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Bathe with a holy light

During my four years of wandering in Tianhe Fishing Day, I experienced too much, my mind gradually matured, calm – inscribing and sending a message to Miss Hugh to write this text. I just finished reading the draft of the Hundred Poems Bill and saw myself mixed up in a group of square houses, feeling really fumigated and happy … Ah, I wouldn’t have entered Tianhe literature without a chance encounter on the Internet. If I hadn’t met Miss Hugh, I might not have stayed in the poetry garden for so long.     I always remember the first’ conversation’ with Miss Hugh. At that time, I just entered Tianhe. Teacher Ashu added my QQ and verified that the information was not available. The age indicator was beyond my age, so I refused absolutely. Hugh added me several times, but I didn’t accept it. At that time, I felt surprised and frightened . Ah, when I knew the fame of Ah Xiu, I had already entered the Tianhe group and met Fei Xiu there. When we talked, I only knew Ah Xiu by accident. I immediately sent a message to him and apologized with trepidation..     This meeting was postponed until now, and he became the oldest one in my circle of friends.. Since then, I have started to write poems on the website, one by one, and I am more and more fond of the clever songs of Moses because I have seen more and more happiness in writing poems.. At the same time, the hands who practiced writing frequently also began to try other styles. During the four-year journey, my writing changed from simple to complex, from short to long. In this palace of literature, I enjoyed myself, beautiful and noble!     Without any formal education on poetry, what I wrote was completely disorganized, just like to stick long and short sentences together or separate them from each other.. Today, I also don’t know how to become a poet, let alone the so-called dogma. I’m just an untransformed child, wearing bright clothes and bathing in the sun … ah, because of my silence, I don’t know much about Tianhe people, and most of them only know their names and don’t know their looks.. When I first entered the Tianhe River, Miss Hugh once accused me of not speaking in groups voluntarily, but I was a quiet person and did not know how to talk to others. I was still diving for a long time..     Ashu seems to have been in poor health all the time. He came and went in a hurry for every conversation. Therefore, I have formed a habit of asking’ How is the teacher doing?’ every time, I will get an answer I don’t want to get. I always hope that he can definitely say to me,’ I’m fine, no disease, no pain’ .’ in Tianhe Diaori Net, I stayed for four years, from the days when I was a stupid student to the bitter experience of work, from the clean world to the gray loss of the forest.. Growth has changed my self-hatred and self – pity, but not my pure soul. Time, peeling off my childish eyes, but peeling off my quiet singing. In the road of poetry, I bathed in the holy light of Tianhe and walked all the way!