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How easy it is to read on the pillow

When I walked down the steps with a stack of books out of the library, a familiar senior was coming right in front of me.. After three or two greetings, he pointed to the old man who had just passed me and said, That is Mr. Liu Naichang. I was quite surprised. I turned to the past and saw only a vague figure, a grey woolen cloth coat, a cap and an easy walk..     This is about outstretched years ago. At that time, Mr. Liu Naichang was already a well-known scholar specializing in the two Song literature, especially in the research of Li Qingzhao, Su Shi and Xin Qiji.. Unfortunately, I was unable to listen to Mr. Wang’s teachings. At that time, the teacher who taught us pre – Qin literature was Zhang Yuanxun, the modern literature was Bu Zhaolin and Zhou Haibo, the contemporary literature was Li Xinyu and Meng Meng Meng, and the history of literary thought was Wei Shaoxin … Ah, these masters are all well-known figures in the Quyuan, although their personalities are different, but their learning is praised by everyone.. As for Mr. Liu Naichang, to be honest, he really only heard his name and did not know his people..     The first contact with Mr. Liu Naichang was on a warm spring afternoon. I took the liberty of tapping the door three times, then stood nervously by the stairs with my hands crossed, nervously looking at some unfamiliar teachers who were hurrying down the stairs.. A distant relative from the provincial academy of social sciences has planned an extra-curricular book on poems and essays in middle schools. He is eager to find a well-known national poetry research expert to write the preface and naturally thinks of Mr. Liu Naichang.. Such a thing finally fell on me, and I was duty-bound but scared in my heart, fearing that Mr. Hu would reject it.. While I was sweating profusely, the door opened and gentle Liu came out. After Mr. Hu took me home and sat down, he carefully inquired about the reason for his visit.. When I spoke incoherently about what I had come for, my husband readily promised and agreed to limit it to one week. I turned to say goodbye. The gentle, smiling Mr. Liu kept sending me downstairs until he slowly turned up the stairs..     Later, it seems that he knew a lot. A week later, after sending the collected preface by express mail, I heaved a sigh of relief and felt glad that it had been done satisfactorily.. But the next morning, Mr. Liu Naichang found the Western Union classroom and anxiously told me that there were three changes, one of which was punctuation.! I was secretly surprised and could not help admiring Mr. Shi’s rigorous academic attitude.     Soon, because the literary club will invite some learned professors in the music garden to give lectures, naturally, they think of Mr. Liu again. After Mr. Zhang Yuanxun spoke in the Western Union classroom, Mr. Meng Meng gave a report at the university club, and then Mr. Wei Shaoxin gave a lecture in the north building of the library . Ah, Mr. Liu Naichang, who had already contacted him, suddenly heard that he had been transferred to the Faculty of Arts of Shandong University, which made me feel a little disappointed for a long time..     In recent years, he has written several character essays along the development of literature and tried to write a few times to describe Li Qingzhao, the talented woman who’ walked with shame but smelt her childhood friends’, but he hesitated repeatedly and was always unable to write.. There seem to be many reasons. Deep in my mind, I was still afraid to see Li Qingzhao’s ” looking for” Qirong, ” miserable” eyes. If I don’t sink my heart into the bottomless night and into the great pain of the country’s broken home, if I want to get close to her, it’s absolutely impossible.. Therefore, he searched out Mr. Liu Naichang’s research articles and tasted the life track of the talented woman who made the Song Dynasty shine brilliantly.. Perhaps, I think, Liu’s works show that this goddess with tragic fate is more alive than I have written.     After Mr. Liu Naichang left Quyuan and transferred to the University of Arts, he probably had two communications. One of them was to write a graduation thesis. First, Xin Qiji, a poet from the Southern Song Dynasty, was chosen. After reading a large number of books, he felt like he had no idea and decided to write to Liu.. However, I don’t know Mr. Liu’s mailing address. After consulting the postal code, I took the liberty of writing a letter that now seems to be unknown. After I put it into the mailbox, I waited hard.. The anxious mood is like dating a strange late woman. One week, two weeks, three weeks, can no longer wait, so we have to turn to modern and contemporary literature. When the structure of the paper was roughly formed, the letter from Mr. Wang flew like a wild goose.. Both surprise and bitterness make it difficult to tell Mr. Wen about the paper, and the letter does not seem to need to be returned.. Every time I think of the words of encouragement from my husband, I always feel sour in my heart.     Mr. Liu Naichang is already dead. His voice, countenance and smile always appear in front of him, and his thoughts make people sad and choking.. Sir, I am a low-key man. There are very few published materials about his life. This teacher is like a cloud to fame and benefit from Xia Chengtao’s literary research.. He only knew about research, teaching and writing. Even if he had Alzheimer’s disease in his later years, his only memory was Song Ci.     ‘ Who moved the west wind to the painting fan, lightened the rouge and cooled the wrist of condensed fragrance”, the beauty of Song Ci is so beautiful that people are intoxicated. Back in the ancient Song Dynasty, when the blue shirt was long sleeved and the feather fan was black silk scarf, Yan Jidao was fresh and graceful, Li Qingzhao sighed with weak willows and wind, sang poems of mourning and indignation, and listened to the quaint songs. What kind of emotion was that! It is no wonder that Mr. Liu Naichang is free from vulgarity and free and easy in the Qing Dynasty, which is the essence of his reading of Song Ci.     Due to the compilation of various books, it is natural to quote some of Liu’s research results on song dynasty literature, and his heart often feels guilty.. I always want to listen to his teachings face to face again, and I’m afraid to disturb Mr. Qing Xiu’s life in his later years.. Sir, it’s sad to drive a crane. Gratitude has haunted me since then.     Think of a word in Li Qingzhao’s participation in breaking the regulations of Wun Xi Sha, saying, ” It’s better to rest on the pillow than to rest on the books” to break its meaning. It is Mr. Li Qingzhao’s knowledge of poetry and books that is ” resting on the place” to achieve a great state of life, so he has become a great leader in ancient literature research admired by the world..