Call from afar

Part One: The Call from afar – to leave home for two years longing Once upon a time, ancestors stop here, I do not know how many vicissitudes of years, footsteps them with wisdom and created this piece of land of happiness and history.Travel extensively so that travelers can intoxicate.  Here is a picture full of charm and magic.Breeze plane, fishing boat night to sing, people’s laughter create a unique harmony and tranquility; Cheng clean water shine a sunrise and sunset each; beautiful, mountains around the water, it is nature’s reward; prostrate at large on the ground that bend trail, historical proof.Bits and pieces here are full of fantasy and vision.  If you are a temple, then I’m one of the most devout pilgrims, complete with life style of my life, and finally into Chunni, into thy bamboo incense in the air.  The upsurge of surging as the surging river, like a fish out of water will lose the right to freedom of flying.You and I are separated by thousands of miles, and our similar, there was not a promise, but every time Looking back, there are more than a bit of sadness.Whenever the dead of night, admitted that there is a yearning called hoping, hoping one day to be back in your arms.How can I take this piece of land in the world?  You, you gave me a miracle!In a foreign country but did not reduce my deep love for you.Even summer insects that enjoy performing graceful dance, eloquent sun, singing, wind, rain, springs of the reading voice, call the string melody, every note, Tiaodang numerous sustenance.Part II: Call from afar to have a voice, listening to the rain like the flowers of the quiet lonely, there is a miss, I like that song you wrote in the spring of love, there is a call, you and I melt with, in every you want a moment.  Used to it because you want to become silent, because nostalgia and become indifferent, tempting earthly, if you have a moment, my heart and mind I still, long night, my thoughts Can will light your tired little bit like a movie star the road.Your heart will not open for me, it will not have the sun to keep you warm, you will not have a ray of spring you want to send along and beauty.Accustomed to look at you, silent, no amount of language, how can v make silly one?No amount of retention, we can only far apart, hear your voice, even if it has nothing to do with me and I let me feel your presence, your words such as soothing, so I no longer dead of night and day silence.Why sauna net dream is still you, but so afraid every time I saw you, miss you, but also the courage to tell you, hug you only in the memories of tight, I just want to let you do the air , in someone else’s life, I was passing through, in your life, I’m superficial, and if there is an afterlife, I would like to do any thing around you, except I do not do myself, I’m afraid I’ll lose you again.Met only once in life, how many times have to face the parting, before you go, I do not know how to smile at you with tears, heartbreaking voice has never let me do not understand any of this wonderful world notes the.  I will not let myself love across your brow, because I was afraid my tears would break your heart, I will make every miss precipitate in my heart, let each of you have a wet dream falls on the south, no matter multi-miss, can only pass was a beauty, I do not hate Qingshenyuanqian, do not blame everything dilemma, when I began to recall, only to deeply understand, I’ve lost you..And you spend the time, warp like a distant stare Looking back, only the wet grass mixed with the smell of incense love the original, and never lose a call of the soul, a long time look forward to your return in the distance.

“Cake” tree

Morning walk, stumbled walled courtyard side of the road there is a tree, above encrusted bright red fruit.In this noisy urban tree can have a fruitful while no one is interested, it is rare.It came near, look, this is a song tree.Qu said the tree, the locals probably based on its appearance and give it a name.You see it, twisted branches Flurry, slanting branches Pangchu, crops still in the ground and came out had a fat wife, sweaty, heavy.Its body encrusted with a whirring whirring of a pompon-like fruit.Seedless fruit like Fatong bulbs, extending the length of one centimeter thick red burns from the ball, the species that is.A hand off, under carefully chew with his teeth, soft, sweetness, sour.Tongue somewhat astringent.Strange, delicious childhood, was actually like this.My village is less than sixty people in the small village.A winding little streams, the village is divided into two parts.In the center, streams of the West Bank village of 10 trees with long curved tree, a tree covered with balls, like some small pastry, cake we call it a tree.Spring, pastry covered with palm-like tree leaves.Fluff with a layer of fine foliage, the leaves not very smooth.Soon, at the root of the petiole, on the bulging clusters of small balls.Small balls are holding a small green vines, with the extension of the vine, green ball gradually swell, right down to the size of pigeon eggs.In summer, small pastry’s body cropped up thick thorn red meat, the meat thorn gradually stretch, a light red color becomes purple, equal to about one centimeter, it has been completely cooked.The village was lured the children have to go out into the space under the tree run, whizzing channeling the tree, pick the go out into his mouth.Sweet meat people eat a hundred tire seed.Especially in the dog days of summer, adults nap, kids not doing anything else, parents get amnesty, concentrated here.Like a bunch of small monkeys, covered with trees.Sip a “cake” delicious, while playing slapstick.”Cake” prickly red sweet juice the child’s lips, tongue, their mutual grimaces, laughter issued from time to time.Trees, gurgling water, cool cool, is simply a paradise for children.    The owner of the tree is a skinny old man, and his bachelor son to live with.They lived close to the stream, cake tree in his family’s house in Tung Tau.Sometimes the children noisy to disturb the old man, he will be holding a small pole yelling driving.He suspected the children broke branches, but never had also seen him catch a child.The children do not go long, and so the old man returned home, immediately ran back.The old man did not come out to catch up.It now appears that he did not mean to blame the kids, but they play tease.Otherwise, the tree crooked body.Serve not only, I do not feed, where the long, white Qibushibai wasted piece of Feng Shui?But the old man is reluctant to destroy replanting, also it is to these kids?With children, there will be a live gas!    Cake tree, and common kind of tree.It is not nice grace, we can not become great only; it was the fruit cake, sweet and sour pomegranate neither grapes nor glycol apple pears, but it can in that particular era, giving joy.Perhaps it is unknown as there are many, at least its body can be buried without complaint stove, cooking for human send warm, do not it enough great?


Part One: Colorful Clouds “Who is calling softly, in the clouds in the sky, day and night, so I imagine that echoed around you in a dream, Caiyunzhinan direction my heart, memories of the peacock and flew long, shining silver Jade Dragon Snow Mountain , beauty Lijiang people on the road, go back where Caiyunzhinan.”A Caiyunzhinan, Road to make the China’s southwestern border of the beautiful love, I imagine your ups and downs of the body, what kind of a mysterious country, counter the tremendous yearning.  All along, I have no chance to sentimental to witness his Yuk Sau hosting the Games, many times and want packed up, quietly set foot on the road, look for the dream of paradise, any chance that you can enjoy, Unexpectedly, the fate blessing I will lead you to come home!  In the bright quickly to illuminate the whole world under the sky, I was sitting in the car factory ride on the highway, the car roar from the apex I stepped on that buzzing sound speed up over and over again, in the “three · eight “in the afternoon, we sail to the heart of that distant country – Caiyunzhinan.  Maitreya baptism in the spa, in the tranquil Buddha, A thin girl singing like a nightingale linger, like butterflies dancing your eyes, wine village, the mysterious kingdom singing Divine Comedy Magic Cup grape wine, no not me yearning mind , all in all deeply touched my heart, let me linger!  Close, and then a little closer!  There is no hustle and bustle of busy, stepped dream of every inch of land, allowing suck every bit of quiet and elegant atmosphere, light eyes together, could be so quiet, do not care much, does not involve a sense of Red, shortness car blowing in the distance Look, I do not want to catch the last of a train.But at the moment, reason tells me that love is not blindly possession, but a deep love, I burst into tears!  Please forgive me I can not go with you so long as you do not just me alone in the distance, but a lot of people chasing paradise.I let the eternal love of it all, right in the depths of the soul.  Factory car sat in return, I Minzui smile, because worthwhile no regrets.Their lifetime, nothing much can be sure that between life, little things can not distinguish white, but at the moment, but I’m sure in tomorrow’s life will always be flashing your breath!  Maitreya Spa voice still flowing between the heart, the heart is still under Maitreya River waves, despite the vagaries of the world, “a Caiyunzhinan, a glass of grape wine” is pure land far from the hubbub of the heart, has a long history in the depths of memory!    Part II: Caiyunzhinan, recalling the long lock Kiyoaki not involved in the lanterns Rouge here to make preparations to establish under the Yannan Tian twilight Amidst heavy floor too exquisite to meddle in someone like having ended May hate the horizon is difficult to look back on the West Side head bent clouds into the air – Weak “Waves” Colorful Clouds, a dream place to start; smoke-filled, became a poetic rendering; I have this deep feeling in the hands of long-cherished wish of this life; a thousand words, sentences turned into articles of charm.  For just a distant dream, longing for the beginning of this, the achievements of his dedication Half.I do not want this journeying to wait until the end of time.But I do not know how to match, as if in remembrance, let time slowly melt away the memories.Turn out a heart a deep wound, whenever I inadvertently filed, there is always a hope burning.  My heart always keep in Gone with the Wind, eager to go home like a bird, it’s a place called home is Caiyunzhinan, it will only stop there.Tired, I sleep on the way to fly in the wind.Nightlife net I always linger in fantasy, their thoughts, they feel there is a place that really.Where the sky is blue, there is a vast expanse of prairie, where the clouds to life.For me a lot of emotion, people laugh at me silly, I think this is self-deception, they do not believe there is such a place where the earth.Maybe it was just our pursuit of a difference in terminology, vision, perhaps there is only one person in the world.  So, I began wandering, trudged, shuttling between different cities, each went to a place where I would stop and look at the scenery, whether this is a dream that there have been many times where.Caiyunzhinan, where is your child?Why should I feel for you despair, your charming and enchanting, quiet and warm you.You keep showing me your beautiful heart, and I have a feeling of loss.  I always wanted, here is the place I go back.Because, I want all my sadness to bury all.Here is another person’s paradise, but also the direction of my heart.I hope one day I can be here all belong to the memories stretch, put my backpack, this sealing possession.Wait until the situation is broken when opened it, harvest it all hope.  Here are filled the cattle and sheep, but also out of reach of snow-capped mountains.He experienced the vagaries of the earth, to such a holy place, into a memorable start to give up, because the line of sight of the silver freeze here, became my eye in the beautiful picture depicting the rising in my eyes!  Peacock Flying Southeast, whether through this place, to see whether someone has written in its antiquity, some years later, again as a musician to sing a song.Iraqis smiles on stage, guests heart had to fly that made them a cherished place, perhaps he will miss from his own past, many never find again remembered chapters in the bottom of my heart.  Here there may be the legendary Hudiequanbian, surrounded filled with lively singing, melodious, now your heart must also waves, you must try to keep singing this flow, but you can not keep this soothing, only turn it into memories.  Heart is still swaying, but I, but no longer only look up to.The watch, I will cherish in my heart, and my heart since then it belongs to that place called Caiyunzhinan, and have not gone through, but devoted a way back.  The past stranded, past the looming Review.This life, I met with you in a dream, not a trace of bewilderment close, I do not know, in front of what?Whether as beautiful as a dream, but I did not want a deep slumber, this will be the end of the script.  At dawn, with a pleasant farewell points that place, at the heart of such a miss on the seeds, has since become the place where my dreams started, I really will stay in the memories of all here!    Part Three: Caiyunzhinan I went to Mount Tai to see the sunrise, sunset view to Mutianyu, swing boats to the West Lake, Jiming Temple Nanjing to listen to the bell.Wang Zhaojun Xiangxi person, the temple Tallinn, birch Changbai day wear, rolling horses Kerqin.However, most of the Heart Yunnan.I was very young.  I have been to Yunnan, rather Yuanmou County.Years later I discovered there earlier unearthed the earliest fossils of ape-man, “Yuanmou Man” lived about 1.7 million years ago.At that time, we only know I do not know wheat “fossil”.But many people still clearly remember the construction of the Chengdu-Kunming railway sacrificed their lives, resident near the mountains lie buried with more than two hundred packets of lime.  After graduating from junior high school, I want to walk outside, it is best to take a trip to beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland.He says Zhennai days as people would like.At that time the prevalence of positive home “Agriculture, Learn,” the village will be destroyed as originally flat farmland terraces, have since wheat seed.With land, shortage of wheat seed can, so the county went to Yunnan Breeding specially constituted team, even called the establishment.Commune where only smoke two, I was lucky to be selected, and instantly became the “South fan Warrior”.The wind blowing in October, company commander and soldiers more than thirty people gathered in the county, we drank wine bolstering departure, ambitious, unified printed on a white vest “battle in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau,” the Scarlet Letter.According to Ding company commander to reports, the county every two to three years to conduct a seed cultivation, he has led have been to Hainan, Guangxi, development of sorghum and maize seed base.The place to go, he is also the first time away from home three thousand seven hundred forty-two km.  Young people travel for the first time, eyes full of scenery.Ancient people of color photos “best in the world,” the Beijing Railway Station huge electronic clock, surfing on nine of the Yellow River raft, grapefruit boys back Chang’an Road, Mid-levels of the cliff, narrow tunnel, slender piers, as well as Cottage breeze bamboo forest and a small hotel in Chengdu to fight endless bugs.Connecting train to go about three days and nights, after flying over the Jinsha River, and finally reached the end of the South fan before dawn – Yuanmou County Tho commune Niujie village.In a letter sent Youpeng I wrote that: “the six provinces and eight vertical Jiang Tian, across Emei Daliangshan.Yunnan breeding to October, also in April fruitful.”It’s hardly poetry, young people leave home just after the excitement of the photo Bale.  Spread in the world the beauty of Yunnan, on the silver screen is not uncommon.But at the time, such as Xishuangbanna, Shangri-La is not familiar, it touches know Shilin.Kunming people often Dianchi Lake, the goal and the Western Hills as a place, but a little puzzled outsiders.In Kobayashi street to ask for directions, I feel that hit the world’s first beauty, what Helen Monroe, side by side with her Daji if a station is simply not an order of magnitude.Dialogue Needless to say, she can look at you are rewarded.Western Hills Park, not far from the city center, first of all have to see into the park after the tomb of Nie Er is.Guolao’s handwriting suddenly: “Nie Er – the liberation of the Chinese people horn”.And along the asphalt mention steps times now Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Samcheonggak, then squeezed through the clip flat stone, then to the gantry.Gantry high cliffs, demi pavilions standing mountain, the door can be a small number of human capacity.Clouds floated, breezy.Pro cliffs thousands of feet, lean on a railing bird’s eye view, the fright that the foot and the adjoining Dianchi.  He says Road to go fast into the travel.Or speak it at Yuanmou.Compared with home, Yuanmou My first impression is simple, and with southern style.That soil is red, water-thin and scattered, cure and very hard, clay and more from village houses built up high, generally about three or four meters look.Relatively wet room, no windows, only in the upper wall of the left vent.Red earth, tall papaya trees everywhere, overhanging fruit, reflect shiny, it seems to be every day at Good Fortune.Rain banana leaves, fascinating and charming, Hanbaoyufang buds lingering golden dream.Ganzhe Lin large, purple trunk, the leaves Tada, as people think of sugar in the world.Cactus is very fierce, the guy covered with thorns like a giant, many farmers actually use it surrounded by a fence.  Stationed next day, I went to the village of lime squad Niujie under the other two comrades, responsible for wheat breeding there.As it is said, is responsible for supervision, the whole process of land preparation, sowing wheat harvest as well as the locals do by.We wear “unprecedented” in sandals, a Dacron, head of a wax, wrist wear watches, hand back all day wandering in the field.Locals told us unawares “rich man” is actually more like a landlord from northeast.Although all of the nation’s grow wheat, but if nowhere, it is difficult to exchange them, cook head Zhang often complained: “You do not say no chanting, mouth is ‘grinding’.Like his mother went abroad.”A third grade elementary school boy, folks, go help my sister Catcher.I learned that he was “a little raft” and “Red Star Song” sing well, in order not to delay and then asked him to do “Translation Assistant”.Can spot a dialogue, Yang translation is not competent, in addition to that, no, the other I do not understand.It seems the popularity of Putonghua long way to go.Fortunately, the locals no matter how you say, they just laugh.The smile is the best language human right.  Wheat seed come down to earth, the locals began to busy their fields of.Lime Village almost no clock, the village horn sounds, people and labor; then rang, lunch.So the cycle is repeated every day.Captain Lime village called Luo Kehua, forty, short stature, head north and south, bare back, often wear large belts.Larger than the black rubber foot, from both sides to pull a few holes with a string of rope, tie shoes on their feet became.He then little impatient, things catch on, always carrying a plate reflected in its children hoeing hurried away.We visited his home, the same dark Tsuchiya.The good news is more than a three-drawer desk than ordinary people, unfortunately only three drawer of a drawer.Locals have customs, the interior of the home is open to visitors.In fact, there are mostly beds, two floors, with a total hanging mosquito nets, nothing mysterious (I had read).Romania captain handed three small bench, invited us to sit along the foot of children, and tear green package “Spring City” each made a.For a while, he hit out of the back room, mud brown sugar bowl to scoop most of the water containers end, people really do not realize that drinking water or sugar.  The average life expectancy in Yuanmou, generally about 60 men, so men became a family treasure, a bit like Sichuan “Panda”.In the dirty work so hard to do a multi-woman, it is life, not just assault, mostly men catch coachman, put up buffalo, a little vaguely maternal taste.Cut the indica child, women neat hands and feet, before the fly half basket, a few shabu, shabu, put the rice grains fall into the basket.Two baskets to be filled, drop cloth cover, pole stretched it out, and left to stir.Fifty-year-old woman, black and red complexion, tall and thin, dried calf child is not thick arm, shoulder the burden of over-jin, across a wide moat of water on a leisurely past.  Go to the town market, and will Yuanmou girl “when the window Yunbin mirror decals yellow”, well dressed: blue wool pants, Aries drift shirt, a pair of embroidered red shoes, a white cloth hats.Laterite overturned, curved pole, brown pears, beans, Panax, as well as peasant girl basket full basket full of integrity.Fair carriage novelty enough, as long as the road, all the horses are a wandering child trot, will not slow down, but not “long years”.That car owners do not whip children, has always stood by car, as free ski boot.Their hands on the horse pulling the rope a few, rely on a loose rope child of a bear, and instantly broke out, rode Chi ago.  I only live forty two days Yuanmou.Local small vegetables, a pound of white rapeseed will be able to sell more than twenty yuan.His comrades three meals a day, eat a large cabbage, the staple food is basically Cookie.Drug supply is not even cold also had to use Andrographis.YUANMOU and a lot of water, but often below hydrostatic precipitated out bright mica.Perhaps agitated, and after a few days left foot rubs are not sealed, translation mother and sister from their homes and brought the Leaves, Baiyao, give me hot.I can not help but think of is called “Plain combat” the lyrics: “If you want to fight the enemy wounded in action that year to Murakami you torn coat to Guoshang.Medicine or soup, personally taste.”Sir tease me in private: your kid thanks to Yunnan, Hainan and if went to the non-call girl robbed not.  About a week away from returning the way, we drove the tractor to cut firewood Wuding County.Wuding Baekdu, road bending, bottom-up full twenty-one.The summit of Mt standing, your mind will suddenly broad, lofty gaze instant.As if the sun drew melodious notes, melodious notes emanating distant bright.The wind brings tears, a soft feminine life, eternal youth, family and distant mother warned him gently call.With everything you think, everything you see any.Green fields, rolling hills, Gonggeng buffalo, vast blue sky.There are mountains tall and straight Tung Yi log cabin, batik Qunshan.What a beautiful Yunnan!  Today, Yuanmou calamity Yuhan.Romania captain can?Yang “translated” these days?.I really want to re Yunnan.The best together with my comrades, even though we are no longer young.    Part Four: Colorful Clouds Colorful Clouds come back from more than 10 days, the lake Yulong snow, water Lijiang, Dali Three Pagodas, the Hudiequanbian.Can not wait to want to talk about them, to bring them, my heart will be pulsing with a thousand words, there are unforgettable love, have worried as pounding anxiety, but also eagerly looking forward to the vision, more reluctantly hang around.As a result, brewing for too long, that they can not explain in words, only a feeling.Asked the clouds, clouds in elegant, ask fog, light fog still vague and hazy, ask the tree, the tree is not the words to come to Man.Who then can be endless annoyance Kanshou it?Few words, how can I convey the hearts of minds of thousands ray?  1, Yulong Snow Mountain Snow Mountain of Britain appeared only three times, each time not more than one minute, clouds in turn hastened quickly wrapped it.For these few minutes, I am here waiting for two days Qianxin.  Light scattered or dense clouds are quick to run around, but they can not always give up the top of the snow-capped mountains, rain sprinkled down suddenly, and suddenly admitted, tears of compassion, come to realize, a shaft of sunlight pierced the clouds, Yulong magic exposed the true color!The United States can not square things, along with throbbing heart, breathless fear of shaking people.Yaks and horses grazing in the distance, they do not know what will happen, or it happened was about to turn a blind eye.  Dragon see the first but not the tail, which was unusual open Yuyan.At present moment the clouds do indeed scared to “Heaven” to.Had heard, snow-capped mountains in the eyes of the local minority is the mountain, the mountain is how can the laity contaminated lightly?  Scenery along the way is a difficult journey all the way.Pious expectations, snow-capped mountains finally appeared, although only a glimpse, enough to make me burst into tears laity.  2, Yunshanping spruce elves dancing in the wind Man.Yunshanping hillside around old cedar trees, the middle green lawn like a huge carpet to stretch the flat, grassed neither visitors, nor Shepherd, yak few leisurely stand or lie, lazy elephant sculpture is still the quiet lawn a little mystery.  From no place like Yunshanping so shocked my soul.    Part Five: Caiyunzhinan song “Colorful Clouds”, bamboo tube sobbing, stringed Resentment, singing Liao swing, ravines, long hovering, Ying ear without a break: “Oh it – ah – ah, ah it – according to wailing, according to Oh – shout!”The most beautiful, is undoubtedly the Dragon Valley is rich in forest, variety of colors, strange and beautiful scenery change handsome landscape, and swept the four seasons.  Dragon Valley and along the upper, is universally change my life clouds waterfall, under the sun, looking like colorful clouds Valley Water, or leisurely, gently crooning.The walk to the bizarre, colorful rocks and bushes, or surging, singing loudly, from the misty, jumped thousands of feet on steep cliff odd risk, rolling Nanliu, such as mountain dragon, twists and turns, full of longing, has been toward the distant endless south, we could not help but marvel at Mother Nature, you can not not surprising that Ecstasy intoxicated for this pretty, natural scenery.From here, the more fully appreciate the “Colorful Clouds,” the worth of tenderness, depression and agitation, closed and full of emotions pursuit, become as mysterious as the valley, quiet and deep, nostalgic feel depressed and difficult conflict.Immersive, worth of tenderness, charm thousands of products, together in my mind, a “Colorful Clouds”, bamboo tube sobbing, stringed Resentment, singing Liao swing, ravines, long hovering, Ying ear without a break: “Oh it – ah – ah, ah it – according to Woo, according to Oh – shout!”With no matter what kind of mood, is a kind of express a smooth Italian, a harvest, far beyond the narrow confines of house arrest purdah, not by putting themselves in the valley like Guiqi, ever-changing, diverse Seyan clouds, Renqing travel to the endless good life.  Moon Lake, beautiful than heaven on earth, is the most beautiful lake.  From the sky overlooking the Lake, the natural meniscus as a bright, quiet and diem, seemed to be waiting, waiting for the sky kind of patronizing, also seems to rest seclusion, narcissism, two things I forgot, no longer as prosperous earthly think.Eagle flapping and falling, between Qishanxiushui on the lake, only my freedom, full of unlimited Cheong, gently circling.Feelings saw clear water, thousands of miles long, Lake Qi Xiu, such as the sea of flowers, flowers in green as the lake forest, gently swagger; mountain lake shadow, clear as true, Pinghu Huashan, totally the same color, spread worldwide, are gorgeous dazzling bright; and the sky is so clear, like blue, like a boundless expanse of blue, and deep passion, bold and serene, it seems that all aspire to, are all devoted and sustenance in the passion and longing on the lake.  Next, while slowly along the side of the valley, all the way to fantasy, spent four seasons to develop their full beauty, it seems that the more claustrophobic valleys, no appreciation, the more you want to show the beauty and live life; tall and dense trees, each vitality succeed, the more high mountains and deep valleys, the harder up, tall and handsome, into the sky.  Then go up, melting snow merged into a small stream, the shuttle in the mountain valleys and gray grass, looked up to heaven, the face is huge and steep snow-capped mountains, white mist shrouded, misty shrouded, calmly stands, overlooking the plateau and the entire world, spotless, only Dominating the majesty and mystery.  Oh it – ah – ah Oh yo, what ah – according to Woo, according to Oh – shout!


Whenever a kid on summer vacation, often in rural home and playmates to adopt water chestnut, now think of it, but also food for thought.Grow up, I have a child, go to farms to buy food, and occasionally saw on a vegetable stall selling water chestnut will always be called on a couple of pounds to take home and savor daughter.While chewing, will recall her childhood.    A noon August, flaming hot sun baked the ground, hot air without a trace of wind, large farms have been busy in.I was lying on the coffee table doing work listlessly.Suddenly, the “bug-eyed” and hairs appeared in the doorway, hands each holding a small two tubs to me and said: “pick water chestnut bo.”I heard, in high spirits:” Go le!”I dropped the pen, jumped up and ran out.I and the “bug-eyed” the big tub Flip over his head, right when the sun gear.We also learn hairs like, the little tub Flip on the head.Along the way, although the ground roasted raw so we did not wear shoes feet, but the thought of Cailing happiness, we forget the pain, but also accelerated the pace.    Ponds have not approached the front of a large green will be locked my sight.In that green leaves, clear bits and pieces of red, like fire, from afar, really “take days lotus infinite Bi, Lotus flowers in the sunshine” feeling.Line of sight, lotus sometimes quivering, seemed to have something on that drill to drill below the flickering.To be near a closer look, the original rivers and ponds have already seen a few and we are almost large “small buds Sons” sitting in a tub leisurely Dangzhuo between lotus, hands are kept plucking her underwater water chestnut.There is a big red tub is truly beautiful, there sat two little boys, his head a large lotus leaf, a small bare buttocks, around the apron, like a baby on New Year.    I and the “bug-eyed”, arrived hairs shore, could not wait to put two tubs on the river, then rushing to sit on the big tubs, tubs almost turned us squeeze.We set the set, finally smooth the tub.Although crowded point, but still very happy.Since the tub deep draft, we are careful, lest sink.We plan to go slowly towards the center of the river, clutching the small hairs tub with one hand.Four weeks exudes the fragrance of lotus, dragonflies hovering in the head sometimes, and occasionally can be heard once or twice frogs.Ling came to the area, the river floating large piece of chess pieces rotundifolia.Leaf edge circle of teeth, most of the color is dark green, occasionally mixed with dark red.This is the water chestnut leaves.Water chestnut roots in the water long, stem the growth of water chestnut, therefore, you can not see the river water chestnut.Cailing time, be especially careful, too easy to be scratched water chestnut, therefore, the best way is to Cailing water chestnut leaves slowly turned over the following rhizomes out of the water, so it will not be picking up water chestnut hurt.We rushed to start waving his hand Ling Ye, a string of water chestnut out of the water, like a shy bride she was thrown off the hijab.Water chestnut tender points was green, the inside of the meat is not full; mature point of red, fleshy, juicy and sweet, children like to eat; if the water chestnut old becomes dark brown, the meat is very tight, it tastes another on, there was a scent.Cailing Most of the people like dark brown, some people love to eat water chestnut tender points, but I still prefer the old-point.I and the “bug-eyed”, hairs each pick their favorite mining, sometimes while mining peel and eat just taken under water chestnut tastes particularly crisp and refreshing.Soon, small tubs abundance gradually up.Although the sun in the sky, but our interest unabated.At this time, more and more people to adopt water chestnut.Mostly children, there are some adults, men and women have.I saw a pair of looming round tub in the Netherlands, an inattentive, tubs to hit together, we laugh, which gives quiet Ponds added a bit of apathy.    About adopted a two or three hour, large and small wooden bowl of water chestnut has a variety of colors, piled like.We look learned a lot, then meet on the bank.    I and the “bug-eyed”, with the joy of harvest hairs walking on the way home from time to time have a hoe with a big pole of people with a tired through from our side, and occasionally still hear the hum of the shepherd boy minor countryside.I looked up the distance, the sun has slowly gone, the sky shone bright red sunset.    Address: 573 Lane Road Shanghai Tibet chamber 6502

Cactus to draw a smiley face, smile!

It should be the last semester after semester holiday home, he has found more than a pot of cactus on the corridor.I do not know who brought in, I do not know who put in there, in short, these are not important for me to be able to see the cactus is my kind of happiness.    In fact, I’m not the first time I saw cactus.Very young when the family bought the land not to repair the stadium, to a place where some species of cacti.So, I not only saw cactus, cactus bloom have seen the results, and even adults, so that adults often took me to eat off prickly pear.    The reason for that little pot of cactus on the porch watching the case, it may be because it is unique it looked like a long Ott Man both ears, both funny, and cute.    Corridor, is the place I always stay.I like to be there in the sun, like breathing fresh air there, I prefer to sit reading.So, is my cactus basin common to.Read get tired, I always like to stare at the cactus, although the feeling is very cute, but still feel something is missing, but can not remember how.    Until one day, when I paint in the hallway, painted tired, I habitually turned his gaze to the cactus body.Moment and feel what is still lacking, when you see the hands of the brush, I suddenly remembered something less.    Smile, yes, a little smile.So, I’ll use my gouache as it drew a smiley face.In this way, every time when it is the opposite, looking at it smile, I can not help but smile it would.    Later I went to Leshan to school, we did not meet with it.When I leave home again, when then saw it, I back to normal, smiling face on the painting, do not know when it has vanished.    Each time through the corridor, saw no smiling faces of cactus, such as livid face, my heart always feel uncomfortable after watching.Originally thought of as early as it re-painted a more beautiful smile, but, due to the training courses on art, busy.So, I have not gone to draw.    Just now, through the corridor to see it, I finally could not bear to see it livid face, find my paintbrush, it painted on a smile.And on its ears write “happiness” word.    Mommy said that I saw inflation eat nothing to do, I did not care, just looked at is smiling cactus, silly smile.    Cactus to draw a smiley face, smile!It laughed, I laughed!When all the people saw it smile, in his face, the same smile on India!    Tingting was written to draw the smiley cactus

Cactus on the windowsill

[REVIEW] “In life and work, planting a pot of cactus role of absorbing electromagnetic radiation.Prickly breathing holes open at night, while a large amount of energy absorption of carbon dioxide and release oxygen.There is a saying on feng shui, the large pointed leaves of potted plants on the balcony.. I had not “promiscuous” people.But the cactus growing on the kitchen windowsill made me to the interest, because it has bloomed.Rare flowers, was very glamorous, very low key.    This strain of cactus, the year before last June when I move into a new home in the market to buy flowers.It is shaped like a lantern, round.But lantern is red, it is dark green Bale.At that time, the top of it in bloom two torch-like flowers, like a little girl wearing two claw braid bunch of children being placed in a very chic florist red ceramic pot.In that flowing air with the fragrance of Huashan seagrass, she was a simple yet elegant, “Princess” the same generous, so I glance “phase” of the.    ”25!Take a fancy to!”I was completely immersed in the appreciation of the cactus, the smart sellers early to see my thoughts, I did not want to say he will report to bid.If you want to be sure of, but somehow also counter-offer it: “20!I bought to sell!”I could see the florist are too generous, said nothing, turnover!So from that day, the graceful charm of the “Princess” married into my family, “boudoir” in the kitchen windowsill, and has been in this home.For two years, “Princess” is a young and old tend to baby, love, bursts give her some water meters Mimi “content”, expect her to live forever, can give a person to bring a good mood point.    Perhaps we too “affectionate” on the “Princess”, perhaps inappropriate to serve Way or other reasons, when I first came to the kind of pure, that grace, not only did not keep, but one day haggard down.Original meat toot lantern-shaped figure, lost a lap, increasingly “slim” up.Wrinkles climbed her face, that two tall erected “Torch” also “turn off”, and “head” fell off a drooping.Only a few months time, so they Bride “appalling”, we are at a loss.Apart sad, too little attention to her family, much to its own devices trend.    ”Dad, cactus to bloom, you see.”Two days ago, my daughter was in the kitchen vegetables, accidentally discovered the ‘secret’, I burst of joy, and to hear.Sure, “Princess” bulging head even really a big “red envelope”!However, before she had become old it is to describe the rotten dry, when the charm hard to find, “Joe married early.”.I wonder why she will become emaciated?Why would lean into this flowering?    With many questions, I open the “Baidu”, enter “Cactus” – “home cactus in South America, originating in high fever, dry, and dry desert, forming a hi dry, drought-tolerant characteristics.Summer is the cactus growing season, but also flowering.”Oh, I see, certainly we poured water before more harm her.It was later watered scarce, but she was “comfortable” the.Even so thin, “SAGE” season arrives, she also desperate “on” for a while, her most beautiful scenery that was presented to mankind.    ”In life and work, planting a pot of cactus role of absorbing electromagnetic radiation.Prickly breathing holes open at night, while a large amount of energy absorption of carbon dioxide and release oxygen.There is a saying on feng shui, the large pointed leaves of potted plants on the balcony, you can stay out of trouble.”It seems, ‘the princess’ outstanding between plenty of money ah.    Talking and talking, and then this morning to see her, and that “red envelope” has been blossoming, crimson smile, still so charming, so refined.    Suddenly, this strain of several weathered “Baby” made me Dousheng a tribute, a kind of pious parents like – even though water less fat, still standing tall; even though fragile, gave generously!    I kept thinking, I seem to understand a lot – Time to go to work, I do not know how, I go out very relaxed pace.[Editor: Can children]

Cactus bloom

That night, I attended a party, drank slightly higher, got home late, a little wash the body, on the back bed sleeping.  The next day, his wife told me, home cactus bloom.I look surprised: this guy a lot of years, and I’m about to be forgotten, each to their watering flowers, one to her there will be no water, I do not bother to go get water, she just moved outside the window most edge of the security fence, so those naughty rain can occasionally kiss her..  Now I heard she blossomed, I am very excited, bare to the waist darted to the balcony, maybe she saw me shy now?Or the sun would come out?Drooping petals, stems stooped slim, how I looked at her, she was unmoved.Maybe I’m usually not enough to take care of it for her, neglected her, she was still angry with me now?  She looked at the shrinking look, I can not bear to pick up the phone, your camera, and can only afford to look at her appearance.She may no longer young, full of twelve deep wrinkles baggy body, tis suddenly grow flowers It is in the middle of her wrinkles, is trying to cover up years of vicissitudes?Still want attractive to the eye?I asked her, she does not say.  A breeze blowing gently, she quickly with the stems tightly surrounded by patrol around her children.I Thin a few years: she was the size of a dozen children, young age, long and some 11, some 12, some 13, some 14 fold.They quills Many, perhaps to leave her mother one day it good self-protection!They put the squeeze white plastic flower pot is broken, I would have to see, now we see also new bad scar, could not help but blush, as if heard them laughing at me: “The owner really lazy!”When not being able to see blooming cactus flower for themselves, his wife handed me her cell phone, there are children at home last night photo shoot, shot full of cactus flowers, although his wife pixel phone is not high, but I chose the a few, made in their own micro-channel circle of friends.Micro faithful have thumbs, some said: “long overdue for a flowerpot!”I feel very ashamed!I accidentally saw across the flower, there is a fold out the middle of something small teeth, and asked his wife is not it also bloom?His wife said maybe?  A few days later, cactus flower that support is completely dried up, but the buds are getting longer, slowly formed a bud.  I am very happy, have come up with every day the phone taking pictures of her, but she did not want to see at me shyly.  I drink the remaining milk carton filled yesterday morning a little water, sprinkled on the cactus, when buds still wrapped tightly, and the day before have not changed much, 21:42 home, when it opened the window, a thick scent attracted me, along the smell, I was shocked to see cactus flowers bloom is Huan, like a long horn to tell me her beautiful feeling, I hasten to reach out to her, please see the living room, her first grievance about it, temporarily on the coffee table, I pulled out a cell phone, bring a camera, tape record out of her beauty.  Cactus height 9CM, waist 8CM, stems and flowers long 19CM, flowers diameter 12CM.Is golden yellow flower, a flower just like one around a tiny bean sprouts root circle, the insert around the petals, stamens have a style in the ring below the top surface 12 floating style of long small yellowish around the flag, the flag even went as many skirmish flower, they went to the depths of the tunnel stems.Cactus blooming, with her children if she saw the traffic police will fine you money?She’s seriously overloaded, long, wide yo!No wonder she has been: bow flowering, low-key to do Flower!Still, her beauty still show in front of me.  At first glance her petals are white, look around the middle of the petals are white, slightly behind the top circle of petals on the little pink.Cactus flower is beautiful!good smell!Very seductive!I ignored ancestors once said: Do not use your nose to smell flowers, flower, there are many small insects breathe your nose, if they come into your mind, you may have to go to a psychiatric hospital.I turn to health insurance card on the edge of broken pots, and then paste the nose, and she was close, abdomen, chest, a surge of flavor sucked into my lungs, mind suddenly cold, feeling behind the beautiful woman laughing, it is a flower fairy?Will really came a woman’s voice: “My husband, do not go to sleep and wash it?”22:18, put the children study up to go home, saw me admiring cactus flower, perhaps:” Dad, send me a photo shoot a few more space, the last time to the school, home cactus flower that we, the students do not believe they say cactus bloom.”Child leaned a look, just to remove the last of that withered flower, there are more branches of a withered, it is certainly she had opened, but we did not notice it, notice that it is beautiful, not paying attention she had been beautiful to.  At bedtime, I opened the door all the rooms, open all windows can be opened, so that each room is full of cactus flowers, flower fairies can make out of home away from home, last night our family slept soundly!Because there are cactus flowers accompanied Flower Fairy guarded.  Today, I’m fine stay home all day, morning cactus flower is no incense last night, despite how close to your nose, her scent is really not what the.I also found a camera, holding her cell phone to take pictures of the day.Afternoon, she fell asleep, drooping petals, she never woke up this nap, I know.She looked delicate and charming look, I put away the camera, put down the phone, she went to the edge of most security windows.  In a moment I closed the window, I saw the old cactus thorn less and less, she places are flowering in the middle of her nest sting, flower once, a little less sting.She left the beautiful world, the bald injury to yourself!I was moved by the occasion, he could not help but to feel myself gradually hair loss head.I drunk all day, every day wine revolution, but it is left to the world what a good thing it?

Cabo dog story

The story Cabo Cabo dog dog is old, too old can not jump on the couch, too old dog tails are no longer keen to do all day behind my ass run around.    Cabo domesticated deer dog is my dog, by definition, not just cabo shape looks like a deer, and even jumped lively fresh jump in, timid and easily frightened personality like most deer.It is petite, in addition to the Director of the mouth, chin and hooves, which are other than brown hair, short hair glossy black body, Youguangshuihua to touch the hand, like silk.Pull out, people often lament, this puppy’s hair is beautiful!    Cabo come to our house, about two years old, is a dog guy.From its body, I fully appreciate what is called the “tail Dogs”.As long as I am at home, it is always at my side, as you walk along it, you stop, it guarding.Sometimes too closely, you suddenly turned around, at first it scared scream quickly dodge jump, then you are scared it sounds pounding heart, can not help but even scolded “dead dog!”In our family, but the kitchen has cabo nest to sleep in our bedroom, the son of the bedroom, the living room has a couch cabo, otherwise, it will come to hold you, I always say, people Jiaotu only three caves, but we have four or five cabo cave it.    Cabo dog is a recent jump on the couch, just before I go to the direction of the sofa, behind me cabo will run in front of me, to jump on the sofa, valiantly sitting on the sofa looking at me, If I do not sit through the sofa, it immediately jumped to then follow me, over the years I have become accustomed to just sit on the couch, whether lying down or sitting, cabo will be on my side, not got into the blanket snoring masterpiece, is to climb up my body let me hold.I often rub the side of it, squeeze it, while saying: You are not a little baby, you are a dog, why I came one day hold.It turned to look at me, do not move nor speak, askew calm expression people wait for a bite it.    Cabo large dog’s ears, I like to turn its ears to play, I started to turn over its ears, shook his head and put it a free hand to turn back the ears, a long time it decided not to care about me, often let me put it in big ears turn over the top back of the head, until I bored with it before shaking his head turned back to the ear.Sometimes I call it kneading pain, it is “Wang” calls out the light, not to escape, like to remind my mildly cabo so far and a child, like to go out to play, the home can not easily open the door, as long as opened, cabo will be hard to run out, as you call breaking the throat it did not pay attention, I saw it easy to jump the blink of an eye and ran down the stairs, only this time you put on shoes, then took the paper down look for it because it’s just one out, way back, it is always more or less at the stairs stool discharge point.Therefore, it must have actively look for the paper tape.The charge cabo home from downstairs, no matter how you criticize how the penalty, it will meet an indifferent look.    Cabo love a child and also thrust the way, if you say “go!”It began to cheer jump, until dry throat, kept retching still excited.But recently, it has been learned when we told it, “you do not, you obediently at home” when it went silent back to the nest, most head out to look at our movement.    Our family absolutely cabo world’s best-fed dog, it never fussy, what to eat, most like to eat starchy foods, potatoes matter what, sweet friends, corn matter, and a variety of beans , nuts and so on, I often joked that we should call it Uncle Sam, it must be a mountain of past life, I like to eat some of the best mountain produced stuff.Of course, this does not mean that Angel was a vegetarian dog, light meat when it is naturally more happy.In addition, a variety of pastries is its favorite, but there are things it does not eat, such as dog food, such as some sour fruit.    In addition to cabo not picky eaters, eat less of it, so we generally do not have to worry about it too much eating, anyway, what we eat, what to feed it, come back empty-handed if eating out, do not worry, just search a house search, the total it can find something to eat, and sometimes can not find food, put a potato or a piece of sweet potato cut into small pieces, put some water, add a little oil, salt and turn out a few minutes in the microwave, then eat cabo very happy..    As the well-fed, cabo dog rarely get sick, except that it was the Chinese New Year to my family, I can help it buy a new dress, New Year’s Eve to help give it a bath put it, who knows clothes too quite close, freeze it sick, fever, vomiting, not eating, I take it to the veterinary hospital transfusion, the next day but it helped it once was lost, well after no serious illness, occasional discomfort, Cypriot pill is just fine, cabo themselves would regulate, day to eat more, it will empty a few Dayton do not eat, or eat.Fawn dog body hairs short, most cold-blooded, I can help it knit a few sweaters, there are many old cotton sweaters pants sleeves and trousers into a dress, put it to early autumn, summer approaching it off.    In fact, cabo dog is not without people worry about things, when it came to our house almost two years old, had a best time to teach the training, it was the biggest problem is not fixed regular bowel movements, coupled with timid, you louder, or to hug it, it will scare urine out, it is a headache, several years of time, I worry about it a bowel problem, it can not tell how long it took before it went to the bathroom bowel church, so I was relieved.Now every night I just cry: “cabo, pee sleep.”It’s a piece of piss to go to the bathroom, then went to the kitchen of the bed waiting for me to sleep it off.    I’m in the book a dog, see cabo school called “mini dog” is really cabo appearance unlike most small dogs as people see that this is a watch dog, even if it had grown old with out people still think it is a working dog puppies.It’s an air of magnificent, extremely petite stature, the two together, look just like a mini version of the bulldog, very adorable, I often looked at the Cabo, there is such a confusing world how wonderful living toys.    Although cabo dog is a pet dog, but it is not white dinner do not work, at home doorbell rang, and there are footsteps on the stairs, to the guests, it must be barking incessantly, bottled water master come in, it’s called brave the rush to return to soon, and then rushed to return to, so again, although annoying, but do not bite, so every time always put it off into the bathroom, then open the door to let the master come in bottled water.Families with dogs, though not anti-thief, thief still has a deterrent effect.    Cabo dog’s greatest achievement so far is to help us catch the mouse, a few days ago, it set up for this purpose a great service, the family ran in a sort of a small mouse, my son and I have put it in the kitchen blocking a drive out back, it bitten plastic hood hairdryer return to every night naughty at home.Then I put the bedroom in addition to all places where mice can hide cleaned, can not find the mice hiding place, they want to help me find a place cabo mouse hiding.    General home without rat day, every morning cabo released from the nest first thing is to run to the bathroom, then a few days at home with a mouse invasion in the morning to put out cabo, it is the first thing along course of action with the mouse walk around at night.So one morning after the cabo released, I follow it, I saw it a den of non-stop twitching nose, along the wall of the restaurant, the living room sofa, corner next to the treadmill and other local side take the side Oh, sometimes I turned to look, it is strange that every part of the way, it is necessary hurried into the bathroom, and soon ran out and then continue non-stop sniffing around, I thought rats hiding in the bathroom, later I found cabo constantly hurried into the bathroom to sprinkle a little urine, they would understand it is to track Xin Taiji cut rat, do not want to waste time to pee, they can not wait any longer, so only in dining, living and running back and forth between the bathroom.Really touched people.    The last day of Cabo ran into the bedroom, because I think that the mouse does not hide in the bedroom, cabo should go to the bedroom with the sun did not go in, until one day, he saw cabo stop in front of the middle of the bedroom curtains and wardrobes Grilled angle catch in his mouth “woo.”” Woo.”The issue of deterrence voice, I came to realize that the mouse is hiding in the bedroom.My son and I closed the bedroom door, with the assistance of Cabo, and finally caught that nasty little mouse.    When looking at the Cabo mouse tracking brave, clever, dashing demeanor, you do not believe it is old, it is seeking the mouse to see the room full of scurrying, and again burst into bed to catch the mice out, I believe in its origin in certain genes have a hunting dog, it is in its help group, we more than once the invasion of mice evicted.    Cabo dog in my home life for nearly a decade, brought us so much joy and fun, hope it health and longevity, more than a few years and we stay together.

Cabbage, radish pit pit

[REVIEW] with cabbage and radish pit cellar, a farm each winter, even at ease, eating the problem is basically solved all.This is the main dish for farmers.Turnip cabbage all have love, winter can not Ailuo Bo cabbage farm, which they rely on a winter ah!  Each rural yard in the past to be dug after the beginning of winter cabbage, radish pit and pit, nearly two decades with little pits dug cabbage and radish pit of the.What kind of food in winter time, ah, is headed cabbage and turnip, Chinese cabbage now basically did not see digging pits and radish pit in the yard, but in fact this is not surprising, after all, we are now the standard of living improves, then nor is headed by cabbage turnip, a variety of fine dishes are also could afford to eat, who to eat carrots every day, ah cabbage?    The yard in rural areas are generally larger, spacious places, find a place to dig a pit cabbage, radish dig a pit is not a problem, dig less than one meter on it, usually rural households have to buy a few hundred pounds of cabbage, roughly to dig a single bed so large pit area, laying up the cabbage root down, since the root of the cabbage is ground gas, it is not only perishable cabbage, but also to re-growth, such storage cabbage is not easily blown dry, it is very fresh!Chinese cabbage has been eating down from March not bad.Winter is cold again, as long as the lid is on top of the cabbage in a straw tick, or cover is worn quilts, cabbage storage is not a problem of.Good weather is warm and sunny when the cabbage is put the lid on the pallet and so open, so that the sun cabbage or cabbage often back down, try to make some of cabbage dry, so it does not store perishable.    At that time every household of his own store cabbage, food shop supply and marketing cooperatives are generally more deserted, farmers are rarely spend money to buy food, do not have that spare cash ah!Remember that time to buy a small dish (which is now the cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, beans, etc.), these vegetables than meat also Guia!    In addition to the cabbage is radishes in their yard to dig a radish pit, how big carrot pit do not dig, there is more than one meter in width on it, but to dig than cabbage pit deeper, usually one meter of the way; radish storage and different cabbage, radish dug pit, the pit dug poured radish, and turnip on the pit buried with soil, prior to filling, the corn stalks are bundled together in a few radish intermediate pit, so It can play a role breathable.Radish point above the soil must have a given thickness, to avoid being frozen carrots.Such a radish radish pit put a few hundred pounds is not a problem.    With Chinese cabbage and radish pit cellar, a farm each winter, even at ease, eating the problem is basically solved all.This is the main dish for farmers.Turnip cabbage all have love, winter can not Ailuo Bo cabbage farm, which they rely on a winter ah!    When rural home life, every day mother cook when he greeted me: Son, to get a cabbage!Son, go to dig two radish, a red lantern, a US heart.I immediately get cabbage into the yard, digging turnips; winter cold, really cold, the cold is very powerful, must vicious dig with pickaxe to dig out the carrot, the carrot is frozen, if you do not stay while, get down on the soil radish root.A carrot cellar about it several radish!In addition to the previous two, and white radish, radish Daqing, and carrots, cabbage not only one.Although the time is not so well-off life, but my mother always made a variety of eating cabbage, stuffed cabbage in addition to eating, there are a lot of practice, can also be fried, Ao can, cold night, also soup Yes, eat more, eat a hundred tire.Eat a lot of carrots.Can make stuffing, dumplings, steamed dumplings, steamed buns; acid can radish, carrot can burn, of course, did not practice as much cabbage; radish was so much cheaper than cabbage, cabbage and even families, especially the poor can not afford to eat, more is eat carrots.    I do not know the situation in the field of rural reality, whether there cabbage and radish pit pits, but in the countryside near Beijing is difficult to see the.Well now days, no longer had a headed cabbage turnip winter, and what food you can buy, you can eat, could not as expensive pork.Cabbage, radish is no longer the main dish for winter, cabbage and radish pit pit naturally exit the stage of history of our country.But the memory of this history, how can forget it?[Editor: Can children]

By the people think life

Recently busy, and looked at the “Swordsman”.A Swordsman song, much Red Suzi sigh! Twists and turns of life, complex society, so I really like the outcome of this story, thanks to Mr. Jin Yong. Unfortunately, not everyone had, who made unfortunate, and who suffered misfortune?For Linghu unfortunate and fortunate I was in tears laughing.Originally everyone is very happy to live, but they despised share of mind calm, so they will unworthy of all the people. For Linghu, would the conscience of calm, so far, few can?Even repeatedly misunderstood, but it is larger than the self-blame blame; even again being framed; not bitter at heart; even nothing, but we can also mindful of others.Relatives loyal filial till the end; the pursuit of love, until the last glimmer of hope is gone; for righteousness friends ngau thick, with utter sincerity.When he lost everything when he gets is respected the world, get is the most beautiful love. Perhaps also criticize Linghu heroes, not everyone is a good person, why not leave the slightest doubt?”Do not injure others have, defenses can not do without.”.If so, it may not be good, suspicious, how can free and easy life?A sparkling words “Mosi endless things around them, and to make limited lifetime Cup”, it not happy indeed free and easy life! For Miss Angela, can be said to identify what the.While living in “Evil”, but without losing the sense of goodness.For love can endure in silence all for the loved one.Let her come down Linghu have the power to live, and only she can become heroes Linghu unyielding.She is the happiest person.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) for Lin Ping, a sense of justice in the family, the wealthy son of a dare to bite the bullet, love and hate a person, but there are a lot of regrets.Alive, dead, not just what they say goes, people are responsible, kindness Is he the next life can report it to Lingshan? For Lingshan, very loyal to their love, or very loyal to their marriage.But why a year’s time, you can forget to give Big Brother Yu Jian?We grew up together, but why would again misunderstanding hurt loved his big brother?Her outcome is unfortunate, because she is a fool. For Yue Buqun, a typical hypocrite.In order to fame and fortune can betray all, this is his truth.Although it is a decent person, but it is the biggest devil, this so-called “Daybreak is the devil.”.He got what?More than get lost. Then remembers the sadness and joy, is unspeakable and non hearts Wanyu.People alive inherently difficult, busy rush of the people, meet a few people, few Huan?There are many roles a person, a person can pursue many, but not all can be arbitrary.There are some things wrong lifelong regret, some people missed will not come again.There are a lot of philosophy of life, do not be able to finish the whole.Live simple, happily alive, worthy of its own, worthy of others.