Ming and her strong ability to good acting?

  Black powder is immediately released “madness” to move out, you can pass this so-so acting can be a good thing?
  Joe powder was quick to answer: What is the last shot, how do you know she did not progress?
  Founder two tear each other, has been released for some time network drama “Chang instructor has no principles”, the latest update of the episode, Joe filled guest roles on the line.
  Sheng Joe did not do publicity for the show, after all, just a few scenes, actress or eggplant fine.Or “Chang Zuimeng” official Bo himself made a micro-blog, Ait Sheng Joe, Joe was only meal they see.
  what?This is the part that we are tired baby to the hospital unconscious drama?
  We also face Ait baby?
  We also want to heat Lv?
  Joe powder sent a small part of the vanguard go to a play, after all, they do not know Joe Sheng shots appear in the first few episodes, the vanguard no love life every day chasing drama, eagerly waiting for the appearance of love beans, then cut to large forces fun.
  Finally, in the latest update of the series tonight, a man being chased rolled down the cliff, the same encounter, different places, he involuntarily recalled his master.
  When dressed in red Sheng Joe floated down from the ice and snow, how many viewers laugh that was down to the amazing eye.
  Three thousand ink hair, if snow Zhu Hua, she stood on top of frost, looking like ants at the foot of a small life, long while, hook