The sound is deafening,But Xu Xuan’s brain is getting clearer!
Samuel is on the card,Can’t call pick and roll,Melon is watching the theater in the bottom corner,Josh·Smith is with him,Shumpert looked like he was going down from the left,Pop is very close,It’s just that he always puts half of his attention outside,Jennings and Zhuang Shen are in a line,This is convenient for Zhuangshen.
The defensive formation of the Pistons is really good!
but.There was a sneer at the corner of Xu Xuan’s mouth,Xiaoye has many moves,I’ll give you a taste tonight.
Xu Xuan dribbled the ball。
Jennings is far away,About a step and a half away。
Dribble,Dribble,Continuous crotch.Xu Xuan suddenly lowered his center of gravity,The hand holding the ball has obvious signs of moving to the right。
Jennings flicked:“Again?”
It’s a lesson to be shaken once,Just when he left half of his effort to move across to the right,From the corner of my eye, I saw Xu Xuan standing in place and picking up the ball,Raised his head.
Super far three points!
Stephen·Curry’s three-point talent.Burst!
Xu Xuan also made a three-pointer in front,But not in,I felt very strong when I played the ball this time,I didn’t disappoint him.
Ku Hao’s talent to shoot this kind of ball is sure to become an old horse!
Xu Xuan Liande5Minute。