After that, fill it carefully against a number of red cinnabar, pen Langhao careful with their mix.

At this time, in the Occult Blood saucer cinnabar has seamless, if a viscous red mud is generally a dish, Zhen The CD attachment elongated slender fingers Wolf-pen, the pen slowly wet, the breath gas gathering watching party Talisman yellow and slightly breathing mix thoroughly, little by little in the above formula is plotted a whole array of God.

North Star and Shen Wu Tao Wei Zhen Although not see Ann painting is something, but they looked Wei Zhen An awe look, they also know that she is now very focused on the state, this time can not help with her face, put slow breathing, fear is a little painting seriously affect the character of this young.

Maybe half an hour, one hour or another, such as staring Ah Wei Zhen Wu Tao Shen North Star and pressure of cross God, they looked a little wall clock, you know exactly gone nearly two hour.

An Wei Zhen breath while still draw characters, compact nose this time she has been spilled drops of sweat, the cold eyes watching dignified unfinished Talisman has more than half, holding pen Langhao not shake the hand of fingerprint wire , remains a point of view before two hours have been slowly moving forward.