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The teacher’s affection is unforgettable

The teacher’s affection is unforgettable Wen / DPCA today is Teacher’s Day, and it reminds me of the teacher’s affection.     A day is a teacher and a lifetime is a father. A spring of grace, life difficult to report. Every time I recall my schooldays or sit in front of my desk, I always miss my teacher.. Decades of hard work and progress are all related to the cultural foundation laid by the school.     The feelings of teachers and students in my heart are different from those of parents, children, sisters, brothers and relatives.. Nor is it the friendship between colleagues and friends who help each other. It is a different kind of kindness that combines cultivation, care and help.     My parents gave me life, raised me, and connected me with my flesh and blood. Sisters and brothers, one mother and one robe, are like brothers and sisters. Relatives and friends met on the journey and helped each other. The teacher taught knowledge, enlightened wisdom, injected soul and gave the golden key to open the door to a happy life..     When I was eight years old, I entered school with my mother’s hope. In four years of primary school, I successively changed four teachers, the shortest of which was only two months. In my junior year, there were six teachers who had taught our class.. Decades have passed, but the sounds and smiles of the teachers are still fresh in their memory.     The first teacher in primary school will not forget. The kindness of teachers in junior high school is even more remembered.     The time spent in Nanzuo Middle School is only three short years, but these three years are extraordinary. After taking part in the work, some teachers still meet again and again. Each interview has a sense of guilt that it is difficult to repay gratitude. The teacher always said, ” Teaching and educating people has always been the responsibility of the teacher and does not seek to repay.”. ‘ At that time, the love between teachers and students was holy, so it was a necessary topic for the reunion of students..     Our head teacher Li Lanxiang, Chinese teachers Liang Fengting and Zhao June, English teachers Yin Liangqi, Ma Jingshi, math teacher Zhang Shiqin and so on. They selflessly impart knowledge, such as silkworms spinning silk and candles lighting up at night. They love to live like children, be caring and attentive, and be close like parents. They impart knowledge, follow suit, and earnestly teach. Self – study classes have been accompanied by students, and questions they don’t understand can be answered at any time. I admire that kind of tireless noble morality. It was because the knowledge I learned was at the bottom that I played a vital role in my life and work..     In particular, principal Wang xinxin and logistics director Zhao qunyu are rigorous in their research, meticulous in management, hard work and practice. The results of teaching and work-study programs in Nanzuo Middle School have shocked the whole region. Under their leadership, all the teachers and students fought together. The school’s Yongrouting dirt road turned into a stone road and the playground multiplied. Five or six acres of land were paved on the south bank of Beisha River, laying a foundation and creating conditions for teachers and students to improve their lives.. What is more valuable is to temper our will to work hard. This is hard to find in books and difficult to learn in class. The story of Nanzuo Middle School’s work-study program was broadcast on Hebei Radio. This makes me feel even more tall.     As the head of a school, Mr. Wang Xinzheng has the charm of strict father’s loving mother. He takes good care of his students and is considerate. I feel especially deeply about him..     In those days, all the students who left school five miles away were lodgers and returned home once every two weeks to bring noodles to the dining room..     Before the wheat harvest in 1966, when I came home to bring noodles, my mother said to me, ” You carry these ten catties of noodles ( the usual fifteen catties for two weeks each time ) and send them to you when you borrow them.”. ‘ I returned to school with tears in my eyes. When returning to the dormitory one day after class, President Wang saw me listless and asked me to come to his office with concern: ” What’s the matter, I’m not happy.”? What difficulties do you have to tell the teacher. ‘ I said shyly.” Teacher, I’m afraid I’m going to drop out of school and have no food to eat at home. President Wang comforted me and said, ” Don’t worry about this alone. Ask the logistics director, Miss Zhao, to borrow some food tickets tomorrow.”. The next day I found Mr. Zhao, and he said, ” Mr. Wang offered to lend you a meal ticket for one month first.”. ‘ I said, ” There are too many. My family will not be able to afford it in the future.”. He explained, ” President Wang said that you study hard and work hard, which is a reward for you.”. But remember not to say to others. ‘ the meaning of this latter sentence I got the message. With trembling hands, I took over the 30 – catty emergency meal ticket and bowed deeply to Miss Zhao, too agitated to know what to say.     Simple words, full of love feelings, are permanently engraved in my heart!     The teacher sent charcoal in the snow, and luckily, she came home to give her mother a full account of what she had said.. My mother told me in a trembling voice, ” My child, I’ve really met a great benefactor. I can’t be ungrateful all my life.”! ‘ After the two teachers retired, I visited them several times.Especially when they were ill and hospitalized, I expressed gratitude. They cried, ” That’s what the teacher should do.”. It’s a pity that you dropped out of school, or you won’t be sure of going to a good university. Up to now, what remains in my memory and heart is still gratitude and deep affection that is difficult to express in words.     At this point, I would like to add two explanations: First, teachers are so generous that this is the real reason why I didn’t have the heart to criticize them at school during the ” Cultural Revolution”. Second, the teacher lent me a meal ticket and told me not to tell others. I am here to make public and believe that the teacher and the public will understand..     The teacher who taught me, although some of them have passed away, the survivors are old people. But for me, the past is not only the moment of the story, nor just the fragments of the stars, falling suddenly into the sky, but a silent pursuit, an extraordinary experience and a ray of eternal light..     Finally, I would like to say to the teacher who has passed away and is still alive, ” Your deep kindness and kindness will never be forgotten.”! And I want my children and grandchildren to remember! ”