Campanula row of trees outside the window

REVIEW scared early autumn leaves.Autumn has come, the leaves began to turn yellow, followed by diffuse patches of deciduous fly flying apricot is one of Campanula.Numerous small wind chimes dance in the air, just like a mature song.      There are rows of lush window Coronet wind chimes tree, with its dense shade shade leaden cement pavement, between the drab gray and yellow buildings, swaying eyeful of green, gives a fresh and pleasing to.I walked into the kitchen every day, would not help standing at a window, staring out the window the big flower big flower Irene, if it is not green clouds surging in front of me, but in my heart.And every case, the stove pots and pans before a crash, there is always turned into a beautiful song, my eyes would always emerge out of the wind chimes tree just planted on the scene.Campanula tree is on the first of the new century Chunzai.  The end of the century last winter, low temperatures, six districts of four works just completed too late to clean up the construction site, and we, like many residents, can not wait to moved in.After the New Year, repaired front of the flower beds, gardens and flower beds on the north side of the master on the way carrying a dozen trees unknown trees, one meter high, fine if thumb.After the festival, the body gradually withered tree fresh up, filled with slurry children of branches Rourounennen.Before long, yellow teeth actually offspring out of the sub-branches.It shoots enjoying the sun and rain moisture, as if people could see her in the awkward stretch out, a few days it becomes thick, oval green leaves.A few days later, the trees sprang a lot of ulterior motives pork on a skewer.  Like a duck to water when the trees are growing up, only to be next to three or four little tree urchin ripped from the neck up, tear down bone tree, tree branches hanging in the waist swinging in the joint tender skin, the sap along the trees are down stream, gloomy.The next day, someone with a fine cloth with the torn part firmly tied up, trees head and stand up, obviously a little crooked.About a month or bar scene, trees actually good treatment of his injury miraculously grow sprouts.  Another year of green grass, trees have more than two or three meters thick wrists, and Qianqian posture like a row of passionate welcome girls.However, this ill-fated trees are now being reined neck people chained together with rough rope, tools became dry bedding.Over time, trees overwhelmed, like a weak child had paralysis.At the same time I was worried about the fate of the trees, a note from the protection of trees, the trees become a talisman, but not someone go down after the small tree and tied a rope.  No artificial barriers, trees restore its former joy, and green foliage top, the yellow Guduo grow a string, such as pea size, very cute.Later, Guduo deep color slowly, quietly drum body, tall walnut-sized, three angular tightly nestled together, resembles a string of exquisite and delicate little lanterns.It opened weak as onion skin leather child, three, four yellow tree seeds children nestled on the wall shocked, just like the mother in just the developing fetus placenta.The tree seeds after children mature into dark hard beads, natural from the mother, landed in a small lantern, the wind blows, small lanterns issued a “flapping” sound, like most of the girls decorative wind chimes room, So this row of trees will have her own name – Campanula tree.  Because across a road and a huge flower beds between the building I live with wind chimes tree, I cook in the kitchen on the fourth floor, seem to be able to hear the sound of wind chimes overstating the tree every day, to see the trees in the rolling rings bells.Trees in my chef in a day stout, lush foliage day by day, Flash is more than ten years, the trees of the year and now is two and a half high rough on the third floor.  Summer, I Gechuang top, like Irene even as a crown, the trunk cover tightly.Their hair will be a breeze along the children hold up, between silence, another shun child down, much like the barber in combing the hair of a girl.One after another, they are sometimes trimmed breezes into green Hai Bibo, sometimes in case of strong winds to form the Green Mountains fountain, sometimes sunny, like the dancers play sprinkled with blue skirt veil.Touching is on the canopy umbrella, high Qingqi that string of small golden bells, the breeze gently swaying, swing over, rejection of the past, the level is so neat, color is so clear.Crisp bird wafting from the dense leaves, melodious.Occasionally, you can also get a glimpse of little black and white Toba, gave people a beautiful reverie.  If came downstairs, standing under a tree looking up, you’ll see that each tree has more than two thick body, despite the frustration of childhood, the body slant neck crooked little decency, but each next to the Plaza ramp twigs are head held high, just toward the sun, toward the rain toward the blue sky grows Pinmingdixiang.They that resolute attitude, high-spirited momentum, not the slightest slack and idle swimming Yi.Vitality wind chimes from tree, people can hear their heart, soul tree to see portray the most powerful treasures.  Early Autumn leaves scared.Autumn has come, the leaves began to turn yellow, followed by diffuse patches of deciduous fly flying apricot is one of Campanula.Numerous small wind chimes dance in the air, just like a mature song.They are tired, some crawl on the lawn, some perched in the crevice.A few days later, the plot on the lawn with a thick layer, soft pine, Huang Cheng Cheng, step up Cuisheng students.Playful spirit of children of the elderly, to pick shiny black beads, with a red line through a circle, worn on children’s neck, energy and Lizhu comparable; the children came back from school, finished school, regardless of the mother’s cries, carefully push lightly with the floor of the fallen, one by one, pleasant collection of wind chimes.Plume of smoke wafting show window, sunset leaving more than a touch of red, this is the most beautiful picture of the living area.  Winter to spring, wind chimes trees with their branches may hold up to people’s deep shade; with fresh oxygen gives himself worked tirelessly to spit fresh air; with their gorgeous variety of colors, to draw on the living area the most beautiful drawing.Campanula tree ah, although you do not pine stubborn noble, no great tall and straight poplar, willow Ana scene is not, however if you have thoughts, you will certainly know us a deep feeling for you!More than a decade, under the cool shade you, how many new lives were born?How many children of parents expectations?How many students walk through the door of the elite?How many bits steelworkers beautiful silhouette is reflected on fire?I am afraid you can not count.  Campanula tree ah, I have seen you grow, you gave me cool shade in your life, such as sipping a cup of tea soothes the soul, your wind chimes crisp clank sound, will bring our dreams, that wind blowing through your thick the round Irene, flying high, to pursue a colorful life!