Calls for spring

Another year of the beginning of spring, a thousand miles of blue skies heralded the footsteps of spring is quietly walking up to Villa.    I was at a loss at the corner of Spring.    As time year after year suffer the pain of dragging it across the forehead, suffering years of wandering aimlessly in the stream of life in.Thirty spring and excluding rush and struggle of cold and heat, dressed in ill-earned only this, but also how to play the horn not mind “ambition to speak melancholy” tunes.Dissolute rivers and lakes of the days and nights became a memory of a dream, decorated in a jujube tree of life in May, solitude and silence fall.    I always look forward to spring because recovery of all things, vibrant.I found the direction or the spring in the spring, flying a dreary winter mood.(China Network original contributions prose WWW.sanwen.COM) since the disease can be swallowed my spring.I was afraid to become stray Guyan, but destined to be the fate of my loneliness.Liu looked at the street in pairs in rows beside the street every day to continue this story of a small town, listening to the magpies thirty-three both in both branches and crying voice, savoring make life abandoned in the corner of taste, long river with no Wulie I take thousands of melancholy.    I can not but face increasingly lonely life and after half a lifetime of suffering.I can not rely on the mind which side the sky, which is not in the hands of individuals, and I’m a restless meteor, since turning back from the track, we must not afraid of burning entire life, in the last minute to do their burning, with bright light to others, do not ask whether the sympathy and understanding.    I do not know the situation of others, I only know themselves alone and isolated is my future life.Since the deep loneliness, do not be afraid to walk alone, even if only on my own crooked feet of snow in winter, I will strong to go.    No man, no group of friends, no guests, I have a clear sky of the clouds, I have a peach of March colorful, I still have August Mid-Autumn moon, I have filled with the struggles of blood, I have a strong-willed body, I have to stay together figure, I have made clear the sun tomorrow, I still have dreams, I still stubborn, I still have life.    I can not blame anyone.Since the terrible history of the disease than any a disaster for humanity to destroy weak.When the spring breeze blowing I should not kiss the spring, although spring sweet moist; when rain Xie Fei I should not have to embrace the rain, although rain smooth shy.I should learn to control your passion, learn to control that impulse to embrace life.    Spring is coming.    In the spring, not far from encouraging the sail, sail waiting for the horn sounded.    Well, my life in the spring it?    In the spring of my life everywhere ah!Blood the breath of life when I was younger, I was strong azalea flower, white clouds and windy eagle in the cliff.Even before dawn to die, I have to make a gesture to embrace the sky, and I will shed the blood stream laden spring, spring can not ignite a piece of bright red, go to nourish the earth patches of green.