As a result, Yang Kaixin is a senior this year,Bought1000Dowan’s house,Now the price has skyrocketed to2000Dowan,Easy to earn1000Dowan。

Where are you poor people going to reason?
Yang Kaixin is rarely free recently。
She just finished shooting non-stop《Huan Zhu Ge Ge2》,Then I will start preparing for the graduation exam。
Although this graduation exam is not that strict,Especially for Yang Kaixin,Not important,But she still hopes she can do well。
When Shen Huan came,She is already writing her graduation thesis。
Calculate time,Coming soon4Month is up,most5The thesis defense will be completed by month,6Graduation month,Yang Kaixin has never been a student anymore。
Speaking of this,Yang Kaixin said with some emotion,“When I was young, I felt that there was a lot of homework to do in elementary school,All the way to the present,Suddenly reluctant to live in college,Shen Huan, do you think people are weird??”
“Kind of。”
Shen Huan smiled,“But most people are worried about their future,That’s why I am nostalgic for school life without facing the society!You seem unnecessary?”
“How not?”Yang Kai shook a finger,“You do not understand。When i was in school,Filming as a student,They won’t say anything about me。But if i graduate,Became a professional actor,Then they are going to stab me!”
“Who dares to offend Papa Yang?”Shen Huan pretended to be surprised,“Don’t you be afraid of being killed by money?”
“My dad can never send money to everyone,Let them please me?”Yang Kaixin’s slumped mouth,“Like the group of people on the Internet,Who dare not scold?Even you,Aren’t there many people who scold you??It’s just that they won’t go up the steps!”
“Since I know they won’t go up,What are you afraid of?”Shen Huan knocked her little head,“Raise your eyes a little bit,Naturally, you don’t have to care。”
What Yang Kai said,Shen Huan naturally knows。
Whether it is Lu Xiaofeng,Chu Liuxiang,Still a great mathematician Shen Huan,still isNBABasketball superstar Shen Huan,Many people are scolding secretly。
You don’t know why they are so hostile,But these people are like flies,Catch the ones that haven’t,Scold。
You donate to school,They say you are good for your reputation。
You write the song carefully for the fans to listen to,They say you are greedy and love money。
You write a book to enrich everyone’s reading life,They said you made some false stories,Deliberately make tears。