A deep impression, the lighting is transparent on both sides from a height and design.

  Quilted shaped walls let the sun as being chopped down and scattered, like waffles, from various angles lit up a huge museum.
  People lingered ornamental sculptures and paintings, quite enjoy bathing and relaxing in the sun.
  And the night before also stood a white statue of the ancient Greek goddess, still preoccupied thinking about things.
  Flower Mu has seen his next book of the boy.
  Active and happy, while there are infinite talent and potential.
  That role is not the night also, but can have as his general aura and charm, and then was given a lovely personality can fully interact with the story.
  Mu flower stand in place is not nearly far, he looked at the silver-haired youth, revealing a gentle smile.
  He is his muse.
  Little princes did not think would actually enter the palace a champion – and the efficiency of clothes just like with magic!
  At first, Liu Mu smell just like the invisible man in general, look for him every time he touched together to play pick-up are vain people.
  Saowan yard also rub vase, the vase finished with the mop to wipe brick.
  He did not find Xiao Mu, it touches turns to face the never complained better life, which exposed the general look of fear house-elf, salute when even the atmosphere could not breathe.
  Later, Mu Wen Liu gradually discovered