Lian Hao He is the first director who deserves his name,Never recognized,Proud,Where did the younger Zhu Mei do it??

There is also an episode in it。
It was said by the jury itself。
The best actress at the Berlin Film Festival is French actress Annabelle,But ranked second、The third and fourth place are all Chinese。
Respectively are《Xiao Ba’s Story》Yang Shu、Chen Qian,as well as《clown》Buyi。
Among them, Yang Shu and Annabelle won the final round.。
The reason is of course not that Yang Shu’s acting is better than Anna Bayer。
Annabelle is a famous French actress,43At the age of she appeared in more than 20 movies,The acting skills are already perfect。
The reason why Yang Shu fought Annabelle to the final round,Purely because the two female judges love her deeply。
They have seen《Gift in Room 7》I really like Yang Shu。
This time Yang Shu came to Berlin,They invited Yang Shu to dinner together,I love her like a daughter。
you need to know,Women do things without logic,They like to be alone,No reason is needed。
《Xiao Ba’s Story》Seriously,You shouldn’t report the two heroine candidates,Because its absolute protagonist is actually a dog。
Nominated by Guo Hang,All a little less appropriate。
But the people at Yanhuang Pictures would like to report any awards,So when the two actresses are both acting,They just reported it all。
Anyway, if you brush it down,It will be brushed down,Nothing to lose。
The two female judges of course agreed with this approach,And kept Yang Shu into the final round。
But in the end they are still no better than the other judges,Let Yang Shu lose this competition。
Such a process,Put in the country,Will definitely be scolded for abusing one’s authority。
But I went abroad,That is the representative of romance and personal character。