An eye looked Wei Zhen only Overflow forehead large drops of sweat, she was visible under the feet of the spirit, Shen Beichen mind though distressed, but also know that the only safe Zhen is now under the feet of the spirit, the one in his hand clean handkerchief son, Shen North Star is completely not rush forward as the only safe wipe Zhen.

It took another ten minutes, academics De Wei Zhen unfinished last sharp and subtle arc, in the hands of Langhao pen to throw to the table, holding the Talisman clear yellow paper, carefully blew a spiritual power.

After these have to be done, An Wei Zhen gave his face only slightly, with the collapse of the road a little face: “It is finished.”

After Shen Beichen This handed him the veil, she was careful to wipe the sweat, was concerned and asked: “Do you want to take a break?”

An Wei Zhen shook his head, draw characters is not a simple matter, which draw characters to use energy far more weight and more, draw characters do not just want to know Talisman pattern rest of divination to find Gua want to use, and more importantly, in the draw characters the time to use Reiki to do the boot, which is the aura of success Talisman most critical point.Without Aura low spell, let alone closing spirits, and then went out to the spirits can be laughable, but contains a higher spiritual power of the spell is not the same, the more advanced