A Night’s Poem Heart and Bright Moon

Some people say, ” Everyone has a poetic heart.”. Poetry is the simplest way to express feelings, and it is also the earliest and most primitive form of literature. Not everyone is going to be a poet, but the heart of poetry is what everyone once possessed in the beginning of life, and it is only slowly being hoodwinked and abandoned by life in the process of growing up..     The heart of poetry is emotional and dynamic. Anything that touches your heart frequently in life and makes you passionate, happy and thoughtful can be poetry and can also give you a different feeling..     With poetry in mind, you can fight against setbacks. Can understand the laws and feelings of nature; You can feel the vitality of nature and connect it with your own life, so as to feel the strength of your life..     If you want to capture poetry, express poetry and create a poetic life from a myriad of life spots, you need a sensitive and exquisite heart that can see people without seeing them, and can preserve this special feeling and emotion in a special way..     Some people say that the best way to make a piece of land grow weeds is to plant crops. Similarly, if you want a person’s life not to be overwhelmed by pain, the best way is to seal up many beautiful things in it and feel happy and happy all the time..     ‘ catch red scales all fresh, his wife and children pour urn drunk before the lamp. Life is fun and fun, not envious of princes eating ten thousand dollars. ‘ Ming Dynasty Wang Zan’s poem tells us a seemingly simple but profound truth, life, living is a kind of mood, the same thing, with different mentality to feel, can get completely different cognition and understanding.     Flowers bloom and fade, which was originally the law of nature, but some shed tears for flowers, some turned a blind eye to them, and some felt the alternation of life cycle from them.. ‘ Flowers fly all over the sky’ is a gesture,’ falling into mud and grinding into dust’ is another gesture. It is not necessary to evaluate the middle and low levels. It is the most important thing to make your heart feel comfortable and dripping wet..     After Beethoven’s hearing loss, he did not give up his attachment to music. The world can still see black and white butterflies dancing on the keyboard, but he wrote a bill to participate in the Ode to Joy in despair. He played the strongest sound of life by participating in the Fate Ordinance. What makes him so optimistic about life? Maybe it’s the eternal aesthetic heart of poetry.     The poem heart always lets people use an aesthetic heart to examine the world around them, to discover the beauty of the world and to explore the endless mysteries of the world.. Like Tagore’s poetry, ordinary things, in his works, live color and fragrance, let a person fondle admiringly, full of praise.     In essence, all kinds of beauty in the world are interwoven, natural, artistic and emotional, all of which are beautiful and fragrant flowers. Beautiful things can linger in the heart for three days and can be enjoyed for a long time..     People who have a poetic heart can still smell the same after falling into mud. How adorable such a life is! Having a poem heart is enough to purify your mind. Having a poetic heart is enough to let oneself observe beauty that others have not noticed. Having a poem heart is enough to enrich your feelings. Having a poem heart is enough to make one’s mind reach the highest level.     In the middle of the night, when people are still, it is best to hold a warm tea and a roll of ancient poetry and touch the noble and graceful beauty of the ancients with a good poem heart. It is best to have some moonlight outside the window, or through a thin gauze curtain, or simply open the curtain, and occasionally through a little breeze through the window seam, your mood will light up and come out with the stars and moons and accompany with the breeze..     You will find that the scenery in the poems will pull your soul into another pure and beautiful world and dance with it. However, the stars of the night moon in reality will filter all your sorrows, joys and sorrows into clarity and transparency. You will feel that the stars and the moon are so lovely that people can’t help but want to get close and touch them..     Night, is a lonely woman dressed in a black dress. Stars and moons are beads of jade attached to her black skirt, shining brightly. The cool breeze lifts some wrinkles for her, and this book fragrance makes her add a layer of nobility and elegance to her charm..     A heart watered by the holy water of ancient poetry will not wither and wither easily, because the heart of poetry is above everything else. Under the moon, what shines in front of your eyes is the spark of collision between your mind and the author’s mind, because of this, your eyes are shining brightly, your spirit is shining brilliantly, and your emotions are very touching..     Let’s give this night’s poem heart to the bright moon and cool breeze, watch her curl up in the moonlit sky and grow sweet like magic and truth, watch her dance under the cool breeze and be beautiful and soft.. The scroll in his hand also has some special rhymes at the moment. It is the elegance of ancient people’s poems on wine cooking, the coolness of the zither strings by hand at the end of the month, and the loneliness of an old man fishing in the cold river-snow..     Let’s give the whole night’s poem heart to the pen and ink, and watch her move lightly on the fingertip, and then flow out the night’s elegance, such as wine like tea.. Tonight, I just want to drink drunk and float in the words, look at the thousand years in the words, and use a simple and elegant poem heart to realize the elegance and longevity of time..     I am not a poet, but I want to have a clever poem heart, watching mountains and water, listening to rain and wind. The world is always so strange. I am not a poet, but I want to have a good poem heart, living like summer flowers and dying like autumn leaves, walking and chanting. I’m not a poet, but I want to have a heart of Jing Ya’s poems. In the rising and falling of the sun and the moon, I will keep a clear peace and quiet and watch the falling of Yun Qi..

A cloud of smoke and rain, a few wisps of light dreams

The misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, as thin as a cicada, is held in the palm of the hand. If the feather clothes are worn, they will be broken with a flick.. Gaze at the light rain and smoke, like walking in a dream, mumbling, whispering, whispering, softly moving lotus steps, driving in the clouds, quietly and quietly, like a girl peeping at her lover for the first time, afraid that a slight negligence will disturb this ultimate beauty.     Hold a oilpaper umbrella, rotate it in the rain, and hold thousands of threads at the end of the umbrella. When I set foot in the wet bluestone lane again, countless dreams swarmed toward me again. I looked at them dazed and dazed, and they also looked at me on tiptoe with their heads tilted fondly.. I like them, just like the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River. They emerged from Tang and Song poetry. They came out of Dai Wangshu’s rain lane. They came out of the magic story; They throw the glad eye, twist the waistline, with the charming and charming of their youngest daughter. They are graceful and staggered, with the breath of scroll and ink fragrance. I would like to walk alone in such a misty rain, gently close my eyes, pouting and kissing all dreams at zero distance. Put your luggage and umbrella aside. I don’t want anything disturbing my dreams. Let the smoke and rain caress my face and let Ren Yulu wet my clothes.. No matter how heavy it is, I can’t feel the feeling of flying at this time. These sentimental raindrops just moisten my dream. If I can fly, I can fly. If I can float, I will float; If I can get drunk, I will get drunk. If I can, I will put Jiangnan, together with the misty rain in Jiangnan, and even the graceful dream in the misty rain in Jiangnan into my pocket, and then I will cuddle up with them in the world of mortals like peas and carrots..     The moss on the stone wall is spreading all the time, just like my dream is growing in the misty rain.. The music in the deep lane was lingering in the humid air. The romantic atmosphere in the south of the Yangtze River is also dense with the feelings of businessmen. Their fingertips moved gently, and the wonderful music flowed out leisurely. Listening to the music of Jiangnan, I can’t smell any sunshine, but I can hear the lingering and falling sound of rain.. The music was wet with flowers, green moss, the tapping sound of the green flag, the old days, and the dream that loomed in the smoke and rain drifting gently through the ears, lips and attire.. When you suddenly turn around, it will suddenly float into your heart and live in your dream. When a smile blooms like a flower, do you notice that smoke and rain are like wine, music is like wine, Jiangnan is like wine, and you in the distance are already drunk and hard to wake up.     Jiangnan, like a butterfly, knows best how to attract guests. The signboard of the store was originally a very intuitive and simple literal in our north. But when you arrive in the south of the Yangtze River, every store sign is full of romance. Even if you don’t have much need, you are willing to stop at its door and linger for a long time, even standing in front of it for a photo to remember the beauty of this name.. If you love, meet coffee houses, flee to utopian flowers, only wait for you to come and meet’ these names are enough to evoke many beautiful fantasies and indulge your imagination. If Jiangnan is a poem, I would rather be a painting. If Jiangnan is a painting, then I would like to be a poem. I am willing to melt in the south of the Yangtze River like a misty rain, accompany the boat to gently overflow, lie down with a small bridge, dance with willow and play with flowing water..     Mountains and waters are more beautiful than lovers. Stop wandering and lie down on the clear water. Look carefully at your reflection and see if the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River has caught the romantic charm.. Another kind of amorous feelings, snickered between the corners of the brow. Jiangnan, Jiangnan! I’ll hide in your dream and get drunk. Then would you like to have a crush on me? Let me feel loved by you. Rely on your shoulder, bypass your sleeve and give me a loving and generous hug until I can’t breathe until the smoke and rain are gone.     Going too close is an injury, going too far is a pain. The misty and rainy south of the Yangtze River is the best miss not far away or near. Implicit picture, hazy poem, light sorrow in the brow and sweet dreams in the corners of the mouth. Tired stretch Shu Yun sleeve, and listen to the jade dew flower language, sound slow.

The teacher’s affection is unforgettable

The teacher’s affection is unforgettable Wen / DPCA today is Teacher’s Day, and it reminds me of the teacher’s affection.     A day is a teacher and a lifetime is a father. A spring of grace, life difficult to report. Every time I recall my schooldays or sit in front of my desk, I always miss my teacher.. Decades of hard work and progress are all related to the cultural foundation laid by the school.     The feelings of teachers and students in my heart are different from those of parents, children, sisters, brothers and relatives.. Nor is it the friendship between colleagues and friends who help each other. It is a different kind of kindness that combines cultivation, care and help.     My parents gave me life, raised me, and connected me with my flesh and blood. Sisters and brothers, one mother and one robe, are like brothers and sisters. Relatives and friends met on the journey and helped each other. The teacher taught knowledge, enlightened wisdom, injected soul and gave the golden key to open the door to a happy life..     When I was eight years old, I entered school with my mother’s hope. In four years of primary school, I successively changed four teachers, the shortest of which was only two months. In my junior year, there were six teachers who had taught our class.. Decades have passed, but the sounds and smiles of the teachers are still fresh in their memory.     The first teacher in primary school will not forget. The kindness of teachers in junior high school is even more remembered.     The time spent in Nanzuo Middle School is only three short years, but these three years are extraordinary. After taking part in the work, some teachers still meet again and again. Each interview has a sense of guilt that it is difficult to repay gratitude. The teacher always said, ” Teaching and educating people has always been the responsibility of the teacher and does not seek to repay.”. ‘ At that time, the love between teachers and students was holy, so it was a necessary topic for the reunion of students..     Our head teacher Li Lanxiang, Chinese teachers Liang Fengting and Zhao June, English teachers Yin Liangqi, Ma Jingshi, math teacher Zhang Shiqin and so on. They selflessly impart knowledge, such as silkworms spinning silk and candles lighting up at night. They love to live like children, be caring and attentive, and be close like parents. They impart knowledge, follow suit, and earnestly teach. Self – study classes have been accompanied by students, and questions they don’t understand can be answered at any time. I admire that kind of tireless noble morality. It was because the knowledge I learned was at the bottom that I played a vital role in my life and work..     In particular, principal Wang xinxin and logistics director Zhao qunyu are rigorous in their research, meticulous in management, hard work and practice. The results of teaching and work-study programs in Nanzuo Middle School have shocked the whole region. Under their leadership, all the teachers and students fought together. The school’s Yongrouting dirt road turned into a stone road and the playground multiplied. Five or six acres of land were paved on the south bank of Beisha River, laying a foundation and creating conditions for teachers and students to improve their lives.. What is more valuable is to temper our will to work hard. This is hard to find in books and difficult to learn in class. The story of Nanzuo Middle School’s work-study program was broadcast on Hebei Radio. This makes me feel even more tall.     As the head of a school, Mr. Wang Xinzheng has the charm of strict father’s loving mother. He takes good care of his students and is considerate. I feel especially deeply about him..     In those days, all the students who left school five miles away were lodgers and returned home once every two weeks to bring noodles to the dining room..     Before the wheat harvest in 1966, when I came home to bring noodles, my mother said to me, ” You carry these ten catties of noodles ( the usual fifteen catties for two weeks each time ) and send them to you when you borrow them.”. ‘ I returned to school with tears in my eyes. When returning to the dormitory one day after class, President Wang saw me listless and asked me to come to his office with concern: ” What’s the matter, I’m not happy.”? What difficulties do you have to tell the teacher. ‘ I said shyly.” Teacher, I’m afraid I’m going to drop out of school and have no food to eat at home. President Wang comforted me and said, ” Don’t worry about this alone. Ask the logistics director, Miss Zhao, to borrow some food tickets tomorrow.”. The next day I found Mr. Zhao, and he said, ” Mr. Wang offered to lend you a meal ticket for one month first.”. ‘ I said, ” There are too many. My family will not be able to afford it in the future.”. He explained, ” President Wang said that you study hard and work hard, which is a reward for you.”. But remember not to say to others. ‘ the meaning of this latter sentence I got the message. With trembling hands, I took over the 30 – catty emergency meal ticket and bowed deeply to Miss Zhao, too agitated to know what to say.     Simple words, full of love feelings, are permanently engraved in my heart!     The teacher sent charcoal in the snow, and luckily, she came home to give her mother a full account of what she had said.. My mother told me in a trembling voice, ” My child, I’ve really met a great benefactor. I can’t be ungrateful all my life.”! ‘ After the two teachers retired, I visited them several times.Especially when they were ill and hospitalized, I expressed gratitude. They cried, ” That’s what the teacher should do.”. It’s a pity that you dropped out of school, or you won’t be sure of going to a good university. Up to now, what remains in my memory and heart is still gratitude and deep affection that is difficult to express in words.     At this point, I would like to add two explanations: First, teachers are so generous that this is the real reason why I didn’t have the heart to criticize them at school during the ” Cultural Revolution”. Second, the teacher lent me a meal ticket and told me not to tell others. I am here to make public and believe that the teacher and the public will understand..     The teacher who taught me, although some of them have passed away, the survivors are old people. But for me, the past is not only the moment of the story, nor just the fragments of the stars, falling suddenly into the sky, but a silent pursuit, an extraordinary experience and a ray of eternal light..     Finally, I would like to say to the teacher who has passed away and is still alive, ” Your deep kindness and kindness will never be forgotten.”! And I want my children and grandchildren to remember! ”


[ Editor’s Note ]Only one drunk can solve thousands of worries. Who can lie drunk for thousands of years? You no longer see the boundless mountain after another, but you don’t know when the bright moon will be round.? The dream of deep drinking and shallow drinking is another millennium life. We often see people who are reasonable and steady at ordinary times. Once they drink too much, their faces will change and so will people.. Or a mouthful of filth, vomit a rant, say what you dare not say at ordinary times; Or borrow wine to run wild and do what you dare not to do at ordinary times. It can be described as’ drunk’ and’ full of state.     In fact, it’s more than drinking too much to get drunk? Some people will be ” drunk” if they have too much money. The heavy money here does not mean that he can have as much money as Bill & Bull. Gates is one-to-one but only compared with the people around him. His pockets are bulging.. Originally, when he didn’t have much money, he was still a good man. He spoke and did things in a well-organized way and did nothing wrong.. However, once sent, the mind immediately swells, feeling that there is only oneself’ really high’ between heaven and earth, not only dismissing’ all sentient beings’, but also ignoring Lao Tzu, his mother – in – law.. Money and alcohol – like sometimes, can anaesthetize people’s nerves.     Can anesthesia into the nerve, and official positions. The officer will be ” drunk” when he is big. Some people, when they are ordinary people, are kind and diligent in their work. Once he put on his black hat, he felt as if he had drunk two catties of old and white work in one breath, his nerves immediately numb and he was dazed. He spoke and did things quite differently from him when he was not an official.. When I saw my subordinates, I looked askance with my head high, and I was domineering in the unit.. Some even left the laws and ethics of Party discipline behind, abusing power for personal gain, enriching money with power and hunting for color with power.. Standing on the edge of the cliff was completely unaware of the danger and was more delirious than a drunk..     Drunks sometimes sober up, and these corrupt officials sometimes wake up, that is, when they are in jail. For example, Li Zhen, the former head of the State Taxation Bureau of Hebei Province, became particularly sober after he was reduced to death row because of corruption and bribery. He said to the investigators, ” I just understand now that money can lead a heaven-like life, but it can also send you to hell.”. ‘ Li Zhen’s awakening was really too late for him, but for those who still lingered on the edge of the cliff, it was a dose of’ anti – hangover’ medicine..[ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]


Last year, I received a phone call from my father today. He said, ” Your grandmother is gone.”. I left at about three o’clock in the morning today. You’d better ask for leave to come back and give her a final ride. I was not surprised to hear the news, because my mother had already called to tell me that grandma was in serious condition and was moaning and groaning in the hospital bed day and night. It is estimated that time is running out.. After I put the phone down, I went to ask for leave of absence from the leadership. He said that grandma’s death at the age of 90 was also a funeral and advised me to mourn. He looked at his watch and said that there was a meal at noon that he wanted me to go too. I didn’t refuse, and drank heavily between pushing a cup and changing a lamp.. After drinking heavily, he hurried to his funeral home. Today is the first anniversary of grandma’s death. I sat in my chair and tears rolled uncontrollably..   When I hurried home, it was already sunset, and the giddy twilight covered the earth. My family and I drove to my uncle’s house. By the time it was dark, the suona team was playing the suona at the door, sometimes with a low and mournful voice and sometimes with a loud and clear voice.. Both sides of the hall were full of people, with mourning cloth wrapped around their heads. In the MC’s shouting ceremony, we knelt down nine times and knocked at the head. For the table with grandma’s portrait, while the white candle light I looked at grandma’s wrinkles in the portrait, with a smile on her face. I think she will always be like this, old and happy. After the ceremony, I slowly went to the main room. Grandma lay quietly inside, a green oil lamp lit in front of her. My mother knelt down beside my grandmother’s body in a mourning dress. I looked up and looked at me tearfully and said in a mute voice, ” Your grandmother has gone …” I knelt down with my mother for a moment in silence.. I always think this scene is false and grandiose, and it will only happen in nightmares. I knelt there without a drop of tears. Grandma’s smiling face appeared in front of my eyes.   We stood in front of the coffin the next day when Grandma was in the funeral.. My uncle respectfully cleaned her face with clear water. Mother muttered to herself next to her: ” Mom, you go well.”. You have been thinking about your hometown on the bank of the Yellow River. You go to journey to the south and find Grandma and Grandpa … ” I looked at Grandma’s face and thought that I would never see Grandma again and tears rolled down..   On the way to the funeral, I thought of grandma waiting for us at the door on crutches during the Spring Festival and Mid – Autumn Festival. I thought of grandma buying me cotton candy and pea cakes at the temple fair when I was a child. I thought of her picking ripe red persimmons for me in the persimmon garden. I thought of the last time I visited her and she was smiling at me in a hospital bed … Ah, I wipe away tears and burst into tears..   The sunset gradually settled on the horizon, and the night was coming. The mother sat in front of grandma’s grave looking like she had lost her mind.. I helped her up and said, ” Mom, let’s go.”. Grandma is at rest and will not suffer any more pain. She wants us to have a better life. We should live well and make her happy.. Mother slowly stood up and looked pale and said, ” I really wanted to let your grandmother die when she was suffering from pain in the hospital bed, and there will be no pain after she dies.”. Now she’s really gone. Just now, I saw people fill her grave with earth and the coffin was covered with earth. My heart was very sore.. I think it would be better if a seed were buried in the soil and would take root and sprout again.. ‘ said, my mother and I were in tears. The dark night is boundless, covering the earth, covering the village, and seems to cover the boundless past as well..

For such a long time

I haven’t really sat in front of the computer to write something to myself for a long time.. Life is really fast enough. Every time I write this passage, I will feel that I was so irresponsible in treating time.. In 2012, my wife and I have experienced many changes in our life, both at work and in our life.. Parents, parents, parents, parents, and parents traveled all the way on the train tonight. The mood must be extremely indescribable, happy and happy. They came all the way to get married for their son, so my thoughts followed me far away. My wife and I traveled around in early April for decoration. After a scorching summer, I ushered in a fresh autumn and changed jobs. In the early winter season, I will enter the marriage hall with my baby wife in a few days, thus successfully marking the first stage of life..   Years are ruthless, but life is always so full of color. Every time I recall, the story seems to have happened yesterday.. In that romantic season, we walked on the streets, with bright moonlight and soft street lights interlaced in the night, as if the earth was covered with a thin layer of white gauze, and the large glass above the unfinished building was like a peaceful lake hanging on the wall under the oblique glow of moonlight.. At that time, the street was actually a few stalls on the road passing by, with fruit, snacks and the booth in the movie. In fact, the so-called shopping was just going out to walk around the road, and it was not romantic. In fact, it was very calm, very common for two people to have dinner together and go out for a walk together, so it went quickly for half a year.. It was snowing heavily. When we left the company. Although there are not many words, there will inevitably be some frustration in my heart, but there is not much sadness, because no matter where we can finally be together and continue to do what two people like to do happily…. …   A bowl of instant noodles, two pairs of chopsticks and two people on both sides of the bowl, no side dishes, no so-called broth ( noodle with high noodle soup written on it ) are very happy to eat, baby Didi’s face is very cute under the energy-saving light, and every bite will open your eyes to see me, ” hey hey” smile, and the big dimple will always hang on the corners of your mouth.. She is more like a big doll with a long ponytail.. We will all be moved many times in our life, but some of them will always be fleeting, while others will often be unforgettable. I think the years we spent together are stories that will spur and move us in our future life. No one likes telling stories to himself, but I just like to record these trivial matters and never thought that having such a period in life is not a small fortune in life…..   With the help of our parents, we bought our own house. Although the foundation is a bit partial, we are also very happy. We remember the time when we decorated the house.. Half of the sand, in order to save what one hundred dollars remained, Didi filled the bag with sand downstairs, and I carried it upstairs. I didn’t feel much tired at the time, but I didn’t find that all my shoulders were black and blue until later, and I didn’t dare to touch them in the shower – it hurt.! Didi floated me with a towel and blew me gently with tiptoe and pouting..   That winter, the weather was cold and I did not dare to breathe. I worked as a hydraulic fitter in an airport equipment company. I wore overalls all day like I had been painted with hydraulic paint. I was black and oily.. The smell is very unique, mixed with the smell of oil soaked after iron rusts. If the wind blows for half a mile, you can smell that little smell. A small bike moves forward under the package of my whole body’s oil coat, ” creaking, creaking”, and every time I can see Didi standing all the way downstairs in the apartment waiting for me to go home, even if I wear that oil coat, she still holds my arm. We happily go to the supermarket on the way home to buy vegetables, and Didi always pouts before we can change clothes at home: husband hugs, sometimes.. This is our story.   In this familiar early winter season, I will enter into marriage with my Didi in three days and take a new journey in our life. What I want to say is that I really appreciate your company around me, thank you, thank your wife, and love you and the people I love forever.. Author Ma Libin

Father love mountains

[ Original Text ]Motherly love is like the sea, but fathers love mountains. My parents have brought up several children in obscurity, but we have 100 or 1000 excuses not to go home. They don’t have much time. Is it true, as people say, that when you want to repay your parents, it may be too late forever?.   Father is old, this is what I saw him suddenly discover after three months, his hair is all white, his body is obviously hunched down, his ears are a little back, he speaks very loudly, sometimes he can’t hear, he looks at you with a smile, ” oh, oh” promise. My mother said that during this period, my father slept early, got up early and coughed badly at night, and asked him to go to the hospital to check. He was very stubborn and always said, ” It’s okay, old and slow, just don’t smoke.”. Besides, he no longer cares about you and does his own thing.     In my very small memory, I seldom have dinner with my parents. When they came back from the field, we all had to sleep. We didn’t get up in the morning, and they went down again. We have six siblings and the family is very poor. My parents work day and night, but they still owe debts every year.. Father said very little. He never beat or scolded us. However, if anyone doesn’t want to go to school, father will be very unhappy. He will smoke silently, eat silently and work silently.. We are afraid of father’s silence. What I remember most is the wild fruit he often brings to us from the mountains. He will divide the fruit into several portions because he knows that there is a daughter who never competes for it. I grew up very introverted and did not like to compete with my sisters for food. Father will leave me a lot, he will wear mulberry fruit into a string with grass stems, like a purple pearl necklace, and quietly put it on my book. Sisters often don’t really tell him he is eccentric. Father always smiles and never explains anything.. The’ mulberry fruit necklace’ has always been in my memory. In my heart, it is more expensive than diamonds..     In 2009, my father was ill and suffered a sudden cerebral infarction. When he was pulled to our hospital by an ambulance, I couldn’t help crying. My father’s mouth was askew and saliva flowed down his mouth.. Because of his illness, his jaw muscles were completely paralyzed and his legs could not move. When it is detected, it is lacunar brain obstruction. The attending doctor said that if the treatment is well coordinated, the effect may be very good. If the brain is further blocked, it may be paralyzed for life or even life – threatening.. Father was silent for a moment and told us with his hands that he wanted to go home and didn’t want to be treated. I remember him laboriously saying,’ I’m dead and can’t let you have both money and money.. ‘ Our sister and brother all cried and became ill like this. Are they still thinking about their children? We persuaded him to stay in the hospital only after we said either good or bad things.. For more than 20 days, our sister and brother took turns feeding him food and massaging his hands and feet. Because of muscle paralysis and difficulty in eating, we had to feed him some liquid through a straw, and someone had to hold his chin with his hand. Otherwise, the straw could not suck anything in.. It was the most painful day for our family. Perhaps father was too simple and honest and kind. God gave him a miracle. After more than 20 days, he actually returned to his best state.. Can walk slowly on crutches, another week, crutches are no longer used. Experts in the province were surprised, but we knew it was timely treatment, and we kept massaging his hands and feet at ordinary times, adding that his father seldom used drugs at ordinary times, and the effect was very good.. However, after this serious illness, his father’s body was obviously thinner than before. When he returned to his hometown, he praised everyone, saying that filial piety saved his life. In fact, he didn’t know how we could repay our parents’ mountain of love, such as the kindness of the sea.?     Every New Year’s Day holiday, my mother will prepare a lot of delicious food. Due to work, our sister and brother seldom go home, and my father will wait for us at the entrance to our home. From morning till noon, as my brother and I will go home from the opposite direction, my father will walk slowly along the road to the east and then back to the west, looking constantly, he will quickly go up to see if there are any of his children. Every time he goes home, he can see his father’s slightly hunched figure at a distance and warm heart.. When I saw my father, I saw my home and the harbor where I could talk about my troubles and rest.. Father saw us get off the bus and boasted, ” I knew you were in this car.”. ” hey hey” to simple and honest smile.     In recent years, my parents are getting old. My sister took them to Shanghai to help in their clothing factory. I didn’t often go home when my parents were in their hometown. Now they have gone far away, but I feel homeless and miss them very much.. On the phone, my father’s old voice choked me. I would think of’ mulberry fruit necklace’, the figure of my father hunched over in the car, my father smoking silently, smiling and watching his children tease me, washing dishes silently and sweeping the yard.. Sometimes when I see an old man the same age as my parents in the street, I can’t help but come forward to see if they are father and mother.?     A mother’s love is like a sea, but a father’s love is like a mountain.. My parents have brought up several children in obscurity, but we have 100 or 1000 excuses not to go home. They don’t have much time. Is it true, as people say, that when you want to repay your parents, it may be too late forever?.     My tears flow down my cheeks unconsciously, father, do you know? Your slightly hunched figure will always be a concern in your daughter’s heart.[ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]