There was no uproar this time,Silence on the court。

Everyone turned their heads away,Looking at the head coach who just finished nodding with incredible eyes。
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen Real training
When the team’s training is over,Hu Lai is preparing to go to the locker room with his teammates to change clothes,But was stopped by Li Ziqiang。
“You stay。”
The other players all turned their attention to Hu Lai,But no one said anything,They returned to the locker room first。
Soon there are only Hu Lai and Li Ziqiang left on the court。
Facing the unknown Hu Lai,Li Ziqiang straight to the point:“You are still too weak,As deputy captain,Too weak is hard to convince people。”
Hu Lai was wronged:“Not a coach……This captain is not what I want to do!”
Li Ziqiang didn’t seem to hear what he said at all,Keep talking:“So you need more training。”
“coach,Are you listening。I actually don’t want to be the deputy captain……”
“Starting from tomorrow, you come half an hour early every morning,I will give you more practice。”
Hu Lai was taken aback first,Then frowned:“But the coach,My dad……”