Calm in the face of the article

Part One: calm in the face of life can not help but think of the phrase “suffering from life, suffering from alive, if alive, is a pain, then the dead can do to get relief,” I want to say, “No, death is not terrible, dead It does not give relief to bring their own, but to relatives, friends bring greater suffering.”A lot of people will lamented that” people alive tiring!”I’ve had such a sigh called on, but even if tired, we still have to remain alive, alive in itself is not that kind of a person in exchange for generous rewards hard work and results, and is alive in the twists and turns of life on the road how to feel the joy of them!If alive, just for fun, so we do not compare to the pain of where you come from happy now?Because the pursuit, but to work hard, because there is an ideal to strive for, however, if just to have to achieve a certain purpose, however scarred in, then we got another and did not get what is the difference, then this happy or not happy.  Calm, perhaps only calm is the best relief!I am calm and I’m happy!Because there is suffering in life, I feel happy!  I remember this poem Tagore’s “sky without leaving traces of birds, but I have flown.”I think it is frankly made for the best interpretation of it!Calm face life!  We stumbled in their vitality walking, feeling like the tide, ebb and flow, only the calm face of life, not only for the fame and disturbing, not for the future and worry, and do not suffer as gains and losses, and get lost in the inevitable calm.If we can calm in the face of life; look quiet life, then our lives would not be filled with sunshine and happy every day.    Part II: calm face, a happy elderly into society, what is wrong?This is the harvest season of life, Zongmu watch imbued with the fruits of their labor, always reveals a lifetime of achievement and hard work, the face of such huge achievements, we are not comfortable with it?We are making progress fighting the first half of pride and pride, and rejoice, because people did not live up to the expectations of the older generation, live value!  That being the case, why can not we be happy elderly into society, live happily share our fruits of victory, to honor our past and celebrate, singing and jumping for success!(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) Over the past few decades, we have day and night to run around in the community Avenue, conscientious, tireless strides toward the desired direction, laid a solid foundation for today ushered in harvest.Yesterday’s no struggle, there is no everything today.Because today is the continuation of yesterday, we are looking forward to the results of yesterday.Our successors, been the cause of heritage, beautiful face reality, we can not accept what things.Although we entered the aging society, but we do not regret it, this is the result of the development of the natural law.Comply with the law of development of the times, in order to have a balanced state of mind, mindful, calm face, laughing all the future a better world, peace of mind, self-satisfied.As the saying goes: Better than.The last time, he did not easily let go, every day tirelessly to forge ahead and learn the power of social and cultural knowledge of the times, closely follow the trend of the times, the courage to overcome obstacles on the way forward of the storm, he has made a remarkable one the fruits of victory.People often say that the three countries of Guan Gong over five hurdles, victories rich, in fact, in our lives by virtue of its ability to break through far more than it will be five off six?!We hehe exploits enough to beat Guan Gong many times, and this is the glory of our life, proud of his life.  Today, the rapid socio-economic development, a solid foundation, social harmony and full of warmth.In such an environment, dignity, joy of life, to share the fruits of social development, what is wrong?The laws of social development is such a freeze: The waves pushed forward, a wave after wave.The same is true of our human society development.Can live in a harmonious society, we should be a blessing where these elderly.Fortunately we live in a society in a peaceful environment, like a duck, free-living.Fame and fortune, balanced state of mind, philosophy of life seeding dominate our thinking.This is our society, understanding of life with increasing age and deepened, see more thorough, achieve the supreme state of life.As the saying goes: students do not bring dead can not go, all attributable to the superficial.In health, old age, enough to live comfortably, have a happy and harmonious home, a strong physique is enough.  Time for our elderly is concerned, it is sufficient, more and more abundant leisure time, reached a quiet leisure look Yunjuanyunshu, flower aviculture, explore the natural beauty, the pursuit of new life in something that’s long-cherished wish, in a casual and hair realm of life.Put aside all the ideological baggage, simply to live, not the pursuit of ambitious goals, the desire, there is pressure, adding to the burden of thinking, to cast a shadow over the real life.In this shadow, how can we talk about happiness and freedom, joyless.In the simple rules of life, put aside all desire, happily into existing realm of life, the share of social harmonious atmosphere, the warmth of family harmony share, in the realm of their grandchildren, free to fly, fly willing to sacrifice their own heaven and earth, to show their sunset pink clouds of glory, so colorful sunset rays illuminate the road ahead in his later years of life, happiness ahead.    Part three: be comfortable with is a chic was a joke, life is easy, living is easy, life is not easy, in fact, is the mantra.In fact, in life, everyone will face different pressures from family, work, social.In particular, the pressure of competition for the workplace was removed, the interests of the dispute, right, down jobs, sometimes, the pressures will be hit from all directions, plus gossip immersion, do people struggling to cope.Because people are flesh and blood, not the impregnable fortress.The soft part of the soul, it is vulnerable.So often we feel helpless and anxious, which is the normal life.Because we live in the world, living in the world, worldly things let us nowhere to hide, then we learn to face.Face, may not be able to change the attitudes of people around the world or problem, maybe the villain or as insignificant, no vision people continue to be short-sighted.However, we have to use their own true for them all to conscience as a standard.Maybe you do a lot of effort is still obstacles, then stop and reflect and trimmed their emotions and thinking.Nine ninth is right, it does not mean the hundredth time is right.Even if he did wrong, we do not over-insist on straight, of course, not to give up, but to learn to turn around detour.Stream is our role model, regardless encounter boulders or trees, smiling, gently detour, eventually let passers see their beauty, but also to the ocean to see their wisdom, Is not it a big wisdom you?  In fact, now society is too materialistic interests, humanity seems far away from the good things we.So, we live in a very dangerous environment.Human nature selfish, greedy, narrow-minded, sophisticated.These waste composition full of air, crowded areas, more people stagnation heavy.We hide not hide, hide can not hide, change can not change, and change can not change, we do not yet live?No, we have to be more proud of living, more leisurely life, to change their point of view, to adjust their attitude.No matter how others, to save themselves, make their own humanity has a repair and integration.As someone said, stand high point, the nearest point from the sun, stand high point, you can see the blue sky.Work, if we are not age appropriate turn so fast, we can slow down their speed, that everything within our capabilities, do not Taimian Jiang himself, otherwise it will be very tired.Give yourself a bit of pressure applied, will stimulate their sense of responsibility and passion, but excessive, will be physically and mentally fatigued, even lose happiness.Because the highest goal in life is happiness, not status, power, money.Not the appearance of the landscape, the wonderful performance, although they will give you some satisfaction and happiness, but because it is a moment of mortal things, but also often make us feel lost and helpless.So, true happiness is the happiness and freedom of mind and physical health.Maybe another day, we really are tired, you need to put down the current position, that is a very happy thing, because we also put fear and worry.Since then, not all-powerful, but they can stroll, leisurely repeat itself, then He Qian.I know, do these women easier.Because men seem very focused on their face.However, we just give up or be deprived of aristocratic life, but we have a noble freedom, which is not very good?  Each of us is a meteor, no one way to always glamorous, not to mention our lives have been blooming, brilliant, nor have any regrets, perhaps this we will embark on the road of happiness.No matter how frustrated encounter, intentions can not excessive, affecting the body, damage health, because when healthy absent, wisdom, nor appearances.But can not light up their lives, parents in our lives, we have a responsibility to protect it, not fight with it, because life is no return.Otherwise his wife and children need our care and care.We learn to mature in the vicissitudes of life, because the vicissitudes beautiful.So, we do not reject the gyro life, find their center of gravity and speed, Cease to stop turning.There are of course good round of applause, if not, we have to continue, because we are interpreting his own life, there is no appreciation unimportant.Sometimes, maybe we lack understanding, but our colleagues and chic.    Part Four: the vicissitudes of life, frankly face always jokingly said “little or alive old ah, this matter is not seen.”.Joking aside, but there is really a lot of things that did not go through, did not read, can not accept the.  Let me talk about a: because of their work, often see a lot of gay people in pairs, affectionate, lingering share of no less than the normal male and female lovers, supposedly not accustomed to seeing strange, today’s society has become more tolerant, It can recognize and accept this concept of love, but my heart is still very uncomfortable, not always conscious of them as my own children on their parents’ point of view to consider, worry about their future, but also often wonder what twisted their sexual orientation, is the social environment or parental education is a problem, is not known.Gay people revel in their happiness where others do not care about strange look, but let me know what the outsider can only praying: all the world can get married lovers, whether homosexual or heterosexual.  Community development, there are many human progress, reflected in the manner in which there is a divorce rate is constantly rising, that is not good this phenomenon is good or bad, everyone has everyone’s understanding of it.That good people will say “no feelings of marriage is immoral,” we put a horse, have to find their own happiness; say bad people will say “moral imbalance” people have no sense of responsibility, simply seek their own comfort, forget the child is the biggest victims.Anyway, I always think that children are the most innocent, should not have to pay for the mistakes of the adults, the children are considered under the premise that together we can make a decision is loose, others had called people, mainly in people know what it is responsible!  Here, think of one thing: My father had a close friend for many years, Shandong, forthright enthusiasm, and my house is like a good person, I always called him uncle.This is my uncle in his later years was to make something all of us can not accept something like this: Messengers of God that he fell in love with a younger than his ten-year-old woman, for the woman Pistachio such as soil, complete forget who he is, there is a forgotten family had been with him for over rice Zaokangzhiqi.Family labored, exhausted all conceivable method did not restore his heart, heartbroken aunt told me tearfully: “He always said the family is not warm, I desperately fired boiler, a winter burn seven or eight tons coal, hot straight I open the window, he does not how warm it?”I laugh and cry, but my mind was killing me: my silly aunt ah, you will understand how a man’s heart once cool down, it is to give him a warm stove, but also to the.Under heartache, I find Laxialianlai uncle and the woman talk, a look of happy uncle introduced me: “This is your aunt, your aunt is later.”I know what to say, long while speechless.The aunt said: “I half-hard, just want to serve a person, I would like for him when cattle and horses, child-rearing.”Grandpa moved to tears, hate picking out the heart to the front of the woman.I knew I was powerless, and can only hope to be nice aunt uncle, look at who you support the elderly, raising two daughters were, aunt to stay pension money point of it.Uncle hesitated a long time, reluctantly agreed, but later he was in front of the beauty to forget his old wife, took almost all of the property, this unfeeling Shandong tough guy ah, broke the hearts of all.May ultimately he did not want him to be happy, that woman cheated all his money, hand carrying a large kitchen knife and drove him out, he could not face here, a single return to his hometown in Shandong the.Aunt saying one deserved it, but could not stop the tears drip, worried Yeah ,,, I remember a decade ago when the farm, adjacent to the company a major event: the murder of an old couple at home, after the rescue Father Huanguo Lai, but never left the old lady.The police said that the findings do fugitives, a time known panic, every household early to close the door, for fear of becoming the second woman.Can a few days later came an explosive news, this old lady had died in the hands of her husband, which makes the company has been quiet frontier was boiling.The old couple are very hardworking people, and even contracted in the breeding point of considerable income, when banks are personally come to their home to conduct business, with the words now a VIP member banks.More money will more ideas, Father but likes the old widowed younger siblings at home, first enormous sums of sending money home, and then brothers and sisters is to cover a two-story Western-style house, this is not important, the most important that he wanted younger siblings living together, which makes the forbearance and tolerance of the intolerable old lady, old lady fell into a quarrel, Father also dumbfounded, severely heart after much thought given him a staggering blow, of course not wanted to commit suicide, he still misses it home siblings!To the hospital after he stumped the doctors, obviously checking everything is normal, how he was unconscious, or is it the police have the experience, found that the situation does not, sitting by his bed “chat”: “This is really pathetic old man, not how awake yet, the old lady Zhengming like to see him, so that if they saw Father, do not feel bad Sia.”Father one, was it whispered, I thought it was a trick, at least for a spacious, so he confessed everything.After knowing the truth, most can not accept that his three children and a woman, devoted themselves to the old mother actually died at the hands of the kindly father, too cruel, I believe no one can accept the fact.  Some people say that this is the situation, ah, are selfish, no one wants his lover faithless, but no one is willing to work with others and one husband or a wife, but in fact there is such a thing really happen.There is a Liu aunt, was the art troupe of Peking Opera actor, farm show sympathy to the delegation, the result is assigned to the old party leadership field a wife, Liu aunt Xunsimihuo not agree, arm twisting, but the thigh, led the field between two strangers off in an empty room full three days, put a man out of time, Backstage has long gone out of sight, Liu aunt also accept their fate, but often hear the melody of the opera, you will cry all day, at one time on TV opera competition, often you can see her hand holds a small handkerchief, his eyes staring at the screen, turn the piercing cry Rouchang.Later I do not know why, a man walked into her home, two men very, very good when nothing each holding a cup of tea, sat quietly playing chess together, Liu aunt always quiet ride on one side, watching TV is not the mend, as the two men got up and occasionally add a little hot water, an enjoyable way.Of course there are Liu aunt temper, yells when two men obediently listened, occasionally taking advantage of Liu aunt do not pay attention, exchange glances, then both fled, leaving Liu aunt a man secretly laugh.Such a person is in harmony with the harmony of life, the children are to honor the three old men, he did not care outsiders gossip.Say “crushed to death under his tongue, spittle drown people”, which is an exception, right, in the final analysis people are living for themselves, why should care about how other people look at it, Liu aunt is an expert Yeah, I very impressed, in my heart I do not know how many times they praised.  Things of the world is the way you said I I say you, I say you are an expert, you say I’m Cases.Say divorced is the enemy, could no longer get along, but why I do not think so, and her ex-husband divorced ten years, never felt he was my enemy, always in my heart when he was my most special friend or relatives, his emotions, his health and peace will always be my most concerned about.As long as he was happy, I do not care who it is happy to bring him, but do not care who he belongs.Some people say I’m stupid, but I never felt, at least in this case I was very wise, learn to be tolerant, to lay down their hatred, a calm heart.  People live I will go through a lot of things, like Ye Hao sad, all kinds of experience.A man must stand the lie, stand the perfunctory, we resist cheating forget it promises, let go of all, last fall with a laugh to disguise the tears.Life, instead of waiting storm in the past, but to learn to dance in the rain, an idea bloom, flowers an idea, this distant mountains and water in the world, after all, still have to go, some things not want to see before going to insist, but adhere to will see hope.