Acer founder Stan Shih: losing face, admit defeat will win

Acer founder Stan Shih: losing face, admit defeat will win Acer founder Stan Shih: losing face, admit defeat will win Acer founder Stan Shih: losing face, admit defeat will win October 20, 2011 (fourth) Chinese management model excellence Awards ceremony held in Guangzhou, Acer founder Stan Shih at the ceremony and delivered a keynote speech.Stan Shih said that, with self-serving altruism after the first king of enterprise management thinking, the courage to admit defeat will win the development of enterprises and success.Stan Shih said the existence of the enterprise is to contribute to society, because management wanted to come with Wang Daosi business interests concern for all stakeholders and his balance, businesses will naturally win the long-term development.Meanwhile, Stan Shih also said that in the course of business, a lot of people to protect their own interests, taking into account the issue of face, lost the benevolent management ideas, resulting in the final round loser.Therefore, he said that only completely fallen face, admit defeat to win.Stan Shih in view, Apple today are developed, it is because he has a benevolent management, kingly line world and is benevolent in the world, so it’s worth learning.The following is an excerpt of the speech Record Shih.Stan Shih: altruistic self-interest is the best of my subject today to talk about change management thinking is king.Change is called transformation, two years ago I told the International Institute of Management, a professor Chairman of the Association of Professors of 20,000 Ming-Jer Chen talked about how Chinese enterprises in the global competition in the enterprise operators across as a kind of inheritance chance.Finally, we have to set up a benevolent Heritage, the Eternal Flame benevolent propaganda squad.Wang who is to care for the interests of all stakeholders and his balance, there is a very important after the first altruistic self-interest, self-interest can win time, but can be altruistic struggle Chiaki.Our entire community are thinking about sustainable development, sustainable development, for me personally, I have always thought that altruism is the best self-interest, because we can guarantee the best from altruistic self-interest.Existence of the enterprise, from its inception to consider the contribution to society will survive to the needs of society exists, as long as you provide the needs of society naturally be able to make money, so the market is the customer’s needs, to serve.For the accomplishment of our employees used is very important for return on investment of shareholders also need to be considered, while the overall thinking of all upstream and downstream partners.(Business) responsibility for environmental protection and the protection of society as a whole must be fully taken into account, we are talking about the whole business empire, when there are a lot of companies, large or small, you can define your own a business empire in the world, but he there are relatively the stakeholders must be able to win sustainable, can develop.Wang thought that stakeholders and the best interests of its dynamic equilibrium, constantly advancing with the times, with the development of a dynamic process of development, in the process balance the best interests of stakeholders and between, which is king of thinking.Then I throw in the towel will win their own experiences to talk about my own motto difficult challenges, limitations, and create value, I think the biggest meaning of life is to create value for society, to create value there are many, I personally pick on society, industry where there is a bottleneck, I’ll be a breakthrough.To break through these bottlenecks must be difficult, otherwise you fail to get, already has exceeded, so be sure to challenge those difficulties, to think about what kind of method to succeed, will not pay the price.I started’ve been thinking these reasons, my philosophy is, first, it seems consistent with the benevolent thinking of thinking, people are basically good, because we want to develop, to contribute to society.What are our traditional culture bottlenecks, if we can effectively break, can stimulate human potential, can further contribute to society, not a person’s contribution, and everyone can contribute to society.So the objective environment to talk about human nature is good, only good potential in the environment can play out.We want to create a community of interests, this community is not the only money, but also contains the growth, all sense of accomplishment, and so on.In order to effectively develop the potential of people, in a message inside the industry, so many opportunities, if centralized approach This is the traditional culture, can not be very effective development.We have the opportunity to be decentralized management, authorized, so that everyone can have effective space and master development.The traditional culture always hold back, we can not hold back, you want to share your experience, to teach other people to grow, even asked teaching staff costs, to authorize.Finally, pass not learn to son, home to the world of ideas, our culture is a family business, we have the thinking of the family business, not to pass learn not to son.Another is to admit defeat will win, everyone inside their own interests to protect his face is also very important to the performance of self-interest.However, due to the protection of their face often is not benevolent, and because of the face, in fact, will become all bets are off, so sometimes throw in the towel will win.Many companies want to grow, we must continue the challenges of the future, must be like Liu as chairman, in the acquisition of IBM’s ambitious goals, the chips should constantly accumulated, so as to continue to grow.Apple to learn benevolent world I have now reviewed the entire external environment has changed, because Apple has king to king-line world, was the world now because of kingly.Acer During that time inside, between the needs of consumers, the most important needs of the enterprise is the kingdom of consumer demand, the entire path, the entire vendors also use the old model to its pressure, so speak up are not benevolent results.In the past the West led by the CEO of Italy in 1970s and 1980s, so have more high-handed way of thinking.Overbearing is a certain time to do, but only the king was able to do for a long time.I have to change management transformation of a review, the external competitive environment continues to pave the way, but to solve their own internal road from the start to create their own new vision, there must be a new strategy, to set strategy, but it is important to consensus, so that the whole policy should be simplified, you need monograph.Preliminary ideas, you see more than small curve to the saturation down, go down when doing the initial management of change, when there is not necessarily immediately improve, but if you find the right path, it is necessary to adhere to, can not relax.In this process, we need to put aside some of the burden of history, like every time I change, calls for changing the head, if you can not change the final head will be replaced, do not change, then we must face head.I was very convincing with the previous method, but now needs to change to lose face, only to change his head forward progress.

A bowl of lobster meal actually sell 5 million by four attendants, is “shrimp

A bowl of lobster meal actually sell 5 million by four attendants, really engage in shrimp?   Just two years, in 12 cities out of more than 60 stores, including 15 directly managed stores.Especially in the second quarter of 2017, the company has a turnover of over 5 million, net profit margin of more than 12% of stores.   Heard called a chicken, a duck call, do not know a man named had a shrimp does, in fact, they did not come out as early as we did not expect this name so likeable!This is a hermit in the city do?   For information on joining the project more?Do not worry, please click on the end of the text have read [the original], direct access to a detailed internal information to join.         (Source: 2017 China Industry Development Report crayfish.) In the upgrading of consumption, continues to drive demand for the C-terminus, the market is still small lobster expansion.   However, the unlimited market opportunity no national well-known brands coming to the fore; both online and offline, crayfish industry is booming, there are so buoyant?   A pain point: complex production process, including machining, etc., the output stream cost, is difficult to control.   Pain point two: the high requirements of shrimp aquaculture sources, more than 90 percent of the shrimp source of income from scattered, difficult to master security quality control.   Three pain points: C end demand continues to overweight, however, to distinguish between shrimp source of supply there is a short season.   Pain points Four: sterile shrimp farming difficult standard, net red events affecting consumer awareness of products, such as Zheng Wenqi lobster dinner event.   .Obviously opportunity, but also painful sore point.王新浩 say.    Premise is stable expansion of the supply chain (Source: 2017 China Industry Development Report crayfish.) Heaven pays off.   In running around, finally ordered a shrimp and lobster Hubei a long-term source of plant breeding to achieve cooperation, to lock in prices, centralized purchasing shrimp, shrimp do large-scale supply store to prepare for future expansion.   At the same time, to establish its own food production plant standardization sauces, unified distribution to all stores.   As a result, we have very strong grip on the supply side, less likely to break situation for the emergence of shrimp; secondly, food processing and sauce is done in the back end, improve the efficiency of food stores.   This is for brand expansion, more efficiently; Wang Xinhao said placidly, looking back, this road is not worse than peers.    50 variety of SKU drive, four people can easily get to do business fly even higher single 200 single-volume requirements, mainly due to the back-end support, including shrimp processing, sauces and product development.   Today, each of the 15 models online store lobster products, including lobster meal, lobster noodles, chicken rice, lobster and other four product lines to be tested in more than 50 models SKU shelves.   It is understood that the Church called a shrimp than the food business accounted for only 20%, while the proportion of online takeaway business for nearly 80%, covering a total population of more than 100,000 +.   The next single platform conversion rate exceeds 36%, the peak of a 50-square takeaways can single out 1000.   2 products / month update rate, is the creative takeaway party.   Wang Xinhao headlines told the king, the early expansion, it already formed a delicious crayfish development team, no worries about not pushing fresh delicious take-away lunch, in fact, we can more quickly.    A + B, a satellite town to get market event marketing business model, increase the interaction must further build the back-end supply chain, covering the whole period of development of the product line, which is the power system; constructing, improving chain management system, which is the guidance system; upgrade brand awareness, create IP, which is boosters; open more than one thousand stores, the head of the achievements lobster meal category brand.   In the future, I called a shrimp should be a ‘restaurant + retail’ listed companies.Wang Xinhao concluded.   Please click to read [the original] direct access to a detailed internal information.    ▼ Click here for free access to project data

10 golden words!(Brilliantly)

10 golden words!(Brilliantly) [first sentence] manage their mouth, do not speak momentary gratification, lip service, remarks to three warm in winter, cold in June wounding words, the words mind, sensitive thing cautious, so much useless, not Young people evil, naturally your enemy will be able to.  [] The second sentence of life without love is like a desert, gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, in fact, to learn to love others is to love yourself, to love everyone as the afternoon sun warm heart.  [] More than the third sentence to understand respect for others, tolerance Huaikang gratitude, tolerance is a virtue is a kind of wisdom, be tolerant to diversity is how broad, grateful friends, they give you help; appreciate your enemies, they let you become strong.  [] The fourth sentence in this world, there are two things we can not do: First, on their way, and second, to stop and see if they have a good attitude, a good attitude is a good companion’s life, pleasing health.  [Fifth sentence] human, human, only human, to charity, longer than intercourse, usually do not burn incense, when anxious cramming does not work, so you want to save people’s emotions, like bank deposits, deposit the more time the longer, the greater the bonus.  [Sixth sentence] failing to do not be impatient.Do not jump to conclusions, especially when angry decision not to do, to learn empathy, major issues to minor ones, and the complicated things as simple as possible, do not complicate the simple things.  Seventh sentence] learn to be content, the biggest worry in life is the most pointless comparisons began, this world there is always as good as your people, there are always stronger than you, when I cry I do not wear shoes when I I discovered that someone did not feet.  [Eighth sentence] If the enemy makes you angry, it means you do not win his grasp, you do not have to go back to curse you people?If there is a mad dog bites you one, do you have to get down to bite him one do?Do not worry so much about other people’s curse.  [] Do not work when the ninth sentence burden, rather than angry blame, it is better to actively happy to face, when you work as life and art, you will enjoy the fun of work.  [X] sentence people alive, is lucky, they should cherish life just a few decades, do not leave more regret, Sunrise East China Sea off the sun, unhappy even a single day, happy day too; failing a dead end, people are comfortable, comfortable heart.