Aces and fools

Once there was a small village, there lived two brothers.Brother and fine and smooth, people call him aces, brother, simple and honest man, people call him a fool.Since the early death of parents, two brothers, two brothers living in poverty had to depend on each other.Time flies, a flash aces brother married, married a wife, since then, the two brothers will be home by the wife of the tube up aces.As a result, the status idiot brother at home, but one day as a day.In particular, this is his sister, every day, looking for broken pieces fool, not complain that he is lazy, that he was greedy, and it was strange that he can not eat dry.Brother aces Jiabu Zhu egg wife, and often beat him.In short, the brother fool enough to eat all day long to live, clothed also beaten bullied day.After this day, a fool and his brother suffered a two hand, he is in the yard crying, into a white-bearded old man from the door, shut the fool dragged a corner nook, then Fuer whisper, so it goes.I saw the fool could not nod, snot and tears welling up in fool’s smile.The next morning, the hands of a fool holding a basket with a rope tied to the front of the door frame, after leash, standing in the yard will fool them toward the sky, loudly exclaimed: East geese nest west to a nest of geese, to my basket under nest egg!East nest goose, goose nest to the west, next to my basket nest egg!..Brother a fool’s voice down, to see the sky really come flocks of geese, the geese seem to be receiving the same decree, one after another basket in the door frame where it began eggs, blink of an eye, it is full of goose eggs under the basket.Oh, the fool bad music, kept shouting: Well, well, okay!In this way, the fool geese eggs to sell part of the other part and distributed to people like him enough to eat.A few days later, fool shouting geese lay eggs fresh thing was discovered aces.Aces fool not only beaten, but also took away a fool to call geese lay eggs in the basket.This day is still black, aces got up, he learned to fool the way to the basket tied the woodwork their own lives, the central station to the yard and looked toward the sky, gone, no day passed geese, the past two days the geese did not come, which look to be the aces angered.On the third day morning aces pulled out from the house in his brother a fool snapped wife, the husband and wife to fool people is good beating, aces while playing, I asked why they fool the basket these days no geese to lay eggs?Gesao fool can not stand the beatings, they lay it to the old man taught formulas that out.Gesao That stopped his hand, fool Leng Leng sitting on the ground looking at them, I saw this time of aces wife rope on the mouth with both hands toward the sky and shouted: East nest goose, goose nest to the West, in my nest egg basket under Carter, flocks of geese and she appeared in the sky, these geese come straight to the basket on the door frame.The pair had two aces joy grin straight smile, his mouth does not talk on residence: Yan ah, hurry down, large egg Soon the effort, the geese left, the basket and she had a basket full of goose eggs, aces aces come off his wife hastened to greet the basket, when the couple aces just put off his basket on the ground when it smelled the smell of Stink, they carefully smell, the taste of which is in front of the original basket wafting, aces couple hurried hand to touch, I saw out of the basket full of goose eggs into a basket dilute feces.Aces and his wife fool called up the gas, but also a ferocious beat him and then threw him to break the child is about to collapse huts to live.Exclusive house aces couple, live a comfortable life.Fool night stay in the cold and wet breaking huts house, to go up the hill during the day on an empty stomach aces firewood.On this day, the fool went to the mountains to cut firewood.Walking cut, we came to a long, deep ditches.Here overgrown, very few people come here.See firewood fool so much pleasure to slash up.Accidentally fell together, both man and firewood ditch.After a child, a fool slowly stood up, climb on the down slope, how also do not increase, but to move on down the ditch.We walked on, appeared in front of a cave.Fool was curious, went to the hole.Hole long and wide, there are many small door children.He walked, smelt the aroma, flavor floated fool walked toward the place, the original flavor is floating out from a small house.He secretly clinging to the door and looked inside, stood a kang table, above put a lot of dishes a beautiful young woman sitting at the table, boring boring boring tapping a small gong, his mouth talking about: Small Boring gong boring boring boring, rice soup to a fine powder.Having to see a full bowl of rice and a bowl of vermicelli soup placed in the table.After the woman, left a lot of rice Lai.She stood up flick, a white smoke, disappears.At this time, fool hungry stomach cuckoo ringing, he saw the woman go, hurry into the house gobbled up, put on the table while all eat the leftovers.Still not satisfied, he picked up the gong little boring, but also learn the TV drama a woman, talking up.Carter, a bowl of fragrant rice and a bowl of hot soup and noodles in front.Fool After the meal, leaving little boring gong also take home.Since then, a fool not to go out cutting wood, do not cook every day hiding in the huts do not go broke.See aces fool a few days did not give him the firewood was very strange.Secretly climbed huts went inside and saw a fool was eating rice and fragrant Levin.Aces wonder, did not see him cook what, where’s the rice it?No, I have to ask him what was going on.Aces approached the shed and asked fool: these days and have not seen you cook, this is where he comes from rice?Honest fool to say exactly what’s on the aces.The next day, aces also bumbling mountain wood.His intentionally rolled into the ditch, came to the cave, find the room, a look inside, see no food on the table, did not see the woman.Aces think: It may have come too early, waiting for her in the cat up.He saw a vat mouth, inside the empty, nothing, waiting for the woman to squat cylinder.After a while, a burst of cold wind whistled through the room, I saw a beautiful young woman lay fluttering from the outside into the house.On entering the room, the woman smelt stranger taste, she picked up the body with a busy little boring gong up, his mouth read: small Boring Boring Boring Boring gong, three feet long neck out.Aces neck slowly from the tank sticking out.This woman saw a man hiding in the tank.Her body flash, a monster emerged prototype, opened its mouth, rattled the aces swallow live to eat.(Original Walker collected more easily) Annex: spread region: Hebei Jidong area aces: place commonly known as.It refers to the smart, stingy, stingy person.

Accustomed to being rejected

He is a promising young manager, just 39, had a net worth of hundreds of millions, even more unusual is that he is starting from scratch, without any background.In the clearance break a business meeting, I am very curious to ask the boss, why can dry up to now billionaires from scratch.He smiled and said: just because I have long ‘used to be rejected’.This statement is very strange to see my face puzzled look, a smile began to boss him specifically explain to me what it means.    Because the family was poor, his sophomore went out to work in Shenzhen, he painstakingly, being rejected many times, finally found a hotel waitress’s errand.    He is not afraid of hardship, the hotel’s dirty work rushing to dry, light potato silk, he would have to cut a full three pots a day.One day, a chef quietly said: Brother, I think you can endure hardship, life is also very smart, not stupid mouth, I feel you are quite suitable for sale.    So he resigned and began looking for sales in this industry.However, since that time, he was just eighteen years old, the age is fairly small, and no sales experience, so people always rejected.    Shenzhen so many factories and companies, he does not believe being able to find a company accept yourself.So, to find a home, a home to be rejected.Finally, a company selling batteries accepted him, the basic salary is very low.He bought a second-hand bike, the bike behind with two battery boxes, kiosks encounter on home sales.As a result, always rejected.One day, a supermarket owner in the doorway and others play chess, he was to sit and watch, boss wins chess, he duly praised the high level of the boss, the boss turned round to look at him: You boys really interesting, I refused you three times, you did not give up, really stubborn strength ah dice!Well, I bought you a hundred board battery (a plate four), if the quality is good, then I also into your.So, after the boss refused three times, finally the first business deal, and he got the first sales commission: forty yuan.    Through the efforts of twenty years old that year, he became a full member of the company’s best sales month of sales commission will be able to tens of thousands.    Although sales is considerable, however, the battery industry, after all, is not the amount of sales, so he switched to a company in sales of security products, the industry’s clients are large mining, oil, fire, petrochemical, and other needs of customers derrick generally, as long as a single cook, sales could reach millions or even tens of millions, is a small contract, can reach hundreds of thousands.    So he switched to the development of the industry.Although done sales before, but, after all Gehangrugeshan, before sales networks under the painstaking efforts have no effect, have to start from scratch.    He is to call every day, from the Baidu search to related companies, and then by phone, sell, sell this phone, he can play hundreds every day, though they are rejected, however, he did not discouraged.Finally there is a mine safety spot checks payable because of the higher authorities, the temporary need to purchase a number of security products.Sleepy just met pillow, he signed the contract over eight million.There is also a single customer and a contract because a company is a contradiction, an angry customer, ready to change the company, this time, his phone call, so, signed the contract over three million.    He played every day at least four hundred telephone, three-month probation period, he played tens of thousands of phones, the vast majority are rejected, the success rate even reach ten thousandth.However, it was that the success rate of less than one in a million, it is a total of two thousand million single sales so that he successfully turned positive, to become the youngest foreign big company salesman.    Later, with the sales network and after some funds, he started a company, represented a security company’s products, the rapid development of business start up.    Each person’s life, will face a lot of refuse, so accustomed to being rejected are very important.  When you get used to being rejected, the face of failure romance, you will not fly into a rage and even the demise of the common evil; accustomed to being rejected, when you work in times of difficulties, you will be more confident to move forward muster ; when you get used to being rejected, the business world can really do business is not in favor; when you’re used to being rejected, you really learn to calm; when you’re used to being rejected, you will sooner or later succeed in business.

Accused peer

Fu Hu is a student, but died earlier than Hu.After the death of Fu, Fu Hu wrote to his wife, said: his studies profound than me, much more than reading Chinese classics I.But he always claimed to write ‘student’ three decades.When we met, often ‘Taikang child’, often debate.But if someone attacks me, Meng really must come forward to defend me.He often said, ‘You do not deserve criticize Mr. Sik’, meaning that only he called me with.Hu curse the issue mentioned in the letter, it feels funny, naturally, it reveals a truth: the real criticism is always built on the basis of reciprocity on.Only training and knowledge to other people’s criticism, it is worth attention and care.As for the endless abuse, in addition to self-deprecating, no sense.


Sides of the Atlantic, the United States and Japan, there are two young people are struggling for their lives.    Americans all day hiding in the basement rented stock to millions of?A root line drawn on paper and then affixed to the wall, eyes unblinking stare at?line.He stand by, watch quietly thinking.Later, he simply went to the US stock market, the stock market all the records ever have to hold back.In the narrow basement, he studied the data in these chaotic sleepless nights, trying to find some regularities.Since the day to study these things, his life is very short of money, often rely on help from friends to eke out a living.    Across the ocean, the Japanese regarded their monthly income 1,3 unshakeable in the bank, though many times he will be strapped, but he still adhere to teeth, according to the deposit is not wrong.Sometimes it could not get on, he would rather not borrow money to move money in the bank.    Two young men in their world insist on six years of this life.6 years, Americans focused on the relationship between the trend of the US stock market and ancient mathematics, geometry, astrology, and the Japanese are relying on tenacious will accumulate $ 50,000.    At this time, the Americans found a significant prediction about the development trend of the stock market, thus relying on the time factor control theory found themselves to be self-made mythology.He is the founder of the wave theory of William Gann.At the same time, the Japanese still insist on relying on their own experience of the accumulation of wealth in the difficult years touched a well-known banker, to obtain a $ 1 million loan to start his own company.He is the owner of McDonald’s in Japan, the first branch of Den Fujita.    Success no set style, there is no routine, it does not matter what the method, it does not matter what way, success just need a little bit of accumulation.

“Accumulation” success

He was born in the United Kingdom for the United States, parents are teachers, throughout childhood and adolescence were spent in his parents’ strict discipline in.After high school, he got excellent results in smooth entry into the United States famous Princeton University study.Conservative-minded parents, very high expectations for him, he always wanted to be a respected lawyer or government officials in the future.    Mid-1995, graduated from college that year, his third of the students go to medical school, and one third place went to law school or Wall Street elite such as convergent.When students asked about his whereabouts, but he mysteriously told them he was going to Hollywood to become an actress.His answer was to grow up in a conservative environment, friends terrified, we all thought he was crazy.However, no matter how others oppose, he finally stick to their dreams, from New York to LA, dropped into the embrace of Hollywood, began his dream journey.    To survive, he had to go to a movie company to do work behind the scenes in Hollywood.The first year, he was busy all day copying, finishing materials and adjust the lighting, shuttling between various offices, sometimes even help the boss took to the streets to buy food, or to walk the dog actors to work.During that time, he was destitute, living in the cold and hunger, the most difficult time even cheaper are unable to pay the rent, parents rely on aid to survive.    Days like this make him extremely tired and disappointed.One day, he suddenly realized he could not go on like this, diving, they panic and ran into the boss’s office, he said aloud to his boss: I want to be an actor!    The boss looked at him in surprise, somewhat puzzled, thought he was too low working conditions, they quickly said to him, I just accepted a BBC cartoon director job, I want you to be my assistant, the annual salary of 40 000.    The boss’s words made him extremely disappointed that day, he departed decisively.    Since then, he began to really struggle as the original dream, he began to look for opportunities to sell yourself, participate in a variety of actors interview.In order to realize their dream of an actor, while he was volunteering, the shuttle in almost all workplaces Hollywood, continue to do work behind the scenes, while acting to attend acting classes to study hard.    This time, though he repeatedly denied, but also got the opportunity to “Vampire Slayer,” “ER,” “Dinotopia” and other episodes guest performances.Still later, he starred in the movie “tainted human nature”, featuring an important role, and actor performances side by side, and have good performance in the play, but his artistic path is still not much improvement.    Two years prior to mid-2004, he almost could not find any work, life and career have fallen to a low point.At this time, he felt his way art gloom, could not help float helpless despair.After struggling to find, after a long wait, he finally received an obscure job, a low-cost small movie director found him, wanted him to join the crew.To his disappointment, he played in the drama is just a 10-minute screen time a fugitive, he did not refuse, but also seriously into them.    A month later, he received an invitation to a crew, so he went to the audition, he was non-stop rush past.Audition that day, because he was removed from each workplace for many years in Hollywood, director of the presence of more than 30, almost all of his little impression.That show, he naturally calm, surprisingly successful audition, he soon won the role, because everyone thinks he is the chosen one of the main characters.    Drama drama of suspense, exciting.After the Fox drama play, sometimes the viewer as a mountain, rave reviews.Witty, cool, Emotion Shigeyoshi him, with superb performances in the play, won the hearts of millions of viewers, so overnight.    The show is a smash hit in North America and around the world in the hit US television series “Prison Break”.And he is played by actor Michael Scofield actor Wentworth Miller.    Wentworth Miller has finally ushered in a turning point of his own acting career.December 13, 2005, the 63rd Annual Golden Globe nominations were announced, “Prison Break” won the Best Television Series – Drama Award nomination, and Wentworth also due to outstanding performance in the drama nomination, and “Lost” compete with “24” and other popular drama series actor best actor.    Wentworth Miller recalled the past 10 years, he has done two important life decisions: First, after graduating from Princeton University, did not choose to enter the elite world of Wall Street, but turned into a dream in Hollywood; the second is 10 years removed from the case of fruit, did not choose to give up, but has insisted in Hollywood, though he insisted unusually difficult.    To dream of 10 years, he changed 12 jobs, experienced a 488 times the interview, finally at the age of 34 in exchange for a Golden Globe nomination.And this is only the beginning.    Later, when others praise him with superhuman acting talent, such Wentworth and others talk about their success: every day before going out to go to school as a child, my father would say a word to me accumulation.Every test, every quiz, every teacher and dialogue, which will have an impact on the final results, decide what you can be admitted to university.    You can live what kind of life?All the little things together is a major event.This is your life.

Accumulation of cultural literacy reading classic Essay

Currently, students in the essay “fabricating lies”, has become a rare “landscape”; to mathematical dissection of the way, chopped human beauty; when many students writing these words do with our lack —— primary and secondary school language teachers do not matter?We have primary and secondary school language teachers who really read through the “Analects of Confucius”, “Historical Records”, “four famous”, very few!So, combined with the reality, the way language education in the end we lost what?We in the end what to do in the way of language education?    Reading classics, it is imperative.Education research indicates that 0-13-year-old is a human life the most important period of development, this is the golden stage of development of memory.During this period of strengthening the education of children, we will have a multiplier effect, allowed to recite ancient and modern classic chapter in memory of some timeless classics, will have an extremely important role in his life, reading is a classic the most simple and most effective education for children.Reading a classic, not only allow children recognize thousands of Chinese characters, but also to enable children to lay a good foundation of the language, and good basic language, all knowledge is the cornerstone of learning.Children’s classic study year, language can have a high school degree, two years of study, to have a university degree language, learn three years, to have the Department of Chinese language proficiency.    Review of potential, write books.Neixiang County Board of Education, the county situation, learning situation, makes a careful preparation of suitable students to read Reader.The county Department of organization-specific personnel, after a few months, and finally write the “primary and secondary school support heritage and sustainable development series”.Reading in this language guidance Peking University, Capital Normal University, People’s Education Press of well-known experts, professors and scholars involved in editing the final version, which was personally approved by the Central Institute of Educational Sciences for the “Eleventh Five-Year” key scientific research subject, identified as<<传统文化与语文教学>> Task Force commitment, granted by the State Price Bureau pricing issue.    Wide selection of rich content.This innovative language readers, there are highly readable, informative and interesting.It is rich in content, incorporated into the ancient and modern, emperors, men of letters, famous celebrities of Famous and mistranslated (including poetry, words, music, endowed, with, sentence, text), incorporated into the Chinese and Western civilization the most classic works of history, such as: culture classic Chinese classics, history, children, “Analects of Confucius”, “Mencius (election)”, “University of Mean”, “book of Songs (election)”, “Zuo (the election),” “Historical Records (election)”, “I”, “Zhuangzi (the election),” “Art of War”, “Anthology,” “Song election,” “ancient garland”, “ancient beauty anthology”, “Li Weng Yun “” Students.Three Character Classic.Thousand.Family Names “, Western culture classic poetry, essays, children’s literature articles” classic poetry selection “and so on, refreshing, benefit.    Grasp the law, the prominent characteristics.When writing, based on factors such as age, mental, emotional, intellectual and cognitive rules and other primary and secondary students, highlighting the following characteristics: First, the text and layout in the election, to allow students a lifetime, help students lifelong development as a starting point and focus.The second is a scientific and rational layout text.Combined with elegant colors, illustrations, so that children can easily read, in the most direct way to experience the classic charm and beauty, making it free to roam in classic works, linger.Third, “Great Chinese” teaching philosophy throughout Reader.Fourth, read the classic highlight the important position.Let the children through time and space, into history, to learn the essence of culture.Fifth, the requirements reflect the new curriculum standards, expand, extend, complement the existing materials.Broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, inspire students to mental.Six is now reflected local characteristics, cultivate loving home feeling.    Attaches great importance to the right to lead.To get students really learn, with good readers, we do teachers, especially language teachers, we must first “know its place, the organization in place, the model in place, supervision in place.”.In terms of ideology can truly recognize the memory can recite the classic children’s strengthened focus; can improve the behavior of children, carefully good deeds, self-cultivation increase; may force children to read, understanding, thinking, imagination greatly enhanced, ordinary book to read from effortlessly, thereby bringing many disciplines and skills (such as math, history, art, etc.) of effective learning, to promote the comprehensive development of human resources; recognize that reading can cultivate interest in reading classic children’s physical and mental alienation temperament, demeanor elegant, social and artistic accomplishments it can be improved; recognize that enlightenment can recite classic intelligent life, open up the realm of life.Recognizing parents and children reading together classic, can foster a warm, happy and peaceful family atmosphere, improve family quality, enhance parent-child emotional.    The right way to achieve the purpose of.When teachers teach students reading Reading, guidance should be given the right approach.First, it must penetrate the contents of three levels.Namely: the conceptual level, the theoretical level, practical level.Especially the practical level, it is an act of education, is an educational action.This level, into every teacher, every school is operational level.In each school, there should be a beautiful landscape.The second is to do a man reading a person’s benefit at the same time (or chant, or sing, hear, or see, or think, or quiet, or such as hearing, chanting or teaching methods flourishing), people pay more attention to reading all benefit.Reading together everyone benefits greater than the single reading.Saving teachers, facilities, space and time, the formation of mutual help students learn to interact with the atmosphere and cultivate a collective consciousness, to facilitate the specialized division of labor in teaching, research and extension.Third, school teachers and students together, back together, improve together, to reflect together through life, sort of understanding, mutual learning, rather than unilateral teacher preaching.Is a classic book of life, from life, you need to use in life, appreciate, test, control, sublimation, innovation; and this is the integration of life teachers and students self-learning, self-correcting, self-innovation, self-achievement, self complete the process of self-education.Everyone is a student saints, sages and everyone as a friend.Fourth, reading or bold, encourages, Spirit in, or lively, warm, graceful twists and turns, get the kids into one pleasing when real classic feel content and language arts realm to the United States.Fifth, require students to recite the classic sit up straight, body and mind loose, quiet, natural, tongue, mouth, eyes, ears, heart, and brain, facial features, internal organs, stature, with hand.Opening the right way reading the classic, long and reach happy orifices, Kai wisdom, cardiac repair, tune organs, Germany to make up, and natural literacy, knowing, Miao Wu, spiritual sense, capacitation, initiation, easy success in life.Sixth, “read the classic” no longer just a hobby classes, because it is the most important educational – Lide tree people!Not only a gust of wind blowing!The key is to stimulated interest, dull and forced child, I am afraid futile, poles apart, the results did not read the book to stifle children’s natural!    Children are the future!Children childhood exposure to the influence of diverse sages of civilization, laid vision and cultural values inclusive of extensive, thereby laying the foundation for more understanding and peace to the world of the future, brings wisdom, love and happiness for the life of the peoples of the world.    Read classic Essay, optimization of the human personality, development of human virtues, improve the quality and enhance the connotation of.Let us from now on, let the children make friends with the saints, and classical counterparts!Let classic style overflowing campuses!Let the hearts of nourishing source of wisdom for children!

Accumulate every 5 minutes

He grew a wide range of interests, dreams can accomplish something in literature, music.When teaching at Columbia University, he has not given up the dream.But he could not make heavy work piece out of time to create.Although he did not have time to find a reason for their own, but the dream of always pull the heartstrings, so that he can not be relieved.    After a loss several times, he remembered his childhood piano teacher Edward.At that time, Edward learned that he vacated a few hours every day practicing full, they suggested that he must develop another habit as long as there few minutes to spare, I brought the piano.After entering the community, we will not have such a long day of free time for you to dominate.You have to practice time dispersion of the day, the piano has become part of everyday life, it can be consistently playing down.Edward said.    At that time, he did not understand the teacher, but now suddenly see the light.Since then, even if only five minutes, he would sit down to write twelve poems.He soon accumulated a number of manuscript.In adhere to numerous five minutes later, he wrote a book of poetry.Later, he used a five minutes to create a novel, to practice piano.Finally, he had their own dreams.He is the modern American poet, pianist and educator Erskine.    Learn to use fragmented time, parts into a whole, so there is no time to no longer be an excuse, find a way to realize the dream.

Accrued balls

In a television interview, Lin Yongjian talked about all kinds of bitterness before the fame, and that now finally can beat Me, has become more busy, running around all day, day and night.The host asked him, do you feel tired?He could not help but laugh, two small eyes narrowed in a crack, it seems that this question was odd: people give you arrange delicious, live, and gave you the money, but also let you pick your favorite to play the role, we also out of the name, accrued balls ah!I do not know if that is not foul language, even if it is, but actually listening so happy.Li Ao said that, in some cases, do not speak foul language is insufficient to express the most intense feelings.Perhaps this is the best example, if not rough rough handling, clear-cut, full of pride, almost as a motto in life.Lin Yongjian had it tough trained tired, so the words out of his mouth, it is particularly weighty.Tired tired also mention that this is his attitude towards life, and probably the secret of his success.Lin Yongjian Repertory Theater work in the early years, for a long time not to play the role, which can give a handy-man: Pull the curtain, playing catch light, stage manager, stage equipment, defeating unloading station what he has done manual labor, the only show opportunity to play a small role is.The busiest time, in a drama in which he played a man to more than a dozen extras, just go on, for a set of clothing, breathing heavily and ran to the stage, followed by odd jobs but also finished.In his own words: Starring than are busy!Say not tired, it is certainly a lie, but did not need to take it too seriously.Han Han was asked: Do you sit at home writing every day, both lonely and boring, is not tired?Han says: In this society, there is a lot of work tired, I sit at home at least not by the sun and rain, knock on the keyboard at the computer can make money, so I feel no need to shout tired to others.I could not understand some stars are hypocritical, like always tired all day long, for fear that other people do not know how much pain he ate, and who better than your hard?Really big truth, this particular honest people may feel feelings.Looking around, mortal beings, who do not work hard, who are not tired?”Genesis Bible” records, quietly crafty serpent told Eve: If you eat the fruit of the tree, you can get wisdom, can distinguish between good and evil as the image of God, to see the world.Eve tempted, so despite stern warnings of God, picking the fruit from the tree, and given to her husband Adam to eat.Two people eating the forbidden fruit, really become smart, know from things.After that God was furious, severely punish the serpent, and Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden.God enraged, they curse Adam said: You have to toil for life, perspiring, in order to get food from the ground, and to give thorns and thistles for you, until you return to the land.No need to remind God, life has always been like this.Pay for returns, right and proper, since ancient times alike, since you have chosen a higher purpose, also destined to pay more than others.Most of the working poor like tired, but this does not change anything, instead of complaining is better to continue to work hard.Young is the capital, accrued balls ah!

According to three questions

[Editor’s note: Evans unique imagery abundance.Light-strong Italian language, rhyme far-reaching exhibition.It is worth reading, enjoy the rain robe recommendation!  1.Sun You know, what I like the morning sun like my favorite, that red sun hung on the car frame in the city I know, a construction worker’s hand was the first person they stood in the sun leveraging human high in the first start of the morning sun leveraging red, a symbol of warm red, a symbol of a bright red, a symbol of strength from contrast, brilliant tomorrow 2.Dry lotus you know, what I like is uncertain open lotus youth I also like the old withered lotus in the lotus flowers fall off and they finished, let the youthful curling into a doddering skinny withered, old age is also beautiful smile, mature dry sores once and lost once since autumn mature yesterday, the achievement of Nirvana become, year after year, Lotus smile 3.Shrimp child night comes, the wind blows, I am under the stars, the stars on the lake I saw countless stars, flashing in flash, so many little life between the star and the star season in the dead of night, noisy with their flashing the enthusiasm I am sure that they are driving a PT birthday child star, they did not bother the night, the lake, and their color is not only an excellent day gently, gently flashing made me feel

According to the window to be static bloom

Window, white clouds, like most fleeting thoughts, no direction, no constraints to come and go.  Depending at the window, eyes as clouds drifting very far direction, without a trace of hesitation, yes, from the bottom of my heart overflow yearning.  River bearing the number of years of human hope, if among large manufacturing day how many natural wonders.  After the rain, the air is fresh and gridding, looming between the sea of green vistas, floor and floor, the distant flowers after the rain yesterday, about to enjoy blooming, attachment and love for life in clear air came.  With a hint of fragrance Ruoyouruowu The Soft nose to the wind, to breathe, enjoy the sweet smelling air, returning to the heart like a child suddenly appear.  To interpret what life?  Hearts dedication has never changed, leaving a hope in my heart, so that the efforts of sweat flowing on the cheeks, after a strong wind and heavy rain will be more.  People should keep learning, which means that in growing their own, as long as the direction toward the dream that one day grow into their desired appearance.  Quietly in the window according to the hearts of unprecedented peace, wanton stare constantly looking for their dream of direction.The flowers seem distant to the near and touches his own soul soft, that stretched delicate flowers in the waist, are waiting to bloom.  The voices of flowers is a hope in the flow, it is like the passage of time growing up in joy, like a strong and mature in the growing expectations hope.  Static according to the window to be flowers, it is kind of how Rouchang?  Bright sun shining on the vast world, floral bursts, corresponding to the hustle and bustle of the old language at this time of joy, peace of mind, the clouds as the most beautiful woman, with eyes Feelings silently watching, their eyes, full of life desire.