calm at heart

Part One: calm water often say, is really dull, quiet is a blessing, it can really calm what is?Is calm water.Lay aside all worldly troubles.  As night fell, when his own infiltrated every night in silence, listening to the heart whisper, feel the calm water of this mood is so pleasant.  Through the dim moonlight, we found that the calm water of the night is so beautiful.  When you no longer care about the successes and failures, starting with a peaceful state of mind to look through the life course, will be stationed in the warm sun you have the vicissitudes of the heart.Spring breeze will whisk you have dry heart bitter tears.  When you no longer care about the form and appearance, in every day life, beginning with the desire to touch the soul, thought will be able to peace, love and Melancholy will be able to – to resolve.  When you no longer care about fame and money, will begin his own life, can do to enjoy life, appreciate the pure beauty of human nature.  When you no longer care about owning and ask, learn to sacrifice, learn to give up.Will put as a kind of get lost, you can make happy forever with.  In fact, the people, as long as contentment, it will calm water.We live in a secular, although complicated, flashy secular rare tranquility, but also we can calm a blue sky, one of the laid-back soul of the Pure Land.  I, sitting alone in this, listen to audio, slowly flowing out of the music, with the mouse carries a sincere portray a calm appearance, feel comfortable calm water.  Society sincere, sincere flow of tears, Lo sincere smile, to make clear the mind.Person, in good faith for a little something more, a little more pay.Maybe you expect it will be harvested.  Between people is mutual, when you lift a finger accidentally today help others, perhaps tomorrow, when you need someone to help, people will be duty-bound to give you a hand.I have personally experienced.On one occasion, a company master drive, in front of an item blocking the way.Just when I helped him out after items.Save him down, he smiled at me express my gratitude to the friendly bar.Not long afterward, I brought the material in the warehouse, can not get too much, he ran into him at once stopped to help me on my post.Made me embarrassed.Sometimes just little things matter, but let you get more returns.  In fact, helping others to help themselves also tantamount to.  I always believed, treat others with sincerity, others will use a sincere return.  At the moment it began to rain outside the window, as if this summer’s rain wash away all my Choujie.I have never had so calm.Sitting in front of the screen, listen to the cheerful music of this song after another.Feeling has never been easier.    Part II: multi-product fragrance, calm water sip of coffee, bitter, astringent after taste fragrance.Makes a myriad of thoughts, life as this bitter coffee.  Sometimes, I feel unhappy life, could not help sentiment slipped to the bottom, I do not want to talk too much, to accompany the children to play, but my mind was thinking about a lot of unhappy things, like my heart there is a large block of stone.In fact, think about it, saying: “Happy is the day, but also worried one day.”Always forward through the day, if not always think of happy things, not a harm to themselves, their family, how often.Can they understand the truth, that is, do not do too.Perhaps nightlife net, inadvertently, there will be a surprise landing.At this time, feeling the sun shine again myself, and I feel very, very good, have the momentum to do something.Aftertaste again before the unhappy things, always think it is so important, not worth mentioning, is insufficient for the Road.Before the agony swept away, as the rain is gone, into the spring, he went to the sea.  Nine out of ten things in life, why make things difficult for ourselves?Bitter worth mentioning, music worth mentioning, over time, will become the past.Often think of one during happy Second, and more goods fragrance, calm water.    Part Three: calm water like I do not know since when the replacement of the four seasons in the night, the rain sometimes elegant, sometimes the wind is free and easy, and sometimes light snow.When night fell I always put hours of immersion this tranquil midnight listening carefully whispered deep in his own heart.Loud filter the troubles of the night, which was a particularly quiet extra Enron, through the hazy night of Enron always find that quiet night is so beautiful.So in this calm water lightly in quietly enjoy their own share of the sky.I have always hope I can be a woman of elegant water.Just living in this chaos of the secular, the complex, the flashy, really rare tranquility.Some people say that at the appropriate time to turn around, but unfortunately never properly early time what time, so I let it call the soul, frequently turned.  People often say is really dull, quiet is a blessing, that is the intention of the static water attitude examine everything, then everything will become insignificant.When I’m not very concerned about the success and failure, start with one falling silent, calm water approach to examine the life course I have gone through only to find that the warm sunshine and beautiful scenery are quietly walked into my once vicissitudes of the heart, silently appease those scars left behind in the rush and desire.  When I’m not very concerned about fame and money, only to find the original and the loss can be fine painting, water intentions quiet attitude towards the pros and cons, I realized that life was the most cherished.If you can enjoy the good life of the pure life experience to the United States to win an azure blue sky for his party well-being of the Pure Land.  When I’m not very concerned about possession and loss, learn to learn to give and dedication.There is always a moment will find that this is called pay which is called to give up.Paid a dedication in retrospect is the peace of mind.In fact, as long as people will always happy contentment, it will calm water.Let it give up its own, has no share of heavy breathing becomes easier the fun.This found that giving up is a kind of get.At the moment calm water smile will stop.  For life is not got a lot of things, but learned.  Tonight I sit here and let that beautiful night surrounded the entire pavilion and let the melodious light music flowing in every cell in my body, indulge in someone else’s story, happy that their happiness, their sadness sorrow.Gradually it faded melancholy, forget the fans worry, forget yourself.Calm water, so very good.    Part Four: If the silk thread blue, calm water face lonely, depressed for a long time is taken when the time to find a breakthrough, often out of a vent, forgot to save a bit of their own, the result will be even more lonely, you might No, perhaps more than men, a woman born to know what to leave.  Silence might not solve anything, at least not hurt others, hurt themselves, and perhaps the beginning is the wrong choice, so people maintain a moderate stance will be based here longer.  When bored wrote this, maybe I am more lonely than you, so much the future will no longer say.I would just like as in the past, you have your future, and I could only stand on the mountain side, looking at the mountain scenery, and the color of the sea but only as this sky, is Shensui blue.  What I do not know when to say when, only greetings, face you, I do not know, maybe you and most users like talking to you just want to know who, when tasteless become tasteless when they abandoned doubt.  Perhaps women feel hurt mostly the case, as tidbits like clouds, the shuttle in the marginal eye, such as the wave pattern of ups and downs, and light and free, and alternately in this contradictory world.  I’m relieved to a certain scenario, but a loss to the mundane world of fun in the sea of fog Miao see the mountains, to the mountain peaks Huan see the sea, across from you, but as this world of dust clouds, bringing back memories of you let me everything!  At this time, the more quiet part of the night, such as mountains moonlight You An ink Xiaozhu qingyin in wind leisurely.And I was just in the waves of the water level wave static side, you planted orchids one, in the southern town of misty rain to make.  Dim moonlight, Qingyong this quiet lake.Bursts smoke Si Wu moisture slowly from the calm as a lake mirror sway raised.I seem to listen to the endings of the Red, wait for this season’s flowers, smell the flowers.  Late at night, shrink from seeking southern minor, such as springs twang buzz, and secluded deep cross with string and wind should play, adding to the flavor of this misty rain sway.I rhyme at the end of this sound, look and a Red silk blue smoke, you continue to look into the distance in the world, would not go back.    Part Five: calm water Over the years, they have accustomed to midnight, boiled coffee, open sound, slightly bitter aroma of the coffee and soft melodic music that is full of empty room, maybe this is what I keep in solitude into the habit.  It is said that the silence of midnight is the time a person’s heart is closest to the soul.At this time, people will tend to show the most authentic self – the most complete, freeing himself imprisoned soul.And so at midnight I called the soul fluttering midnight, then the soul is called flying around midnight of the soul.  Sip fragrant and somewhat bitter coffee, listening to the audio, gentle melody of release, calm water that I quietly waited and soul touching a little bit of time approaching.When the British clock drops pattered walking sound, has never change their fixed rhythm, but when combined with the beautiful music together, it touches people feel do not have some charm.Own deeply felt, in the silence of midnight, light fly waving souls it keeps me calm water coming.  Under the dim orange light, I saw a woman with a melancholy face, although with pure like face, but the face will reveal the slightest sentimental.She wore a lavender loose pajamas, sitting in front of my conversation with me: “so late, how not to sleep?So drink strong coffee, can only increase your memories and thoughts of the distant past, do not let you forget yesterday.You calm water, at the moment the heart is not static.”I frowned a little, feeling her concern for his own, it is so false.She still ignoring my presence, went on: “This silence of the night, you will feel lonely heartfelt.Four-year-old woman, carrying a dozen jealously guarding its availability, not experienced such a lonely person is difficult to know where the pain.Only a long wait, coffee and music to accompany you through every lonely day and night.”Hearing this, I paced the set with tinted glass window, a little bored her with respect, because she just comes to their own heart.When she touched my heart, there is a man with a knife to cut open like pain and panic on his body.  I took a deep night was soft moist air, force yourself to walk around in the window.This melancholy on a cheek appeared in the large glass windows, so I leaned against the window in front of homeopathy soft sofa.She is not speech, seems to see my impatient heart.  Everything has returned to normal, still the flavor of the coffee aroma, when the British still not intermittent running clock ticking melodies accompanied by soft music room, I slumped on the couch, in addition to the tears that look, all as previously in general, like nothing happened.Before I sat down again and desk, her words rang out: “Some things do not think too much, everyone’s life have a different choice, having chosen not regret.Maybe now you are lonely, but hand in hand watching the sunset red, it should be how beautiful scenery ah, that is your life the most romantic thing.”Having heard this, I felt eyes suddenly light up.She looked dialogue with himself, feeling all too familiar with this melancholy face, only to wake up, they are in dialogue with their midnight dancing soul, in front of all the conversations of his own writing in diary messy mood.  Over the years, at midnight conversation with his books is a beautiful diary and pen only with me for many years, they accompany me fifteen lonely Spring., I often midnight dialogue with flying soul from the beginning with the first day of the dialogue own soul flying, often flying along with ours at midnight each day.  Collection messy diary of my heart, soul dancing and told me: “Everything will pass, everything will be fine too.Although he passed middle age period, but not too old.You wait patiently, and so will come after you no longer lonely.”Whispered softly fluttering soul, the calm water, I entered a gentle sleep at midnight.