want to hide my true feelings.. Just chose to stop, but couldn’t help but wait and see. I didn’t know how to pack myself?!   I often wonder how my life will continue?   Winter goes to spring, year after year, time is wasted in black and white…   Wandering in the fields in early spring, the wind is moody … ah

All love has passed through the wind and rain

[ Guide ]: Do you still see the Zhang Fanying sitting on the bank of the small river with willows and willows fondly?? Is that figure still there? Did the wave bloom? And that song? In my mind, so gradually or gradually, the rich or weak ethereal with many kinds of life amorous feelings, care about thinking in the foot.      Everything was sublimated in the baptism of wind and rain.   So, I put my love in the wind and rain of naked marks.   Yes, love to walk in the wind and rain, unlimited time.   So, how many kinds of ” love” are written?   There are several layers of love annotation?   I am looking for the answer in the sea of words. I am looking for or annotating between the boundless heaven and earth. In the rain and wind, the meaning expressed by such an impression and hieroglyphs is thick..   All the aspirations have broadened the verve of heaven and earth.   The booming sun burned the whole world.   The myth and legend of one thousand years have revived the beautiful images of youth in the beautiful breath between the mountains and rivers..   A piece of heroism dripping wet to the end, the bell flutters in China.   The Gospel on the horizon, with both your and my dreams, grew up in your imagination and yours..   That is the foot sound of the Spring Festival, the shape of the eagle flapping its wings against the clouds, using the most wonderful verbs and adjectives to express the intention of life, lifting a splendid shining hammer and sickle, and frankly entering the beautiful golden light avenue through the ages without regret and complaining about the legends of life..   Dawn singing has changed all beliefs and enthusiasm.   Dawn singing, ethereal and sacred life expectations.   The song of dawn enriches your and my good wishes.   Dawn singing is full and inspiring the common pursuit.   The song of dawn magnifies the main melody of the times.   Listen, hold out the delicious grain, compose many kinds of poems for you, listen, hold up the intoxicating cup and lamp, and be moved by your heroic deeds. Listen, love and hate between us are eternal in the symphonies of heart and heart … ah, because I and you are both children of the sun. In a hurry through many good times.   I and you, in one post after another, are reading about the fast-changing and unexpected things.   Hero’s tears, full of golden sun. Heart and new charm, handing over gifts of thousands of frolicks.   Perhaps it was in the diary of that spring day that a new mission, a new goal, a new responsibility and a new starting point started again, laying a foundation for the hopes left by that piece of land and our common and beautiful goal of struggle..   The fields and mountains in 2000 are spectacular and unique because of the beautiful scenery in spring, like a poem like a dream. The garden villages and towns of 2000 years are full of vigor and beauty, full of love’s poetry and themes, because of spring’s blooming and blooming colors and youth.. On the mother’s smiling face, she showed selflessness and magnificence. In his father’s ballad, he expressed his strength and will. I and you wish, loud voice of life.   Hold those big hands of the century. Good wishes have filled your cup and mine with melodious songs of the times, remembered our common goals, ideals and pursuit, and remembered the win-win situation of peace and development..   Everything starts from scratch and holds the flag high. Everything is beautiful and prosperous in our mind.   In your mind and yours, there is a lamp flashing.   The ancient soul, wandering in front of me.   The memory and dream of eternal life made me feel sad and happy on the mottled stone.   The scarred story revealed a vicissitude of life.   In the shadow of life, which trace journey was described.   So, the black between heaven and earth of those people and things.   So, sour, sweet, bitter and astringent are the feelings of me and you.   Do you still see the Zhang Fanying sitting alone on the bank of the small river where the willows and willows are coming?? Is that figure still there? Did the wave bloom? And that song? In my mind, so gradually or gradually, the rich or weak ethereal with many kinds of life amorous feelings, care about thinking in the foot.   I have sounded all my love.  I, in the flickering fluorescence, send love.   I had to light the lights in my heart.   I will always keep the promise he made with her … Ah, everyone has the right to love and be loved.   Everyone has a real and a fake side.   Everyone has gain and loss and dreams.   yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn, Wanshui Qian Shan is within walking distance.   As long as you and I can remember that beautiful day, remember that we promised and perhaps let love pass through the storm, and let love be more passionate in the sunshine – it’s beautiful, ugly and evil forever . ah . responsible editor: leaf[ original ]

A woman like me .

Perhaps because of my personality, I was born destined not to do anything big, because I was fettered by affection, friendship and love, which took up too much weight in my life, and I only yearned for a pure and happy life.. So I didn’t think about how much I was going to have, but how much I wanted to pay for my love. Thanks to my parents for giving me a daughter’s body and banishing me to a loving sea, I like the kind of person who looks dull but feels warm inside..     Some people around me said I was a mighty woman! I don’t approve of his statement because I really have never been an arrogant person and I don’t want to be an arrogant woman.. I’m just clinging to my habits, doing my job well, living my life quietly, and not flattering or boasting. Don’t like bossy, powerful little people; Don’t want to say half a sentence of nonsense with people you don’t like; I will not wronged myself for some benefit, but it has nothing to do with being invincible!     No matter in busy or leisure time, I always like to put my heart in my heart safe and let a fuller life accompany me.. During the day, I like to treat my colleagues and friends with a kind and peaceful smile, so that relaxation and happiness can be passed between us. Sometimes I will take out my thoughts in my own time to bask in the sun, just like reading a book. If I feel the content is boring, I can tamper with the plot in my mind and finally arrange a happy ending, but I will not immerse myself in a self-made story..     In many quiet moments of the night, wandering alone in the silent space, gazing out of the window in silence, wandering in the depths of the soul, the frozen picture becomes more and more blurred. Different life feelings, I use words to record this little warmth. The notes flowing between the words are the best consolation for the soul, purifying the impetuous life, returning my inner elegance and peace, the past marks, fading away gradually in the years, and I have a deeper understanding and feeling of life.. So I often immerse myself in this beautiful note. Listen, listen, an emotional voice, listen, the murmur of a person who loves me, these fine warmth, slowly superimposed together, merge into a kind of happiness, I like the taste, slowly infiltrating, every day, with such blessings and greetings echoing in the brain, I feel very happy and happy in many ways, and I like this moment best..     In fact, a woman like me is a wisp of wind in life, the shadow of years, not seeking wind to leave traces, but seeking happiness to highlight the nature of life.. I know that the wind I’ve been striving for leaves a few marks of yellow sand, which may be the price of sobs. The image traced with great concentration bears the dull echo of many impacts, which is the product of sincerity. The wind, stumbling, shadowing, stumbling and bumping, the wind gets light, the shadow gains clear, and the wind shadow combines equanimity.. Light, natural, such as Dai wangshu’s light lilac girl graceful, carefree in the long, deep rain lane.     The sunshine in early winter shone on my face through the thin curtains. The mottled shadow blurred my eyes. I heard the sound of the sunshine, like the breath of life, while the wisps of sunshine were like my smile, slowly revealing the fragrant smell.. How can tender feelings, those feelings that have settled in my heart and those wishes that are revealed between my lips and teeth disappear in the passage of time?? My life can be applauded by no one, but I still blossom quietly in my corner, spitting a wisp of fragrance and showing off calmly all my life. Bloom calmly and return quietly.     Let flying, light and happy enrich the connotation of my life.