60 yuan start entrepreneurial success story

Employers describe her clever little devil, more relevant.Listen Wu Bo small height less than five meters, about her only 60 yuan starting entrepreneurial success stories, you’ll wonder: her business on the road, how there are so many fun stories?Her eyes, where so many beautiful scenery?Wu Bo is a native of Sichuan, the tourism school after graduating from high school.When looking for graduate work in mid-1997, too many units her a short, anxious relatives and friends to help her introduce accounting, back office, etc..But I just want to do my own favorite.He never embarrassed himself, she did not hurry to find work, but a backpack, a man went to Nantong Tourism.Opportunity to come.When shopping, the counter selling Korean card, brought her inspiration: when the school holidays, her homemade greeting cards to teachers by the students welcomed.Why I can not sell it greeting cards?A phone call home to tell their parents: I’m leaving the business in Nantong.Has always been open-minded parents, this did not interfere with her.She went to a suburban man, cattle farmers to rent mud room.So do not pay attention, reminds the farmer Uncle Aunt surprised: how much rent, you look to the right.Later, simply no to her.While she picked up a few branches, while taken to a wild, it became an instant small garden soil mud houses.The landlord infected by her happy, take the initiative to provide her with a bicycle, lamps, tables and other supplies.She made up his mind: only 60 yuan business.She bought a pair of scissors, colored paper, ruler, glue, etc., the night kung fu made a dozen sample card.The next day, when she was the kind of card in Nantong the largest mall in Wangfujing business on the table, the staff are very creative greeting card for her love.In my eyes, what can a painting.You see, this leaves scalded with boiling water, then book clip after dry, could have been green with.Good-looking bar?Speaking of these, she is like a girl wearing a princess dress, very sweet.I just like to walk along.A happy, do not tired, but also very smooth.Her clever made her all the way to win the green light and cheers.OTC sales of greeting cards, to hire counter.She may not want to spend, want to have new ideas, put blue flowers made of bed sheets to hang the bag, then picked up two branches shore, a very creative to make three-dimensional counter mall managers admiration, but also to network open side.After several overnight, $ 60 fee venture into 200 greeting cards, pot of gold in exchange for $ 1200 a week.A year later, Nantong all the big shopping malls, all have her greeting cards, especially easy to sell.Like to go along because, in 1999, she gave up a flourishing career for love, she came to Nanjing re-start.How much money, I really do not care.I do this, just want a happy, enjoy life.Greeting cards have been unable to express good in my heart.Small flower of love, in my mind at this time was already a riot of color.After marriage, she spent with the general mood, as lovely flower girl, free to drill into the pile to spend Park.Soon, colored paper in her hands became endearing than 60 kinds of flowers, and quickly won hotels, offices conference room, home layout and other cities often a few dollars a flower into the annual sales volume of more than 30 million yuan flower fairy crafts and development center, to solve the employment of more than 10 laid-off workers.