In the afternoon, the two of us went to visit the Ruins of St. Paul’s,The St. Paul’s Arch is one of Macau’s iconic buildings,2005As part of Macau’s Historic District,Become a United Nations World Cultural Heritage。This church is a blend of European Renaissance and Oriental architecture.,Reflects the integration of Eastern and Western art,Fine carving,Majestic。

At night,He took me to a big piazza early,I found a table to have a barbecue and watch the World Cup,Today is the opening ceremony,by98World Cup champions fight against Serbia。
Technology is limited in this era,Only one high-definition projector projects the image on the huge screen,This is the future1080pThe effect is too far behind,But it’s already pretty good。
At this time the open square is full of people,Those who are late have no tables to sit on,Can only stand and watch。
Because of us6Come at o’clock,Been waiting almost2hour,The World Cup officially started。
When Wang Hao came, he ordered a lot of barbecue,Mainly seafood,Meaty,Vegetables are a bit,Full of tables,He also got some German ice beer,BBQ on a hot day,Blowing the sea breeze,Drinking cold beer,Special comfort。
I asked Wang Haodao:“Did your parents allow you to drink??”
Wang Hao smiled:“Not allowed in principle,But isn’t there you?And after watching the ball10Clicked,Mom and Dad, they must be asleep,You’ll be fine with cover。”
I shook my head helplessly,Look at his skillful drinking action,I guess I don’t drink too much,Then did not stop。
Watching a ball is an atmosphere of watching,So many fans now,In addition, at this time, how many people come to Aomen have to gambleQ,So no matter which side is attacking,There were deafening shouts。
There are obviously many more people who support Fa Guosheng,Every attack,Everyone shouted“attack,attack,attack,Goal!”Call when the Serbian country attacks:“Hold on,Hold on。”
The final result surprised many people,Break the country0:1Lose。
As soon as the World Cup opened, there was a big upset,It also indicates that this World Cup is bound to be upset.。
really,The unscrupulous Chinese people take advantage of the home court and bribe the referee,Separately defeated Putaoya、Italy、Western countries and other traditional heroes advance to the World Cup semi-finals。
It’s a pity that I didn’t pay attention to Bangguo and never watched their game.,Don’t know the score,Otherwise know the scores of these games,Then there is a profit。