Kim abruptly put to his throat to choke back laughter, very stuck and very sympathetic glance at Jiang Chu.

Jiang Chu was grinning meet her, holding Yao Ji’s arm and said: “What words?If with the Xiang Gong, the child must be extremely intelligent, stand, appearance than the angel!”
They say two good things will be able to coax him?I thought he was three years old children do?
Ji Yao still black face, large hands pinch pinch her face, he lowered his voice and said: “You go back and clean up!”
Jiang Chuli horse to bugger: “I just go out children also had an important matter, to go first, Haner, Peter Mother in the evening to see you again!Chunxiao, go!”
Carter, who did the shadow.
Keep his face still very dark Yao Ji, I want to laugh and choked while filling the awkward couple of Ji Wei, the atmosphere is very embarrassing.
Only you know why that little doll also 瞪着大眼睛 giggling happy.
Yao Ji chilly eyes sweep past, this child, how see how eyesore!Like his brother dislike!

Chapter 163 almost back gas

These days, Yong dill