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At first it was cold and warm

Happy days are always short, and the Spring Festival has gone away with the reluctant farewell of relatives and friends….   Recently, the weather was so cold and hot that I sneezed even more….   Open the calendar, today is the 18th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. I thought I would calm down after the Spring Festival. In the starry night, tell the life experience in detail…   Over the years, I have seen, heard, loved, hated, cried and laughed. All the ups and downs in my life are accumulated in the memory of winter..   The memory of winter, the beautiful scenery of spring and some past events were disorganized and crowded in my mind, making me lose my interest in graffiti. Or in a person’s sky accustomed to, even if open QQ, also just staring at those unfamiliar and familiar shiny head, rarely take the initiative to look for a person to say hello, let alone chat. Accustomed to waiting, accustomed to looking forward to, accustomed to a person silently listening to his favorite songs, who also ignored the time…   What happened to me?? What’s the matter??! I wanted to read and write quietly, but I couldn’t calm down! Is it a fool of reality, or is it the pursuit of perfection?!   Wandering alone and unknowingly coming out of doors. Walking slowly, I saw vaguely the ornament of nameless flowers in the mountains, with too many envious eyes in my eyes….   I can’t wait to move on, but it’s very difficult. Sometimes I was stunned for no reason, but I didn’t seem to forget anything. I didn’t want to hide my true feelings.. Just chose to stop, but couldn’t help but wait and see. I didn’t know how to pack myself?!   I often wonder how my life will continue?   Winter goes to spring, year after year, time is wasted in black and white…   Wandering in the fields in early spring, the wind is moody … ah