Yun Xiaowen came out of sadness,Dressed in white today,It’s still a high braid,Looks a bit heroic。

“Let me talk to you today。”
Battle between masters,It is an inspiration for many people,For example, it is outside Xihai City,Behind Phoenix Mountain……
Many people benefited from Xia Chenglong’s battle,So he has no reason to refuse。
Go out after washing,Patriarch Yun has been waiting for a long time,And all the elites are assembled,Just waiting for him。
Three years,For today, the Yun family has been preparing for a long time,So today will not fail。
Everyone starts to act,Start to head towards Jiafu,Move silently with a heavy atmosphere,Gadi today is much calmer than before,Seems to fight**Tired these people。
Someone goes out,Rush to see,The fully armed Yun family,I know it’s going to change here,Hurried back and closed the door。
They are just ordinary people,The biggest wish is just to live plainly。
after an hour,Already close to Jiajia,The original smooth road has also become a lot of obstacles。
On the roofs with different heights,Many killers suddenly appeared,Those guys with hot weapons caused a lot of trouble to the Yun family masters who rushed over in the first wave.。
Fortunately the general trend,In front of the huge confrontation, in addition to delaying the time,No effect。
This kind of thing doesn’t need them,Yun Xiaowen can complete it under the leadership of his men。