Paper bags to take in the empty hand.

  After the turn, he just waved his hand in paper bags, pens, envelopes and slide back and forth on gambling regulations, sound files point to the edge of the bag collision, when is goodbye.
  XIA Xiao original remote did not say goodbye.Because Chinese is profound, goodbye, goodbye does not seem just, but also with a kind of future expectations to meet again.
  In fact, the original Xiao not afraid of the cold, he came to listen to the Church’s long history lesson from the meeting site, now standing outside and walk to the long farewell, in fact, has not put on his coat.
  The reason has been put up in her arms, probably like a little hide.
  Because the suit pocket, in fact, did not have much substantive role, let alone hold too much stuff.
  Coat pocket a small box filled with that ring.
  In fact, he is not made up his mind to send the ring to send people to the original, but I do not know why, when starting today, or to find out bring, even at the cost shouting coat, used to hold it.
  But finally did not send out that he had also sent out of things, they are received back, restitution.

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