What constellation is the end of May?

Taurus and Gemini are at the end of May.. Taurus is born from April 21 to May 20.. Gemini’s birth date is May 21-June 21.   Taurus: April 21-May 20 Taurus likes to use the first impression to determine how much they like a person, and to pursue better quality than the three.. In addition, Taurus is also a gastronomist and has a fanatical love for food.. Taurus has his own unique view and pursuit of body, sports and all beautiful things..   Taurus tends to be conservative in its thinking, places too much emphasis on money, and sometimes appears stingy.. Taurus people, although they can persevere with their own plans and are more ambitious, are in pursuit of stability and blood flowing in their bones. They are satisfied with their own pursuit to a certain extent and will gradually lose their morale.. Family concept is very important to Taurus. What he wants is a partner who can take responsibility for family life with him. Taurus, who is family-centered, usually can bring a reliable and safe feeling to his family..   Taurus has a very planned way of doing things. He will usually analyze the pros and cons first, Overcautious and indecisive, and then proceed cautiously.. Taurus never does anything that has no chance of winning. Once he starts doing it, he will be careful and fully committed.. They are patient, down-to-earth and have a business mind and firm values. Such a practical and reliable style of conduct makes people trustworthy..   Gemini: May 21-June 21 Gemini people love change. They cannot do only one thing at a time.. They always spend five hours and six hours changing. They are absent-minded when doing things. Although they have some cleverness, they are extremely undivided and have low endurance. Their actions are often superficial and it is difficult to do a thing perfectly.. It can be said that Gemini is a rational but restless constellation.. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is the god of messengers. It stimulates wisdom, but it also makes people picky and nervous.. Because the Gemini are naturally quick-witted, have first-class eloquence, are good at making up and making up, have no trace, have no fox’s tail to show, can one flour tell a lie, one flour knows the important meaning, coupled with sweet words, their words are always colorful, so it is easy to mistake the Gemini for being very flirtatious, in fact it is only the Gemini’s uneasiness that affects others’ views on them, and the Gemini will never be flirtatious emotionally..   Gemini people know how to adapt to changing circumstances. The changeable environment is exactly what they are looking for. Only in this way can they stimulate their excitement and make their work more energetic and full of vitality at any time.. Gemini and Eight flour are exquisite and good at communication.. The communication field is funny and humorous, knowing how to advance and retreat, and knowing how to measure it.. More resourceful, more responsive, like a gust of wind. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.