Come, then passed to the Philippines Liu Qin, who received back a look, and soon people to communicate special investigation team from the related matters.

  Zhou Yu case of trying to look at their own these days can be considered fruitful, the mood is good.
  She does not understand the tactical deployment diagram, but Qin Bo able to understand ah, he was able to understand their own rounding is able to understand, this is really a great step forward.
  Qin Yu Bo look weeks in case of bad mood, thought, or he may decide to tell her the tools and try sword being assimilated News.
  But his words have not had time to say, the case of Zhou Yu’s phone rang.
  She was feeling very well called, “Master”, may have not had time to tell his own in battle formation above entry, Ouyang Yan took the news she played a rip off.
  ”Yan Sulin missing?”
  Unconsciously, she’ll have to repeat these words again.Qin Bo looked up at her, and so she should hang up after a few times, just walked up and pulled her sitting on the sofa and asked her what had happened.
  ”Master said, she seems to Royal Park, but the specific gone, who do not know.”Zhou Yu said the event, could not help but corrugated brow.
  In accordance with the principle of nine prisoners Yi Long array, Yan Sulin blood be completely trapped Qin Bo, and if she voluntarily, then I am afraid that the effect will be stronger