Call from afar

Part One: The Call from afar – to leave home for two years longing Once upon a time, ancestors stop here, I do not know how many vicissitudes of years, footsteps them with wisdom and created this piece of land of happiness and history.Travel extensively so that travelers can intoxicate.  Here is a picture full of charm and magic.Breeze plane, fishing boat night to sing, people’s laughter create a unique harmony and tranquility; Cheng clean water shine a sunrise and sunset each; beautiful, mountains around the water, it is nature’s reward; prostrate at large on the ground that bend trail, historical proof.Bits and pieces here are full of fantasy and vision.  If you are a temple, then I’m one of the most devout pilgrims, complete with life style of my life, and finally into Chunni, into thy bamboo incense in the air.  The upsurge of surging as the surging river, like a fish out of water will lose the right to freedom of flying.You and I are separated by thousands of miles, and our similar, there was not a promise, but every time Looking back, there are more than a bit of sadness.Whenever the dead of night, admitted that there is a yearning called hoping, hoping one day to be back in your arms.How can I take this piece of land in the world?  You, you gave me a miracle!In a foreign country but did not reduce my deep love for you.Even summer insects that enjoy performing graceful dance, eloquent sun, singing, wind, rain, springs of the reading voice, call the string melody, every note, Tiaodang numerous sustenance.Part II: Call from afar to have a voice, listening to the rain like the flowers of the quiet lonely, there is a miss, I like that song you wrote in the spring of love, there is a call, you and I melt with, in every you want a moment.  Used to it because you want to become silent, because nostalgia and become indifferent, tempting earthly, if you have a moment, my heart and mind I still, long night, my thoughts Can will light your tired little bit like a movie star the road.Your heart will not open for me, it will not have the sun to keep you warm, you will not have a ray of spring you want to send along and beauty.Accustomed to look at you, silent, no amount of language, how can v make silly one?No amount of retention, we can only far apart, hear your voice, even if it has nothing to do with me and I let me feel your presence, your words such as soothing, so I no longer dead of night and day silence.Why sauna net dream is still you, but so afraid every time I saw you, miss you, but also the courage to tell you, hug you only in the memories of tight, I just want to let you do the air , in someone else’s life, I was passing through, in your life, I’m superficial, and if there is an afterlife, I would like to do any thing around you, except I do not do myself, I’m afraid I’ll lose you again.Met only once in life, how many times have to face the parting, before you go, I do not know how to smile at you with tears, heartbreaking voice has never let me do not understand any of this wonderful world notes the.  I will not let myself love across your brow, because I was afraid my tears would break your heart, I will make every miss precipitate in my heart, let each of you have a wet dream falls on the south, no matter multi-miss, can only pass was a beauty, I do not hate Qingshenyuanqian, do not blame everything dilemma, when I began to recall, only to deeply understand, I’ve lost you..And you spend the time, warp like a distant stare Looking back, only the wet grass mixed with the smell of incense love the original, and never lose a call of the soul, a long time look forward to your return in the distance.