Calligraphy article

Part One: I grew quite hot calligraphy calligraphy, initially written crooked, write to write to is not seen to grow.I teach elementary school, sir special effort to see me, say, you, stupid Intuit, Intuit stupid.In swastika Gerry wrote “Wing” character, perseverance practice, hard to write.Mr. words imprinted in my heart, I do do the same, and soon to write the word has shocked horned.  Father is engaged in art, said to me, little hey, pay attention to neat writing, no other method, according to the textbooks written in italics word.His father’s words linger in my ear, I did do the same, it did, and wrote the word boxy.  One summer, I met a house called the book a cloud of ink.Said to him, I like calligraphy.He her glasses road, to what extent do you like.I clap that day without calligraphy, hand itch, feel sugar is not sweet, not sweet sleep feel.He said Intuit Well, you’re really hot calligraphy, heat to 90 degrees, ha ha, our household a few days to go and see you write the word sawed.  One day at noon, the scorching sun, singing cicada.I hold the stack of paper to write three words to find ink cloud.”Dangdang, Dangdang when.”Knock on his door.”Who, who!I just lie down, do not make a phone call.”He barefoot, hands rubbing eyes, open to me.”Oh, are you, quickly entered the room.”I sat on the sofa, he was too busy to give me tea, give me Xiaoping Guo, give me watermelon.I said, in haste, not busy, too busy to have your head sweat, come give you trouble.He put a prop glasses, small eyes squint Road, people in your faith, you people Ankan very good, and you will make friends.Engage in the arts, calligraphy, the most moral talk.Pinzheng Arts positive, JCDecaux Arts High.I’d say you look at my writing it.He gently extracted from three in a stack of paper, on the glass, picked up the magnifying glass, look up slowly.I say write Zeyang, he did not say anything, just frowned on broad forehead, raised various obstacles.He looked for a long time, looked up, picked up a piece of watermelon hard hand, bite into his mouth, eating, pull the drawer, the drawer and took out a copybook, tossed me.”By copying this post, facsimile six months, and then used to make Ankan.”I came home, not as it is, verses Pro write a few words, can not remember to put copybook put the head of the table.Time flies so fast, flash on half a year.One day, I was helping relatives and close dried sweet potatoes, pocket phone ringing sound.I then, is an ink cloud ask me quote Pro Pro was Zeyang.I say go back and so on, to find him.  I put the word copy showed ink cloud watching, he turned page after page, “pops.”He shoved hard pound the table,” You, you, cut corners.”I explained things more, no time Pro.”If you want to learn calligraphy, to the steel beam mill embroidery needle, Qin worked hard to write, to write half a year.”He stared at me.Six months later, I gave him a copy of the letter to see.He smiling said, you work hard, get good Pro.As such write-down will be written.He left me to dinner, I did not refuse.We were drunk.  Tao is a provincial calligraphy black friend Member.After work, I find him Kanda Shan, chat calligraphy.To see him smoking a cigarette volumes official script written in white on rice paper, words are written Emotion vigorous, lively and vigorous.I say black Tao, you write the word awesome.I quickly pulled out a box of cigarettes, throw him.Black Tao “Hey,” smile.”Put Your writing is brought, I look.”I took the written word, in front of him.”No NAO, NAO no, I really do not NAO.”I said black Tao, you do not just say, OK, multi-finger problems.”Rip friends”, a cigarette with a match point on a black Tao, puffed, he shook his head shake his hand and said, you write the word unknown radius, regardless of severity, not to mention press, lack of stippling charm, Feng too exposed, no deep, dignified, no texture.He asked me to come at night, in his room practicing calligraphy.  Weather hot, black Tao opened the desk fan, table fan, “Hu Hu, Hu Hu.”Rocker turning, under the bright lights, he let me dip basin of water with a large bucket pen, write on the concrete floor,” Qin ritual monument. “.I write slowly, watching him aside and said, pay attention to use the wrist, calm air and, to a round pen-based, dual-purpose square pen, pen hidden inside forward, clearly frustrated, see mention by force, hypertrophy affordable.I write as he said norms, he sat on a chair, breathing smoke volume.  Black Tao house mosquito, bite me out more on the shoulders of red knots, uncomfortable itching.I say black Tao, Tao black, your house mosquito Intuit much, do not bite you, bite me light.”My stomach more than the ink, mosquitoes do not bite me, hehe.”He bare gray white teeth smiled at me.I can not help itching right shoulder, put a large bucket pen on the bowl, stand up.I did not write, I write mosquito will bite hard.”This itch can not hold, I want to write the word, you are really good for nothing Ankan.”Black Tao ignore me, he ‘plump, plump.’, Drink a cup of tea, pick up the brush, dipped in the ink landscape painting on rice paper.I admire his painting.His pen sophistication, composition full, colored light, the passage of the front ink essays from dark to light, from light to dry, a dry change astringent, with actual situation, flying wonderland.Trees, rocks, streams, trails sway to the fore, hearty, hazy pale Run.I was awed by his paintings, so wanted, black Tao high knowledge, high talent, effort deep, I’ve got the patience to him to learn, hard to practice.I say black Tao, Tao black, you are not satisfied shoes awl – True (pin) Good.I bent, practicing with you.So, I wrote him a night here fifteen words, practicing for a month.  After that, I was in the waste paper to write, and practice them, “Qin ritual monument,” I wrote, “pagoda”, “Zhang Qian monument”, “Cao whole monument”, “B Ying monument”, carefully write every day twenty words, adhere to six years, slowly I know the wrist with a pen tips, writing is also well placed to exploit.  One autumn, I met the capital of a book called Home Arts Court.I went to his house to see him in gusto read “Historical Records”, he poured me a cup of coffee, I drank with him to talk about calligraphy.He said that the art of calligraphy is the main lines.Who will write the word, so hard to write, to write more difficult tricks.Only one aspect of Pro rubbings of calligraphy, rubbings Pro Well, to write the word beautiful, but also the competition, won the prize can not be said that he is a calligrapher.Book called home, not easy.”Mountain retreat pen not enough Jane, reading 10,000 books speaks.”Learning calligraphy, martial arts outside word, to read, familiar with ancient and modern literary classics, between the mountains and rivers to nature, understand the changes of things, from observation and experience life to comprehend writing techniques.To study various times, for their own use, a proficient, innovation, form their own style.”There is a road ground for the tracks, Boundless Learning bitter for the boat,” you just painstaking efforts, sweat does not flow in vain.  Listen Yuan Yi’s words, better than reading ten books.I think the Court Arts powerful, really powerful.I finally found the secret of calligraphy.    Part II: square with old calligraphy from my last semester beginning September 10 by the time Saturday morning, in the center of Songzhuang County school to participate in the training of primary school teachers in hard-pen calligraphy, Fang Jing speaker teachers.Professor Fang Jing year-old 83 years old.Before retiring in a Shanghai university calligraphy teaching in more than 30 years, he played every year from 1982 donations to schools in the county has more than two million yuan.His calligraphy, his character is worthy of our study, our Secretary Xu also his disciples, therefore, I cherish this opportunity to learn.  I prefer to write, but has been Xinshou paint, self-righteous, do not speak tricks.As you know, I’m not good at speaking most people, the leadership insisted the spot, were forced, but to tidy up the learning record, Professor Fang put in there to learn something about trafficking.Sauna net with Professor Fang learn, I know the meaning of calligraphy has weight, radius, actual situation, speed is said.To know the process of learning calligraphy clinical experience, back, moving to improve the ability to promote three.  Professor Fang words and deeds, we also like to first-year students from sitting as practicing.He stressed that the sitting posture is correct: positive first, flat shoulder, Han Xiong, pull back, Yasutari.Write to the level of the line of sight does not interfere with subject index finger interior angles greater than 90 degrees, the writing essentials are: write to loose, to a light pen down, writing fingering.Now many people write, back of the paper will leave deep scratches, it shows too put pen to paper and watch your handwriting have no strength, not to see how much hard pen on paper, but the performance in the connotation of the word on the line strokes in writing performance whether the severity of several radius are different, the actual situation has caused, there is the speed of.Fingering write, hard brush is different from the brush, do not rely on the activities of the wrist, but as much as possible the movement of the finger knuckles to write.  In the training, Professor Fang temporary seize the main, back, moving in three stages.Pro when the first look at the structure of the characters, see the general shape of the first pen positioning is very important, followed by the stroke itself to see the length and gradient, and then note the location of the up and down strokes on the sum of the left and right, and finally understand the positive Qi and density of the entire word.Pro is the pursuit of the shape of the process, it takes a long time to practice, talk about accuracy and precision of temporary posts do not speak there will be no progress.The back is quite similar to the shape of the transition from.Pro is based paste to achieve a certain accuracy on the word confidence affixed write back down, and then back again as revised posts, slowly, from the back a word, a word to the back, a back quadword , a character back, and gradually increase.The move process is quite similar to the process of the pursuit, it is intended to create on posts, as I learn, the ability to further strengthen the training process.  In the correct posture, penned on the basis of training, but also be seeking to form potential to set virtual reality, to find the feeling of pen on paper slip, pen started to write down, there is virtual, from mild to severe, there is slow there are urgent, not pen in hand control, but the feeling of control pen in hand, looking for the heart figured hand, pen handy move.Over time, this feeling will gradually become a writing pleasure, the pleasure was written by the writing hand, you write to the interest, capacity will be raised unknowingly.  February 28, 29 for two days in the south high school, I attended the Board of Education and county Calligraphers calligraphy brush out of a short course, listened to the county calligraphy Huang Bing, Fu Kai Jun, Shi Xinyu, Lu Hang word, Zhang Fang held several lectures everyone, 29 pm to watch the scene everyone’s calligraphy, benefit.Overall, opium artists are big wine, wine I do not have the opportunity to see, think South High School Professor Yang Song accompany young pretty extraordinary temperament, can be described as the county’s first beauty school principals, the wine is not drunk when pigs fly?But one by one, that smoke pumping, hand writing, left-handed pinch smoke.When writing for the wanton, extremely free and easy.Old party is no exception, that told me to go to his house to accompany him to dinner, I said I went to buy a bottle of wine Professor Fang ah, he refers to a hand to the kitchen, the family of wine you have not take a bath, which you use to buy wine ah.  From the old square where I also learned a lot of truth in life.  Fang said, “non-toxic is not her husband” is actually repeated the baseless assertion, should be “the husband is not excessive.”.How to grasp the degree, master the appropriate level of attainment, the right sense of proportion.So calligraphy, man, too, talk about grace, there is tolerance, generosity can.One day be burdened with money, are catching all kinds of personal relationships, caught them, how can we live from me?  ”Act of the heavens, the earth, and France Road, Imitation of Nature.”Everything should go with the flow, some people worked hard life, give everything, can not write whatever, mostly utilitarian mind too, learn calligraphy its name to everyone and several people who?As a hobby, and his companions, do not plan fame, not vanity, spiritual cultivation wisdom, builds Yue, what is wrong?  Yes ah, like me, and so mediocre inaction generation, as a hobby, arty, when a fake scholar, installed a long time will be able to gain something, and if can hold on for a lifetime, in the end it might even fruition.