”Yes.”Zhangzi Xian smiles:” My mother, my father, there was I loved those men, they all think I’m terrible.”
  They think she is not normal.
  She felt they are too weak.
  Afraid to moths, have qualified to say this is love?
  Each time she risked her heart to love people, are also not touching her to hate every sad person.
  The woman angry at her for love compromises, no matter how she coercion do not want to leave the married man.
  She told her only concession to learn to be happy.
  Zhangzi Xian will never give in, she was not halfway half end of love, loved blade to scratch or, to be loved no matter whether the flame burns, she dedicate myself to that person love to equivalent exchange of love that person no retention of love.
  Yu Chak hurt her, because she knew Yu Ze eyes of those are true disgust and resistance.
  Yu Pei and every time she acrimony, cold to right, Yu Pei every time she says “roll”, she knows that she is not rolling he wanted, but go over and hold him, and vowed never to leave.
  He is also the same for Yu Ze.
  Hidden in his acting really bad for her all too clear, but in terms of Yu Ze is not it